Approaching the hotel room, I’m feeling unusually nervous about seeing Taylor. It has been six weeks since I last held her close in my loving arms. Even though we are in a long-distance relationship, six weeks is an unusually large gap between visits and a lot has transpired during this period. The emergence of D’Andre as Taylor’s Dom has taken our relationship to unexpected and dizzyingly erotic heights. She has been with him almost a dozen times since my last visit and is having the best sex of her life…with him.

The cuckold fantasy has always been extremely arousing, but the reality of it can rock your core and make you feel unsteady as the journey unfolds in real life. Taylor has been with D’Andre so many times in recent weeks that I can’t help but wonder if he is becoming her new reference point for how a man feels. When she holds me, will I be the one that now feels different to her? Will my kiss feel less familiar to her now? Knowing she will make additional comparisons, especially between our legs, causes my normally confident walk to feel unsteady.

I waited anxiously inside the room for Michael to arrive. I couldn’t believe how things had evolved since I last saw him. Sex with Michael had once been the best sex of my life, and it seemed inconceivable that any man could make me feel better. I knew better now. Another man was now providing me with the best sex of my life…and it wasn’t even close. I love Michael deeply and feel so grateful to him for opening my mind and legs the erotic possibilities of cuckolding. If not for Michael’s desire to be cuckolded, I would have never even thought about or wanted to sleep with another man. Wow, have things have changed. Sex with D’Andre has been unlike anything I ever imagined possible and, as my new Dom, he has claimed my pussy as his own. 

Stepping inside the room, I immediately embrace Taylor as we share a heart-stopping, passion-filled kiss in a way only people deeply in love can experience. The splendor of her beauty, her scent, and soft caresses have my senses on overload and my cock straining against my slacks. There is a certain hunger and sensitivity that comes with periods of prolonged abstinence and the shared release of this pent up energy is something we have always craved to experience with one another. It is different for us this time.

In this moment, we are in very different places. Taylor has been getting fucked silly 2-3 times a week by a dominant man with a very thick, 10-inch, thick cock over the last 6 weeks. He stretches her pussy so much that she feels him for days afterwards. Then, just as her tenderness fades, he stretches her out again. As for myself, the only sex I have had has been jerking off into a tissue while listening to Taylor describe her incredible sexual escapades with D’Andre. Then, I flush my sperm while knowing D’Andre’s is pooled deep in her inner sanctum. I’m awash with a sense of urgency and desire to strip her down, reconnect, and reclaim her in the most primal way.

Unfortunately, were aren’t allowed to physically reconnect…yet. D’Andre has given Taylor permission to spend one hour with me without any sexual contact. After one hour, she must go to his home, present herself to him, and earn permission to be with me for the remainder of the weekend. Her looming assignment has us both on edge.

I’m already feeling some performance anxiety. Over the past six weeks D’Andre has no doubt grooved my girl’s pussy for his big dick, and I believe he is what she is now accustomed to. Even if I could take her now, I think she would feel surprised by the difference between her men. This comparison will only be more dramatic after she returns from her visit to “earn permission”. She will undoubtedly being wearing D’Andre’s marks on her ass and covered with his scent. Her pussy is going to be flushed, swollen, and freshly gaped by a cock that is twice my length and probably three times my thickness. And, for good measure, I’m certain he is going to pump a full creamy load deep inside her pussy before sending her to me.

It was a few weeks before Michael’s visit, and I remember laying in bed beside Sir during a fuck break and telling him that Michael was coming to town. I asked Sir for permission to have sex with Michael. I was already soaking wet and it made me even wetter asking D’Andre for permission to fuck my boyfriend. My question really excited Sir and sparked his dominant energy. He quickly spread my legs wide and entered me…sooo deep! He was fucking me so good with his strong, beautiful black dick. I spread my legs wide for Sir…giving him full access to the inner depths of my sex…wide open for him to take and claim my pussy over and over as his own. As Sir was fucking me, he said he was open to me having sex with Michael under one condition.

Sir wanted me to come see him right after Michael arrived. It made me so turned on to be controlled and dominated like this…to ask Him if I could fuck Michael – the man I love. I was coming so hard and agreed so easily to everything he wanted. All I could mutter was “Yes Sir” between orgasms. I think I even blurted out at one point that I was his slut and that my little pussy belonged to him now. He gets his pussy whenever he wants it. And, if he doesn’t want my boyfriend’s thin, little cock inside it, then I won’t allow it inside me. I can’t believe the things he makes me feel and say!

I reach to open up Taylor’s blouse, but she resists and reminds me that we can’t do anything. I persist but she pleads with me to be patient. She doesn’t want to disobey Sir and promises to make it up to me later tonight and over the next two days. In this moment, the reality of D’Andre’s influence in our relationship is setting in. My girl has genuinely become another man’s sub. And, by imposing these conditions, he is clearly asserting his new status and sending me a strong message. Amazingly, Taylor has agreed to his conditions.

God, it was all so hot in the moment when I agreed to Sir’s terms but, standing there in front of Michael, I was feeling some regret about having to leave him. After all, he is my boyfriend and we hadn’t seen each other in so long! I wanted to be with him, feel his gentle loving arms around me, and make love to him. I know Michael isn’t physically capable of fucking me like Sir does, but Michael provides me with something different and equally amazing. I so enjoy making love to Michael and feeling his sensual, loving energy. I crave this emotional energy and no one else fills my heart and soul like he does. It’s the kind of deep emotion that sometimes brings me to tears of joy when he makes love to me. No other man has ever made me experience this.

After promising I will behave, Taylor and I strip out of our clothes and are all over each other on the bed – kissing and holding each other close. It is absolute torture having her gorgeous naked body and her ginger bush so close and inviting…but unable to do anything about it. Despite my physical denial, I am experiencing a spectacular mind fuck knowing I can’t make love to Taylor because another man owns her pussy now. D’Andre decides when and if I am allowed to touch and fuck her, and he decided I have to wait.

After about 30 minutes had passed, I reluctantly let Michael know it would soon be time for me to leave and earn permission from Sir. It would have been so nice to feel Michael inside me when I was at my tightest and freshest. I wanted Michael to feel me this way so he could at least have this memory when we were apart. After Sir has me, I knew I wouldn’t be as tight for Michael to enjoy, and I didn’t think I would be able to feel him as much either. Plus, I would have Sir’s scent all over me and his cum running out of my stretched open little pussy. The thought of all of this was really hot a few weeks ago, but I was feeling a little stressed about it in the moment.

Our time passes quickly and Taylor needs to get ready to leave soon. She asks for my help. “Sir requested that I have not have your scent on me when I present myself to Him. Would you mind helping me freshen up?” I follow her to the bathroom and remember how she used to always get so excited thinking about us having sex in the shower. Somehow though, it never seemed to happen.

Early on in my relationship with Michael, I would cycle through a regular playlist of fantasies involving him when I masturbated. I would start gently rubbing on and circling my clit while thinking about him in the shower. I imagined slipping into the bathroom and seeing the steam rising up the shower as he lathered up his sexy, muscular body. The water is cascading off his broad shoulders and chest, streaming down his muscular arms. I stand naked outside the door and press my breasts against the glass. His hands make their way down between his muscular legs as he begins to lather up his hard cock and big beautiful balls.

I am filled with anticipation as I watch one hand move up and down with a subtle rotation around his delicious shaft. The visual elicits a release of slippery wetness between my legs. I sink one, then two fingers inside my dripping petals. Michael’s heavy balls are bouncing up and down as he builds towards shooting his creamy load. Stepping into the shower to join him, his eyes are upon me and filled with lustful fire as he spins me around. He presses me against the shower wall and takes his girl! I can almost feel him sinking his hard cock deep inside me…well, as deep as he can go. I love thought of my man taking me this way and feeling him drain his heavy, aching balls deep inside me and marking me as his girl! Mmmmm, I would get so wet and slippery just thinking of him and this fantasy never failed to make me cum so good.

Joining Taylor in the shower, I know this isn’t the moment she had often fantasized about while masturbating. My cock is rock hard and dripping for my girl, but I can’t take her. This makes me crave her even more. I press in close behind her while lathering up her sexy curves. She slowly swirls her hips against my straining manhood and moans. It dawns on me that not only am I washing off my scent from her body, I am also arousing and working her up for sex with D’Andre. I lather up her pussy and make a few good passes over her ass just in case D’Andre decides he wants her ass tonight. I can’t even believe I have reached a place where I am bathing and preparing my lover for a fuck date with another man.

Finishing up in the shower, Taylor has one last surprise. She asks me to shave her pussy. I can’t believe it – I love her ginger bush and thought Sir loved it too!

Taylor doesn’t seem overly enthused about it either but reminds me that this isn’t for either of us to decide. Sir wants his pussy smooth tonight and expects me to present her that way – freshly showered with a smooth pussy. Reluctantly, I shave her pussy. In this most intimate way, I am grooming my lover for another man. With each stroke of the razor, my body betrays me. I can’t believe how hard my heart is pumping and how my cock is pulsing with arousal! The cuckold burn is intense.

After finishing, I step away while Taylor continues to prepare herself. She is anxious to get to D’Andre’s place to earn permission so she can return to me and enjoy the rest of our weekend together. She puts on some sexy lingerie and makes a point of telling me it is D’Andre’s favorite outfit. This should help her earn permission. I catch moments of her getting dolled up with makeup, lipstick, and working on her eyes. She plays with her hair a bit to make sure it looks pretty for Sir. Just before she steps out the door, I try to kiss her, but she presents her cheek. “Sorry baby, Sir likes my lipstick, and I don’t want to mess it up.” With that, she blows me a kiss and promises to be back as soon as she can.

Now, I wait and wonder…

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4 thoughts on “Deeper & Darker: Shave My Pussy (For Sir)

  1. Can I just say, the opening had me panting with anticipation.

    Taylor’s awakening to D’Andre’s as her new Dom is both sensual and hot. Those words…“opening her mind and legs to erotic possibilities…” Yum!

    You built anticipation very well and the emotional tug of war caused from your delayed gratification was my cat nip. Foreplay and mind games! My heart strings tugged when you shaved a part of her that you loved for another man. Yet, your arousal could barely be contained as you did so!

    1. You panting with anticipation? That is high praise coming from you, seriously. Opening her mind and legs…yes 🔥I love that you were drawn to the mind play and delayed gratification. That mental space, those moments…are such a big part of my sexual gratification – intensifying the physical sensations and continuing long after those have faded. Being the amazing writer you are, I imagine you have the need for that mental edge too…the story going through your mind as it plays out in real time.

  2. i find this sad! why would you ruin your body with another blocking the experience of a sensual lover! masochism! knowing part of you enjoys the negative it really does seem a heart felt loss!

    1. Ohhh, thank you for your support and encouragement ☺️No worries though, it is only a temporary, naughty game. She enjoys submission so it makes her hot, and I enjoy cuckolding so it makes me hot too. We are both just having fun. In the end, the experience truly belongs to us. Long after her Dom has moved on, we will still be enjoying ourselves and looking for our next adventure.

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