Sir establishes the tone for my visit as soon as I walk in the door. “I’m going to use you like the pretty fuck toy you are before sending you back to the cuck.” His stern voice causes my pussy to clinch and pulse. I try to kiss him, but he grabs me by the hair and pulls my head back.

“You have come to ask for permission to fuck your pencil-dick boyfriend, right?”

He’s right, I have surrendered control of almost everything to Him, my Sir. If want to have intimacy with Michael, my boyfriend, I have to get permission from Sir and that is why I am here. Standing at 6′ 4″ with a lean, muscular build, D’Andre is a hulk of man. His impressive stature carries through to his magnificent cock – 10 thick, beautiful dark inches of manhood. Just being in his presence makes me feel so small,  submissive…and extremely wet.

Sir continues, “You are going to earn and beg for that permission…and everything else tonight.”

He pulls off my full-length coat to reveal the lingerie I am wearing at his request. He pulls down my panties and pushes me over the bed. Before I even settle from being tossed, his large hand lands a stinging smack on my ass! Damn, that hurt! Another strike lands causing me to squeal as I try to squirm away. I’ve only been here a couple minutes and my ass is already burning red…while my pussy is burning hot for him!

I can’t believe I’m in such a hot situation. I’m so in love with Michael but another man has taken ownership of my pussy. D’Andre has such control over me that he can just strip me naked and redden my ass whenever he wants. My response? I bend over and take it because I love how he dominates me and makes me want to submit. Sir continues to redden my bottom while pulling out his huge black dick and smacking it on my ass. I’m so wet and dying for Sir to fill my pussy like only he can. I want him to use me in whatever way he desires…I want to be his fuck toy.

I recall how only a few weeks ago I had been so worried about D’Andre reshaping my pussy. I desperately wanted to be tight for Michael and ensuring my pussy felt good to him was always top of mind. My concern is that Sir’s cock is literally twice as long and probably two to three times thicker than Michael’s. I knew if Sir fucked me right before I see Michael, sex with Michael would be different. I wouldn’t be able to feel him as well, and I worried my pussy wouldn’t feel as good to Michael either.

Bent over on Sir’s bed and craving his cock, I can’t believe how Sir has changed me. Now, I don’t even care. Having a Dom that open me up to the point I can barely feel Michael makes even wetter. I know what I need and that is for Sir to stretch my little pussy and gape me with his big dick. He fucks me so much better and this is why he took my pussy from Michael. I swirl my hips and freshly shaved pussy to entice D’Andre, but he makes me wait.

Sir pushes me up on the bed, flips me on my back, and spins me around so that my head is hanging off the side of the bed. He manhandles my breasts and smacks my tits around like little fun bags before slipping a hand between my legs and going to work on my clit. He makes a passing comment about Michael shaving my pussy and grooming me well for this visit. Mmmm, yes! Michael did groom my pussy for Sir.

Michael had me already worked up before I arrived and Sir is making me cum so quickly – not that he needs Michael’s help.  I moan loudly as Sir pulls orgasm after orgasm from my slippery sex. He muffles my pleasured moans by shoving his big dark cock in mouth…commanding me to swallow him. I’m at his mercy and open as wide as I can before starting to gag. Gagging is another transformative experience Sir has induced. The notion of a man choking me on his dick has always been a firm “no” for me, but Sir makes me want to do it. He’s the only man I’ve ever wanted to gag me with his cock. I want him to use my mouth and pussy as he pleases. Gagging on his big dick actually makes me hot now!

Laying at the edge of the bed – slobbering, drooling, gagging, and gasping – I do my best to take Sir’s deep thrusts. He keeps himself buried deep, slowly fucking my mouth and making me take it! I lay there shaking with orgasms as he plays with my clit. Tears are beginning to stream down my face and not having any control feels a little scary, but that turns me on even more!

D’Andre turns up the heat by directing me to beg for his cock. It’s insanely difficult to talk with that huge thing in my mouth and impossible when I gagging on it!!! He loves making me beg and then having me thank him for the pleasure of sucking his cock. I never dreamed I would be in such a submissive mind space but get so turned on when he makes me feel like such a slut. All I can do is moan and grunt around his shaft as he fucks my mouth.

D’Andre finally pull out and rests his heavy cock across my face. “Tell me what you want, fuck toy! Ask for permission!”

I’m relieved to be able to breathe and talk again. “Please Sir, will you fuck me?”

He unexpectedly starts laughing. “You are supposed to be asking for permission to fuck your little-dick cuck, not me!”

Oh my god, he’s right! I completely lost my mind and forgot what I was doing! Sir flips me over and pulls me up on my knees so he can take me from behind. He enters my soaked pussy and pushes in sooo deep! My eyes immediately roll back in my head. I forget sometimes how tight I am for Sir and how incredible his cock feels. His large hands grip my hips as he moves me up and down on his thick, veiny pole. I can feel every inch of him and know exactly where his thick, ridged head is at all times. It is such a stark contrast to the pleasant and far more generalized sensations I feel when Michael is inside me.

It takes a few minutes for him to open me up to his satisfaction before he begins thrusting powerfully. Fuck, it feels like he is going split me in two! He’s filled with urgency and is handling me so aggressively! I go limp before him and try to slide off his hammer, but he holds me up by the hips and continues to fuck me so deep and hard! This man is ruining me for sex with other men, but I don’t care. I feel so tiny when he handles me like this…like his little fuck doll. He has complete control of my body and is absolutely pounding me! He fills me so deeply, touching places only his cock knows. It’s as if I can feel him in my womb! Half my mind is going, “OMG! This is a new sensation!” And the other half is mindlessly screaming! In moments like this, I remember exactly why He owns this pussy. “Holy fuck!” I’ve never felt so opened up before and taken, and I love it!

I continue screaming while gripping the sheets and just trying to survive the fucking Sir is putting on me! I finally reach a point where it’s too much for my little pussy and plead softly, “Sir?” This moment is sooooo hot!! I have never been with a man where the sex is so good but literally too much. Too much pleasure, too much cock! Still, I want Sir to fuck me as hard as he wants and to use His pussy in whatever way he needs. That’s why I ask politely for mercy.

Ultimately though, it’s his pussy and he decides when I’ve had enough. I do this several times because the feeling is sooo intense! He pauses briefly but soon goes right back to pounding my pussy…fucking me deeper and deeper into submission. All the while, I’m releasing a staccato of moans as he thrusts inside me while slamming against my ass with his hips. He fucks me so hard and deep – Fuck! He makes me cum so many times and feel like such a woman!

I need him to cum soon or I’m not going to be able to function with Michael. I burst out with, “Cum in my pussy, Sir!” Oh god, I can’t believe I’m asking another man to cum inside me right before I see Michael. He thrusts his dick deeper inside and holds it firmly against my cervix…causing a long moan to escape my lips as I start swirling on him with yet another orgasm wrecking my body. D’Andre asks why he should cum inside me but answers his own question.

“You want my nut so I can send you to your boyfriend to clean it up?”

I plead with him, “Yes Sir, please! I want your scent all over me and for him to taste the sperm of the man who owns this pussy – YOUR pussy!”

With that, Sir drives home his final deep thrusts and floods my pussy with his creamy seed! D’Andre releases me, and I melt into the bed. Oh my god, I feel so zoned out and submissive in this state – like I’m in a big dick coma. He moves up to my face with his big cock hanging before me and our juices dripping off his dark, manly shaft. Even in this state, his cock is still much larger than Michael’s and so visually stimulating. I take D’Andre into my mouth and milk a big creamy drop of cum from his cock. Sir drags his dick all over my face and smacks me with it a few times.

“Go, slut. Get dressed and get out of here. Don’t call me or text until your cuck boyfriend leaves. You can fuck him, but he is NOT allowed to cum in you or on you. Do you understand, fuck toy?”

I’m feeling a little sad with the way he is rushing me off and would like to have at least a few minutes in his arms. I wonder if he’s not happy that I’m going to be with Michael all weekend? Reluctantly, I acknowledge Sir’s direction.

D’Andre must have picked up on what I was feeling and adds, “After the cuck leaves, you are to shower and come to me immediately.”

This puts a big smile on my face and leaves me feeling reassured that Sir is okay and eager to reclaim me. Thoroughly fucked and exhausted, I summon my last bit of energy to quickly dress and leave Sir’s house. The taste of his cum still lingers on my lips, and I can feel the wetness of his juices on my face. My thighs are soaked and I just know there is so much cum inside my pussy…to feed Michael.

As I get closer to Michael’s hotel, the reality of what is about to happen begins to set in. I’m feeling nervous and uncomfortable. How will it feel to stand before Michael with the scent of another man’s cum and cock on my lips…another man’s cum dripping from my flushed, stretched pussy? Is Michael really going to be okay with licking D’Andre’s cum from my pussy? How will sex with Michael feel so soon after having Sir’s inside me?

I will know in about 10 minutes…

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