Continued from here: Built for Pleasure – Part II

“You should help her,” Matteo states gruffly. I’m startled by his comment and glance up to see Matteo holding Michael’s gaze in a challenge. It isn’t enough for him to command and dominate me in front of Michael. No, Matteo wants my cuck to suck his dick…right in front of me.

My heart soars in pure pleasure when the love of my life kneels opposite me. Michael’s generosity and selflessness are astonishing. Our lips meet around the crown of Matteo’s cock and from that single electrifying touch, we are in sync. I lovingly cup his cheek as he prepares our Bull for me. His thick dick stretches Michael’s lips as if it were my soft, hot, and inviting pussy. I’m lulled deeper into our realm of pleasure as I watch his saliva mix with Matteo’s pre-cum. Every fiber of my being is electric and moving to our inner rhythm. When our eyes lock, I feel Michael’s love for me pouring out in abundance.

Sometimes I can’t believe he’s all mine. This man cares about my happiness and pleasure so much that he’s willing to get our Bull ready…for my pleasure. Our shared fantasy and desires feels like madness at times, yet it’s the most exhilarating feeling ever! Matteo moans above us as Michael takes his cock deeper into his mouth. The sight of my man devouring inch after inch of our Bull’s cock causes my pussy to flutter. My clit clinches painfully…even the slightest pressure would send me thumbing over the edge. “Fuck!”

My mouth fastens on Matteo’s large balls. I swirl my tongue around his sacs and feel their weight growing heavy in my mouth. The air is charged with our energy. It floats around my body, cocooning me in its heat. An electric current snaps and roars in my ear. This is how it is between us when Michael fans the flames of my desire. I take my turn with Matteo’s dick and work my way along his glistening shaft. I’m only inches away from flicking my tongue against a pebble of pre-cum when he grabs my nape and yanks his dick from my mouth. He stands me, pushes me onto the bed, and spreads my legs wide with a hand around each ankle.

“Put my cock inside of her,” he says to Michael. My heart stops. It’s one thing for him watch me get fucked by a man with a bigger dick, but this isn’t idly watching. I lick my lips in anticipation. Michael has already given so much. He washed me, oiled, and dressed me. He even helped suck Matteo’s cock to its full hardened nine and a half veiny inches, and now…this. I swallow.

Michael grips Matteo’s manly offering and rubs its thick, wet head against my soaked kitty. I hold Michael’s gaze as another man pierces me, I gasp! It couldn’t be more than two inches of his dick, but my hip instinctively rolls upward. I’m not sure if I’m trying to evade the massive intrusion or if I want more of that painful stretching. The decision isn’t mine. Michael isn’t going to release Matteo’s dick until he’s fed me every manly inch, and Matteo’s steady thrusting tells me he doesn’t plan on stopping until his dick kisses my heart.

As Matteo fills my pussy, pre-cum dribbles from Michael’s hard, little penis. I bite my lower lip hard and must have cried out because Michael is immediately by my side, soothing and kissing me. “You’re doing great, baby,” he says. My pet name isn’t a jealous taunt coming from him. “Your little pussy took his entire cock.” The sound of Michael’s voice and those words affirmation are my undoing. Nine and a half inches. Oh, gosh! I shatter. I can’t stop my body from spasming and clenching. My orgasm rolls over me, powerful and relentless, refusing to be denied a second longer!

“You’re so tight.” Matteo says while continuing to thrust and plow through my release and setting my course for another. With every withdrawal it’s like he’s pulling me from the inside out before demanding re-entry and taking it. He’s hitting impossible depths and caressing parts of my channel that were previously undiscovered. I feel like I am at his mercy as fucks me and playfully taunts us.

“Whose dick is inside of you?” Matteo asks as he quickens his pace with determined strokes.

“Yours,” I pant. My legs tremble, and my toes curl in my heels.

“Whose dick is stretching your pussy, baby?”

I swallow, then groan as Matteo grinds his groin against mine. It hurts so good!

“Your cuck didn’t hear you.”

“Your dick, Matteo. It’s your dick that’s fucking me so good and stretching me!”

My eyes roll back, and I’m parachuted into another stormy orgasm. My world rocks and shatters, tearing me into a million pieces! I’ve never come this hard. No dick has ever tunneled to the gates of my womb and certainly not Michael’s. My skin prickles. All my nerve endings are inflamed at the same time.

I’ve never felt so free. Never let go like this and lost all control…not even with Michael. That thought humbles me because I would have never experienced this moment without him. I feel myself slipping into a cock-induced trance but come alive when I feel Michael’s mouth sucking on my clit with his fingers holding my nether lips wide for our Bull. I know his tongue is flicking Matteo’s meaty cock and tasting my juices. I’m listless, yet my greedy channel wants more. My center throbs and aches. And I know what my body craves. Cum. My pussy will be insatiable until our Bull fills me.

“Please, Matteo,” I beg. “Come inside me.”

“You want my cum, baby?”

I moan. “Yes! I want to feel your big dick filling me with your creamy load, give it to me deep!”

Matteo surges forward, pressing deep against my womb. I feel it. He’s coming…and I momentarily panic. He’s coming too deep…too much cum so close to my protected but still fertile womb. I try to wiggle away, but that only makes him push deeper and fully opens me to his potent offering.

“Here it comes, baby! Take it all!” He grunts. “Your man’s going to taste my load for days.”

Days…is that even possible? I’m on the brink of trancing out again. I can’t take another orgasm, but it comes anyway and wrecks me!

“She’s fucking beautiful.” Matteo withdraws his glistening cock from my well-fucked pussy, and I immediately miss the sensation of being completely filled. “Look at that gape,” he says with great bravado while looking at Michael. A moan escapes Michael’s lips which sounds like an erotic blend of pain and pleasure. I wonder if he feels humiliated seeing how open I am after a man with huge cock has fucked me? How does he feel seeing another man’s creamy load dripping from my gaped passage? I know Michael must be aching to cum, but he can’t have his release until Matteo is done.

Matteo drives his softening cock inside me, shoving his cum back in before releasing my legs. The moment he moves away, my cuck crawls between my legs and licks up all of the seed that managed to escape my greedy pussy. From the corner of my eyes, I see Matteo pull his t-shirt over his head. He pauses for a moment to watch Michael cleaning up his cum before walking to the door. He winks, and my pussy pulses with anticipation of feeling him inside me again one day. Michael more than delivered on his promise of a bigger cock to satisfy both our fantasies and provided me with a cock that devoured me in ways he never will. I’m already looking forward to next time.

Michael moves up towards me, I gaze into his eyes as my lips tremble in anticipation of our mouths meeting. Gentle at first, as I explore and taste the flavor on another man’s cum all over his lips. His tongue glides against mine, and I want nothing more than to deepen our kiss to explosive heights. Michael slips his tiny cock into my tender, cum-filled pussy. He’s right where he belongs, fucking me after our Bull. I don’t moan or flinch when he enters me. It’s not because I don’t want my man. I don’t cry out because I can’t feel him.

I sense Michael’s angst as he desperately searches for any sense of friction while attempting to reclaim me. I sink my fingers into his flesh and hold him closer. He is all I see and feel. Our scent invades my senses and consumes me in fire. I wrap my arms around Michael’s neck as he takes his pleasure from my swollen, gaped passage. He gives me pleasure in long, drunken kisses that pervade my heart with love and contentment. My passion for him is ten fold as my pussy clenches and unclenches in search of his cock and in sweet anticipation of his release.

His hold on me tightens—a silent promise to reclaim all of me. I can’t wait. I’m hungry to have my Bull’s and cuck’s essence in me now. I am already dreaming of tasting them both on my tongue when Michael spoons it to me later from his cum-slicked fingers. Michael’s pace is quickening to a near frenzied tempo as he pounds my labia and clit with his body. I certainly feel this! I can hear and feel his large balls slapping against my pussy and ass. I wrap my legs around his waist, anchoring him to me as he begins to jerk and explodes inside me. I’m happy and giddy with pleasure.

There is an emotional charge that fuses our souls to this moment and in the realm of our fantasies. I anticipate the moment Michael finally washes all traces of Alex from my body, but not from my memory. He’ll reclaim me then. But for now, we’ll relish this moment. This isn’t the end to a beautiful journey, it’s only the beginning, one that starts and will continue to loop like a searing erotic thread through the tapestry of our realm over and over again. ~ Robecca


Built for Pleasure is a cuckold experience memorialized by the talented writer of romantic erotica and eternally sexy, Robecca Austin. You can find her Patreon site here – Romance With Steam. Kitten, thank you for this erotic gift. You have been and continue to be the inspiration behind more passionate releases than you can imagine. I will say this though, tissue sales are booming in my area.💦🔥

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3 thoughts on “(Cuckold Erotica) Built For Pleasure – Part III

  1. An amazing tale
    I loved how sensual all three parts were and yet how full of romance and devotion the whole thing was.
    Kitten was full of lust for Matteo, but love for you, make the story both arousing and touching. Really enjoyed reading all three parts

    1. Thank you for taking a moment to share some great feedback on this mini series. This vibe is definitely my sweet spot. Even though I thoroughly enjoy being cuckolded, love and sensuality has to be there with my lover. Without this connection, cuckolding loses its intensity for me. As for Kitten, she gets the best of both worlds 🔥💫

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