Deeper & Darker is a passionate cuckold love story inspired by my real-life experience with gorgeous woman named Taylor. Early in our relationship, cuckolding quickly took center stage as our favorite fantasy. While looking for a steady Bull to join our sexy pairing, we unwittingly connect with D’Andre, a Dom. He quickly taps into and unleashes Taylor’s previously repressed submissive desires. As Taylor sinks deeper into her subspace with D’Andre, I experience a parallel immersion and find myself sinking deeper and deeper into my cuck space…one that may even lead to my submission.

As a man, it is a little embarrassing to so openly reveal how another man commanded my lover’s submission and took ownership of her sexual pleasure from me…and that she wanted it to happen. That said, I think women who enjoy submission, men who enjoy cuckolding, and Doms will appreciate the erotic layers flowing though this journey as you imagine yourself in a similar dynamic space.

Deeper & Darker is a multi-story series with chapters randomly presented when completed. While they may initially emerge somewhat out of chronological order, each story will stand on its own with enough context for a complete reading experience. I’ll continue updating the chronology below to provide a structured story flow. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael 💫

  • The Sexual Hierarchy
  • A Question of Ownership – Taylor and I discuss her desire to fully submit to D’Andre by surrendering ownership of her pussy to him
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Shave My Pussy (for Sir) – Grooming my lover’s pussy to please her Sir
  • Earning permission – I am visiting Taylor for the weekend, but she must first earn permission from Sir to fuck me
  • Taylor’s Shame – After earning permission, an emotionally overwhelmed Taylor returns to my loving arms

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