Continued from Unveiled – Part I.

Yes Sir, I submit to you and kneel before another man.

Baby, I know you want to see another man’s cock on the lips of your girl. While I have also fantasized about this moment so many times, I will make it a reality and give myself in this way, for you. My fingers run up and down his shaft…so long, thick, and heavy. His cock is much bigger than any I’ve ever felt before. The contrast of my hands against his dark shaft is so visually exciting to me. The weight and thickness of his large cock is everything I hoped it would be…and more. The thought of him stretching my pussy so wide makes me gasp. I can’t possibly fit him inside my tight, little pussy. Sir, he might be too big for your girl?  I’m not even sure I can fit him in my mouth. I know seeing my lips softly wrapping around the head of his oversized cock and the contrast of his dark skin against my pale features will excite you too. My lips part as I open wide and take his tip to my mouth.

It is impossible to fully capture the erotic intensity of what I’m feeling. The woman I love with all my heart is accepting this gift of pleasure and bringing my most desired fantasy to life. It is a dizzyingly erotic, mind-bending experience. I am mesmerized by the sight of my sexy girl’s sweet lips wrapped around another man’s more substantial cock. His large hands grip your head as he moans his approval. He gazes deeply into the sparkling blue eyes of the blonde goddess kneeling before him with his big, veiny shaft buried in her sexy lips.


I have always been drawn to her eyes. It is like staring into eternity. I feel some angst as another man now holds her lust-filled gaze. The eyes and what I think of as soul gazing are such a powerful source of energy to me. In some ways, her eye contact with him and lack of eye contact with me is even more emotionally intense than it will be to watch him fuck my lover.

Baby, the eye contact is OURS. More importantly, it is our kindred spirit and deep sense of oneness in this moment that defines and binds US. I am submitting to your desire. Other men will take my pussy but only because you are giving me to them. My heart, however, will always belong to you alone.~ Sienna

Deeper and deeper, he slowly fucks her pretty mouth and full lips as she struggles to accommodate his manly thickness and length.

I can sense him wanting to be buried down my throat as far as he can go. As I lick around his large dark shaft, the contrast of the milky white juice on the end of his cock dripping against his black skin turns me on. Mmmm, I am sucking this man’s overpowering black cock and pleasing him. He begs for more and pushes his thick cock deeper and deeper in my mouth…beckoning for his satisfaction. Then, he pulls out and feeds me his balls one by one. They fall into my mouth almost gaging me. They feel full and heavy on my lips as I suck on each one and lick between them. His scent is different from yours though. I am longing for my Man’s scent and filled with desire to have your balls in my mouth… ~ Sienna

Our guest addresses Sienna as strokes his big cock and sucks on his balls. “You like this big dick, don’t you?” His language is harsh but highlights the raw sexuality of the moment.

Mmmm yes! I love having such a big cock in my mouth to please! And this is the cock I want to feel penetrating my wet pussy lips.

My eyes glaze over with fire as she openly confess her desire to have his cock inside your pussy. He knows that while there are many things I can give my girl, I can’t give her the deeper, more physically fulfilling pleasure she sometime craves. This reality only adds to the mind fuck all three of us are now experiencing. I move closer and present my smaller straining cock. Sienna treats my presence with difference and immediately wraps her sexy hand around me. I imagine the erotic swirl flowing through her thoughts as the reality of the size difference becomes more tangible.

Mmm Baby, this difference is very apparent but there’s nothing like the way you feel!!! I feel pleasure in your touch and the unique feeling of YOUR cock and the heaviness of your balls. Your arousal makes me feel safe and reassures me that you are enjoying yourself. I look up innocently and with pure intent into your eyes as I gently slide my nails underneath your large balls and ask, “Are you sure this is what you want from me?”

I want to fulfill you, Baby. Your girl will do whatever you want to make this moment as hot and fulfilling as it can be for you. I’m almost begging now as I remember the feel of your cock inside my mouth and your taste. I’m longing to have you! Your voice is deep and compelling as you affirm your desire for me to fuck him and give me permission to suck your yummy cock! I moan with lustful excitement as I take you in and swallow my Man’s entire cock. You watch me intently as I enjoy ALL of you! This is such a thrill!!! Your cock is perfect for me, Baby!!!

As I work my cock in and out of her mouth, I can’t help but think about how naughty my sweet angel is being. In a matter of minutes, she has had the cocks of two men in her mouth. I touch her face and look deep into her eyes. I’m so filled with adoring love and primal lust for this sensual, beautiful soul kneeling before me. I pull my slippery, glistening shaft out of Sienna’s mouth and guide her face back to our guest’s towering erection. She opens wide and take as much of him in as she can…struggling to take even half. Slowly, with conviction, he pushes his big cock deeper and deeper into the depths of her hungry lips as she begins to softly gag with her eyes starting to water.

Sienna moves back and forth between the two cocks straining for your attention. Her eyes connect with mine as she licks the wetness from his plump, juicy head. God, it is so intense to have her looking into my eyes while licking another man’s cock. I press my shaft to her lips and work my head into your mouth…along with his. My girl has two cocks in your mouth at once.

OMGosh!!! Baby, this is so crazy! Attempting two cocks in my mouth at once, mmmm!!!! My pussy gushes with this thought… There is no jealousy or fear. There is only our shared pleasure and vulnerable love!

After a few moments, I bring Sienna to her feet and hold her close…reassuring my woman that everything is hot beyond my wildest dreams. I know my sexy girl needs this affirmation. Our lips unite in the deep, passionate kiss of lovers. This time, I taste another man on her lips… 

I share the taste of another man’s cock with the Man I love. I want to give you the fantasy you desire. The sharing of another man’s cum with the one I LOVE is part of this fantasy and, crazy as it feels, it is part of our connection. Baby, you are taking me to places I never imagined possible! I am so taken with you!!!

To be continued…


This bit of erotica was one of the first times Sienna and I described in detail how we wanted to experience our primary sexual fantasy. It was helpful for both of us to point out key moments, desires, and tone that would be important. It was damn hot too to be exposed to her naughty thoughts in this context.

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