Sienna’s Sensual Massages is a five-part mini series. This series zooms in on a period in my relationship with Sienna where the magical energy of new love is sparkling all around us. Equally intense is the swirl of erotic energy as we reveal and explore our deepest sexual desires with one another for the first time. Emerging from the erotic haze of our discussions, the fantasy of a submissive Sienna being with another man appears and captures our erotic imagination.

Over the course of this Sensual Massage series, Sienna and I take our first real steps toward making our shared fantasy a reality. I have included 40+ new or refreshed 3D art images to accompany these true stories and overviews for each story below.

  • Part I – Sienna’s shares her first fantasy with me that involves another man. The fantasy vignette takes place in a spa and inspires me to book her a real massage.

  • Part II – My first cuckold story written for Sienna. I pull in elements of her submissive desires and the spa fantasy she recently shared with me about another man. I hope to make this scenario as arousing as possible for Sienna as we transition from fantasy to reality.

  • Part III – I arrange a massage for Sienna to further explore her exhibitionistic desires with the possibility that she might have sex with her masseur. This story details what happened during her first massage…and it is hot.

  • Part IV – Fantasy is one thing, reality is another. We address the emotions swirling through her from the first massage as her second massage appointment approaches. What does she hope to experience? How far will she go?

  • Part V (Threshold) – Moment-to-moment with Sienna during her second massage with Daunte as professional line after line is crossed.

Interested in reading the stories? The full series and accompanying uncensored art is available on my Deviant Art site: Creamworks Studio.  DeviantArt has over 75 million registered users and is one of the largest platforms in the world for aspiring artists, writers, and fans. Set up a free account and join the fun. Once you join, feel free to drop me a DM, engage in the comments, or privately explore my content. I hope you enjoy ~ Michael 💫


2 thoughts on “Sienna’s Sensual Massages: Chronology & Links

  1. Bara Kings

    Hey, seems like the part 1 is password protected. Would you mind to tell me what the password is? Im very curious of her story…

    1. Hi Bara Kings, thanks for your interest in this story. Despite being a highly viewed series, no one has been engaging with it – no comments on the story or the art. You can access it on my Deviant Art site: Creamworks Studio

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