I am anxiously aroused as I answer Taylor’s call. She has spent the last three hours in D’Andre’s arms and bed. Her voice has the same dreamy tone I recognize from the post-sex haze we have shared so many times before. Erotic fire courses through my veins knowing another man has put her in this dreamy state of mind. My freshly fucked, dreamy girl musters enough energy to take me through the highlights of her evening. This is part of our cuckold experience and finishing me off is part of our shared pleasure.

The highlight of the night comes when Taylor dips her fingers into her pussy and sucks D’Andre’s cum off her fingers…emphasizing how much she loved the taste of his cum. Knowing he was able to bury his huge dick deep inside my girl’s silky wet passage and blast multiple creamy ropes against her cervix has my legs trembling as my orgasm builds. Comparing this with the realization that I’m going to squirt my sperm into tissue and flush it never fails to push me over the edge. I start stroking my shaft in earnest and quickly jettison several heavy ropes into my tissue…which I actually do flush.

These experiences are happening with increased frequency these days, and this was the goal when Taylor and I decided to find a Bull that lived closer to her. What wasn’t expected, however, was the erotic dynamic D’Andre introduced into our arrangement which flows around Taylor’s submission…to him. Her submissive journey began the first night she was with him.

Standing at 6’4″ and blessed with an athletic build, D’Andre easily manhandled and tossed my girl around the bed like she was nothing more than a pretty fuck doll. She loved how small and submissive she felt in his presence. He took what he wanted, made her cum practically nonstop for hours, and made her squirt for the first time in her life. Taylor’s pussy was so sore she was barely able to walk or sit for two days…and she in awe that he made her feel that way. Taylor was mesmerized by his dominant energy and, unlike myself, he has more than enough cock to back it up. She swears it is a legitimate 10-inches long and very thick. Judging from the photos she has shared and how he puts her pussy out of commission for days, I believe it.

Taylor has been exploring her submissive desires with him and slowly sinking deeper and deeper into her subspace. But, D’Andre wants more. He wants her complete submission. Crossing this final threshold will require Taylor to acknowledge that he owns her pussy. If she were to take this step, it would mean she and I could no longer have sex unless D’Andre gave us permission. Put another way, he would decide when or if my cock is allowed inside his sub’s pussy and where I’m allowed to cum. Obviously, this would be a big step for us. Somewhat surprisingly though, Taylor is genuinely considering this possibility.

This was an emotionally challenging but sexually exciting period. D’Andre was consistently giving me the best sex of my life and often more than I could handle. I’ve never before felt like I needed to tap out during sex before, but he made me feel that way every time I was with him. He is sexually overwhelming! I’ve never squirted before in my life and he makes me squirt all the time! He reduces to me to a trembling, spasming, wet mess!

During the next few days, Taylor and I begin to more seriously discuss the question of ownership posed by D’Andre and the ever deepening sense of submission she feels towards him. He has been masterful with the way he infuses his dominant energy into their ongoing interactions. Assignments, regular clothing and photo requests, masturbation instructions, orgasm restrictions, spankings, and floggings are now part of her daily life. She longs for the sting of his hand on her exposed, fleshy cheeks and the overwhelming sensation of his huge African cock stretching and reshaping her pussy that was once grooved so perfectly for five inches.

The question of ownership isn’t solely up to Taylor. We are a couple. If I don’t want to surrender my girl’s pussy to another, it won’t happen…at least not with me being a part of it. A cuck always has options. On the flip side, if I do want this to happen, it won’t happen unless Taylor also desires this arrangement. As they say, it takes two to tango.

Actually, in our case, it takes three tango. If Taylor and I were to deny D’Andre’s desire, he may decide we are no longer a good fit for him. This outcome would be very disappointing for my girl and would be a problem for me too. I seriously doubt we would ever find another Bull that measures up. He hasn’t given us any ultimatums, but I can sense the question of ownership is emerging as barrier to the deeper, more satisfying D/s relationship they both crave.

In the same way you enjoy cuckolding you, D’Andre’s erotic fire is driven by being a Dom. I was also feeling the same rush through this submissive experience. Having me acknowledge that he owns my pussy was important to him and fed his dominant desires. He wanted to take my pussy from you and for both of us to acknowledge his elevated status in our relationship. The thought of all this happening made me so wet!

So, how do I feel about the question of ownership? As a man that enjoys erotic humiliation, this arrangement definitely hammers on that erotic hot button. If Taylor wanted to explore this new dynamic, it would reinforce what I already knew and felt. D’Andre’s sexual performance towered over mine. If she were to give him ownership of her pussy, this would dramatically deepen the already surreal cuckspace I find myself in.

I remember you mentioning such a scenario a long time ago and how I didn’t like the thought of it at all. I couldn’t imagine ever wanting another man to own my pussy, and it made me feel a little sad that you might be open to it. I guess you picked up on the coolness of my reaction and never mentioned it again. Actually, I had kind of forgotten about it until D’Andre entered our lives. That I was even considering the possibility now, blew my mind. You are so in tune with me and always seem to know what I need, even before I do!

I also speculated about D’Andre’s reaction to Taylor gifting ownership to him. D’Andre would know Taylor must have made it clear to me that he is now her Alpha male. He would also know I had acquiesced and accepted a lower position in the sexual hierarchy as her beta male. He gets first dibs, and I get what he allows me to have…including sloppy seconds. From what Taylor had learned and shared about him, I think he will get off on this. His claiming of my beautiful girl as his submissive pet would certainly feed his large ego. If we were to cross this threshold, Taylor and I would potentially be opening the door to a new world of erotic intrigue as an “Owned” couple.

As our discussions progressed, I could sense Taylor was warming up to the possibilities. As always, however, she made a point of connecting this to our sexual adventure as a couple. She emphasized that she loves me with all her heart and soul, and her interactions with D’Andre have done nothing to change these feelings. If anything, she feels even stronger about me than ever before. I have given her a special gift of sexual freedom that few men would provide their lover. While she was once hesitant to accept this gift of pleasure, she now feels very fortunate and grateful.

As you and I talked about this, it was clear you found this possibility so exciting. It would deepen everything you felt as a cuck to have another man fully claim your girl’s pussy. I also knew how important this was to D’Andre. I was also really enjoying my first genuine submissive experience. It dawned on me that I was denying both of the men in my life something they both craved and what my own body was telling me. It seemed pointless to resist what we were all feeling so strongly.

One final angle emerged as we considered the question of ownership, and it centered around the threshold between fantasy and reality. Up to this point, we have viewed our cuckold play as erotic theater with each person playing a role. The more convincing we were at playing our role, the hotter the experience for everyone involved. We were purposeful about not coming out of role because it would diminish the erotic intensity of what we were feeling. Unfortunately, this state of mind wasn’t working for Taylor in this moment.

She wanted to know how much of this experience, in my mind, is fantasy and what is real? The only asks I ever made of Taylor in our cuckold play was for her to connect with me before fucking another man and that she share the juicy details with me afterwards. Because of this arrangement, it has been challenging for her to wrap her mind around the question of ownership and the reality of what it actually means.

Taylor made the point that a Dom shouldn’t need permission from another man (much less a cuck) to fuck his submissive. In fact, if her D/s relationship with D’Andre was real, it would be the other way around. D’Andre could fuck her whenever he wanted, and he would be the one that decided if other men would or wouldn’t be allowed to fuck her – including me. She couldn’t reconcile how she could fully submit to D’Andre while at the same time needing my permission to fuck him. This, I think, was her final hurdle, and I cleared it.

If Taylor wanted to go deeper into her subspace with D’Andre and give him ownership, I agreed that she would no longer need a green light from me to fuck him. If he wanted to see her, she would go to him whenever requested. The same would apply to other men D’Andre might set up for her. If he wanted to share her pussy (and she was okay with it), then it was his decision, not mine. My only ask was that I be kept informed whenever possible. After all, a cuck can’t enjoy being cuckolded if he doesn’t it is happening or hear about the juicy details.

One week has passed since Taylor’s last visit to D’Andre’s. During this period we have thoroughly discussed the question of ownership and came to an agreement we are equally excited about. My girl is going to see D’Andre tonight and submit ownership of her pussy to him.

I remember how excited I felt when we made this decision and the anticipation of seeing and telling D’Andre. He had earned ownership of my pussy because he fucked me better, and I wanted him to have it whenever he wanted. I knew it the first time I fucked him, but wasn’t hesitant to admit it because I wanted to talk with you about what I was feeling and see how it made you feel. The thought never failed to soak my panties and always left my inner thighs slick with arousal. I still wanted to be intimate with you and hoped D’Andre would understand how important this was for me. But, our new reality is that my pussy is no longer yours to enjoy unless D’Andre allows you and this was a risk I was willing to take.

The future is unknown, but I am hopeful this decision will unleash a new wave of erotic intensity between the three of us. Now, I just have to wait for several hours while D’Andre has his fill of the pussy he now owns. Perhaps I should get in the habit of addressing him as Mr. Blackmore to show my respect. I need to stay in his good graces so he will share Taylor’s pussy with me.

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19 thoughts on “Deeper & Darker – The Question of Ownership

  1. Anther example of your great writing on the subject, and the art adds a lot. The description of your load in a tissue versus his in her womb was delicious. I’m curious to learn what D’Andre’s ownership of her pussy will mean for your access. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Nelson, really appreciate your generous feedback. Just curious if you are the Nelson I’ve had a few chats with from DeviantArt? If so, just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog. Your callout about the tissue-womb difference…that always gets me so hot too! I hope you enjoy the way “a question of ownership” plays out… 🔥If you would like to share how it plays out in your mind, please feel free to share a little story here in the comment. Hope you have a great weekend.

      1. Yep, that Nelson. You are generous is responding to comments. I’m curious how the conflict between wanting sex with her but living with when and if he allows it. There’s some minimum amount of sex below which I would have issues. But wow if you visit and are allowed seconds… I look forward to how it plays out and I’m trying to think of possibilities but my imagination gives only snippets like the seconds, you watching him enter her, him giving restrictions such as amount of time or frequency. You not finishing within the restrictions and relying on the tissue in front of her.

        1. Ah, so glad you are here. You are the one that is generous with comments. The reaction and any discussion that comes with a story is one of my favorite aspects of doing this. This journey will play out over a series of posts. Some will answer your questions and others will capture moments you are seeing snippets of in your imagination. I hope you enjoy them🔥

  2. There was nothing about this that I didn’t find interesting and deeply arousing. I always look forward to your posts Michael.
    The fact he was a heavy comer was so hot

    1. I don’t get much feedback or reactions these days so I really appreciate your comment and the hot feedback. It seems D’Andre was coming out on top in every way…including the size of his release. I hope you enjoy the way this evolves… 🔥

      1. It’s one of those curious kinks, creampies and sloppy seconds. Mix those in with the complex psychology of the cuckold and I am very interested in what happens next.
        I will be sure to interact more when I see you have posted

  3. I must have read this post 3 times. It does evoke my curiosity and to see how ownership changes the dynamics of their relationship.

    1. It strikes your curiosity, but may I ask if you found it erotic from a woman’s perspective? There is a fine line to walk between love and the exploration of sexual kinks. In this case it may be the thinnest of margins.

      1. hmmm,
        I see you aren’t satisfied with my two sentences… I would demand a little more too.

        The idea of her submitting her pussy to be owned is explosive. Michael’s support heightens the experience. I imagine a scene unfolding, each playing a part in her pleasure while everyone is rewarded.

        The thin line…
        Emotional needs are not stagnant. If there is a time when Michael or Taylor has a need for comfort (to me comfort intimacy can be as different from play, and angry intimacy) that can be met/calmed/satisfied in the moment do they then have to ask permission.

        Over time, I wonder about unfulfilled longings…not just the sexual ones induced by play. Hence the curiosity.

        1. You would demand a little more…I would love to hear that. 😈 Thank you expanding on what you were feeling after reading this. Your perspective means a lot. It is so hot that the submissive aspect comes across as sexy for you and how Michael’s supports adds more erotic fire. I totally appreciate your hesitation around the thin line too. My perspective on cuckolding, I believe, reflects how it is most commonly experienced in real life. This real-life perspective is the link to your “thin line” curiosity. In the end, it always about the couple’s journey and the cuck or his cuckoldress/hotwife can pump the breaks anytime and everything will stop. It is only hot if both of them are enjoying it and loses its appeal otherwise. Their relationship is always supreme. This particular experience gets a little closer to that thin line because the other man, rather than a transitory bull, is a Dom and exerts more influence in their day-to-day relationship. Michael could still pump the breaks and Taylor would stop. However, she is getting something deeply fulfilling from her Dom, sexually and submissively, and it would be a loss for her if that relationship vanished. This raises the stakes. Fortunately, none of them will want to push on the line of comfort intimacy. Even D’Andre knows Michael has Taylor’s heart and that is sacred to Michael and Taylor. Any move to claim that would lead to D’Andre’s prompt dismissal. Robecca, this is a long reply and please don’t feel compelled to respond (not that you ever do). I just wanted to get this out of my head and onto paper. ☺️

          1. Your real life perspective is what fascinates me most. The lens in which you share your world through is vivid and I’m drawn to all the petty things. I needed this second post for clarity. So far the learning journey has been erotic fun and I’m so excited to travel back to early posts. As a couple their priority is to their relationship. Individually, their priority is to each other. In that is her happiness- and meeting her needs and the reverse. ( am I getting this?) He/Micheal is being full filled because she is. When broken down – without the heart pumping moments, I see it. Taste it. But now that I understand it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Make my heart bleed for their next erotic moment.
            …out of your head and onto paper… 🔥 I hear tissue is softer, but what do I know. I live for these tiny pearls 😇

          2. Your comments are like sparking diamonds 💎✨I do think you get it…and your understanding of this dynamic is sooo sexy. I’m sitting here reading your message over and over…your words evoke such a swirl in my thoughts. I often find it very hard…to reply, and feel such a sense of rising tension with every stroke…on the keyboard. Good thing I have some soft tissue nearby, folded in layers, because your comment leaves me with a lot to absorb. Love your angel emoji. You truly are an angel…perhaps naughty angel more fully completes the picture, and I mean that in the very best way 😈😇

          3. Why, thank you, Michael!(curtsy) I do spend lots of time in the prayer 😈position. You telling me (I’m getting it) – no pun intended- just makes me want to sit at the front of the class lol- (all smart students know it’s the best view – you’re eye level with anything worth looking at) 🙃

          4. I was working on a few edits when it felt like my computer was starting to overheat. I closed my files but heat kept coming so I pressed deeper and deeper to open up the source…and here it is! Your curtsy and prayer position leave such a strong impression…one you would see if sitting in the front row, at eye level 😈🔥

          5. You felt me call to you… I think I like that 🔥

            “Would see?” Tsk tsk.

            I’m flattered that my words leave little impressions that I might see while sitting in the front row! 😇

          6. Little impressions that you might see…. Well, aren’t you such a frisky kitten, purring, calling, and skillfully playing with her new little toy 😈

  4. I hate to feel objectified unless i am getting what i want, their is a difference in submission to desire and succumbing to undesired attention! i find taking the empowerment of i am willing to let you present as a man, if you see the independance and confidence you hold is as beautiful in me as it is in you! Thankyou for liking my post- i translated it for my face book, i have a version in engish i just thought i would test the water!

    1. I hope I fairly expressed Taylor’s point of view. Her submission was part of getting what she wanted from D’Andre, and she found great pleasure in that. I did too ☺️

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