You are wearing a short, silk robe with nothing underneath and nestled in tight against my chest. Nervous excitement swirls through you as another man’s lustful eyes are upon you. The masseur moves confidently around our hotel room setting up the massage table and oils. This tall, dark, muscular man fits the vision of our fantasy perfectly, and his performance as a masseur is almost convincing. However, we know why he is really here. He’s here to fuck you, and I’m going to watch.

I pull up the robe over your hips so our guest can see your heavenly ass. Damn baby, I love your ass and it gets me so turned on knowing he is looking at you right now and wanting his hands all over you. My cock is already straining in anticipation of that moment. You moan softy and bury your head bashfully against my chest. I know you are nervous and can feel your pounding heart. Leaning down to kiss your temple, I nestle in against your ear, “It’s okay baby, set your mind free to embrace this gift of pleasure I am providing for you.”

I gently turn you around to face him. Slowly and reassuringly, I open the front of your robe to unveil your womanly charms to another man.

Ohhh Baby, you are making me so crazy…I’m dripping! Mmmm, your girl is so hot and turned on but hesitant at the same time. You sense my nervousness, yet your warm, calming presence and loving voice slows my heart. There is a sense of calmness setting in all around me. I hear your sexy voice in my ear and it immediately makes me gush with wetness.

I run my hands along your hips and up to my girl’s beautiful breasts. Tweaking your straining nipples, I address our guest. “I love this beautiful girl. Her pleasure is my pleasure, and I want to watch you please her.” With spoken desire escaping my lips, I visually express our desire by slipping the robe of your shoulders. The robe falls softly at your feet and, for the first time in your life, you stand naked before two men – one that loves you dearly and the other only wanting to fuck you.

I’m longing to submit to your desire and give my Man what you need. A rush of adrenaline comes over me with the thought of pleasing you. Sir, assure me that you will not leave my side. Your girl needs this affirmation.

I reassure you that I will stay close and encourage you to let go and fully enjoy yourself. This experience is my gift of pleasure to you and your erotic, loving gift to me. It is our shared experience as a loving couple.

This turns me on as I realize YOU are truly the one in control. This thought makes me even wetter. I am only pleasing my Man by accepting the fullness of pleasure given by another. I relax with a willingness to please and be taken by this handsome, physically imposing man.

I suggest to our guest that he make himself more comfortable by undressing and joining you. You are beginning to drift in an erotic haze as he takes off his shirt to reveals his dark, muscular chest and abs. He lowers his pants and soon his long, thick cock springs free and extends powerfully before you. You squirm in breathless anticipation of what’s to come next. Time seems to pass in slow motion as he moves closer…his hard cock bouncing strong and proud with each purposeful step. I feel the sudden tension in your body as he takes your milky white breasts into his large, dark hands. The contrast is spectacular.

For the first time since we met, another man is handling you. His overwhelming, lustful presence is fully upon you and pressing hot and firm again your sexy tummy. His manhood is much more than you are accustomed to, But I know your desire to experience a long, thick cock is a long-standing fantasy. This aching hunger needs to be satiated and tonight is the night. My cock is achingly hard and pressing firm against your ass. I would love to have my cock inside you right now but that will have to wait. It is his cock that needs to be inside you know. My breathing is deep and heavy as I take us deeper into the experience. “Get on your knees, sexy girl.”

Yes Sir, I submit to you and kneel before another man.

Baby, I know you want to see another man’s cock on the lips of your girl. While I have also fantasized about this moment so many times, I will make it a reality and give myself in this way, for you. My fingers run up and down his shaft…so long, thick, and heavy. His cock is much bigger than any I’ve ever felt before. The contrast of my hands against his dark shaft is so visually exciting to me. The weight and thickness of his large cock is everything I hoped it would be…and more. The thought of him stretching my pussy so wide makes me gasp. I can’t possibly fit him inside my tight, little pussy. Sir, he might be too big for your girl?  I’m not even sure I can fit him in my mouth. I know seeing my lips softly wrapping around the head of his oversized cock and the contrast of his dark skin against my pale features will excite you too. My lips part as I open wide and…

To be continued…

Interested in reading more?

66 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Unveiled

  1. Mr. Modigliani


  2. Michael, I cannot say that I’ve understood this fantasy in your previous posts about it, (honestly, the idea of taking on two men is too much, for me!) but Sienna’s submission to you, too your desire and fantasy certainly drives it in a new direction… Hot!

    It’s not like the normal cuckolding I’ve read about at all. I am curious to read the rest!

    1. Thank you, Mel! Your comment about cuckolding is so true. I actually started to write about this in the post but thought it needed more exploration and space in a separate post. From a distance, this could look like cuckolding (the way the term is typically used) but as you point out, the way it is approached…the “why” and the emotions and tone of this fantasy creates a different vibe for us. Thanks for the thoughtful comment…I was a little hesitant to post this. Glad you thought it was hot! 🙂

      1. I’m glad you did, honestly, I think we all need this place to explore fantasy and reality. Not everyone is going to appreciate everything, but this is a perfect example of how we can open each others minds and eyes to new/different things… It’s my favorite part of this community!

  3. Larry Archer

    Sweet, it is so erotic that you are both on the same page and I hope you both are successful in fulfilling your fantasy.

    1. Thanks Larry, the story has helped us get on the same page and appreciate the nuances of our fantasies.

  4. Astraltravler

    Dear Michael,
    I understand. My Husband wants for me to have the experience, and for him to see me pleasured by another man. We are deeply connected their isn’t anything that could break our 23 years of Partnership. Looking forward to reading all about you and Sienna’s adventure.
    Your Friend,

    1. Hi Anastasia, thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and the themes you can identify with. As you know, there is a lot that goes into creating the emotional space and safeness where this fantasy can flow into a positive, erotically charged experience.

      1. Astraltravler

        Dear Michael,
        I Absolutely Agree.

  5. So much I want to say but no way to say it!! You two have me so hot right now. All I can do is thank you both for sharing something so personal, so intimate and so fucking arousing!!!

    1. Thank you Desiree, glad you found this arousing! I was hesitant to post this but wanted to add some context around the themes that are part of our naughty fun. You left me wondering which element(s) struck a chord with you? Based on your incredible writings, I imagine it was the submissive theme…

      1. Michael — there were a couple of elements. One of which is too deeply personal to explain in a public forum. The submissive portion of this is very intriguing to me indeed, but since I have no experience in a D/s relationship, it is just that — intrigue. I think the love you share together and the certainty you have in each other can transcend the D/s relationship and apply to all types of loving, committed relationships, though. It would be a bit different if you wanted to bring a woman into your bedroom and have Sienna watch you be pleasured by another —- but the scenario you create is one of which you want to have her given immense pleasure in which you not only watch, but share and guide her during the experience. That is what is so striking to me there. And the way that you two have communicated your desires and woven them together is a provocative, sensual delight for all of us.

        1. Thanks for sharing more about your feelings around this. One of the many reasons I enjoy your writing is how you are coming to understand your submissive desires by thinking through it in your writing and the hot stories that come from this. You have developed a heightened understanding of your erotic layers and what you desire. I’m sure you already appreciate that this will help you express your desires to the fortunate man that you will one day submit to. I also appreciate your thoughts on how it would different if I wanted Sienna to watch me with another woman. This is a really important matter of the heart for both of us. You would probably agree that in most relationships, the thought of your lover being with someone else could be very hurtful. Sienna doesn’t fantasize about watching me and I don’t have this desire either. The very last thing I want in this world is to hurt her. She was also initially uncomfortable with my fantasy of watching her for the same reason. She has always made me feel that I am all she wants and craves. Over time, she has come to understand my fantasy and is feeling more emotionally safe in this space. It is only from this powerful, loving connection that we are able to explore our fantasies. For example, if I felt that she truly wanted to meet other men (regardless of how I felt), it would change the whole dynamics and not work at all for me. It is always about making it hot for both of us and ultimately pleasing one another…it will always be about US.

  6. Michael and Sienna, however your fantasies build, whether this one or others, my wish for you is the opportunity and courage to make them come true, just as you desire. You’re a perfect pair to pursue such wondrous things, and I’m grateful I’m able to participate, at least vicariously.

    1. Thank you, JK. Your comments are always so thoughtful and sincere…we really appreciate it! We also enjoy the perfectly timed humor and naughty ones as well…like the one you have below! 🙂 Being able to express ourselves to one another and share our journey here is really exciting and you definitely enrich that experience for us. I’ve been absent recently but hope you feel the same coming from me on your journey.

  7. And if, in my travels, I run across a well-hung, good looking, black masseuse, I’ll be sure to send you GPS coordinates. 🙂

    1. Please do, it has been more challenging than I ever imagined! 🙂 We have a few stories floating in the drafts about this search that I’m excited to share. But, we do love the build up! 😉

  8. Larry Archer

    Michael and Sienna from our point of view as swingers, letting your girlfriend get together with another guy doesn’t have to be taken as a D/s submission or mean that you are letting your partner be emotionally involved with another. I think this is a concept that “straights” have a problem getting their arms around. Just because Sienna gets together with someone else doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you or you don’t love her. You are allowing her to experience the sensation of another person and that’s all it is. This is about sex and not love, you can separate the two.

    You will enjoy watching her be pleasured by someone else and that’s all, she is not forcing you to allow her to crawl into bed with another, unless that is something you want to happen. Letting her get together with another, to us, means that you love her enough to allow her to experience different sensations. For us swinging is not cheating and always keep in mind that when people haven’t experienced something, they don’t always understand.

    So if you both want Sienna to have some BBC, then go for it. Then for the perv’s here, tell us all about it. 🙂

    1. Thank you Larry for thoughtful and insightful comments. It is interesting to learn about others experiences and sexuality…it is one of my favorite aspects of WP. Each relationship is unique. For us, the “swinger lifestyle” doesn’t push our hot buttons. This sort of detached sexual experience (apart from one another) doesn’t excite us. It isn’t really about the sex with someone else that draws us in. It is the emotions we tap into with each other…through her being submissive as well as my hot buttons…that makes it exciting. Also, what we share on this blog has lag time on it. We are further along in our journey compared to where our posts are. I also don’t mean to take away or minimize the experience you and your wife share. It seems to work great for you but we have a different vibe…not better, just different. For us, it is all about the love and sex and the other is but vehicle to express our passion for one another in different ways.

      1. Larry Archer

        Glad to hear it’s working out for you. Sometimes it is a big step and just remember to love each other as you progress through life. The Lifestyle is not for everyone and you two need to chart your own course and do what is right for you and not other people.

  9. I am so glad you wrote this, I’ve had these thoughts swirling around in my head for months looking for an escape or way to explain them. Of course B knows, but sometimes just being able to get it out there and receive feedback from others helps me receive clarity. I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of writing about it before, but this make me want to and now I think I will.

    I love how open you both are in sharing this side of you, your fantasies and your vulnerabilities.

    Thank You!

    1. Thanks Tis, I am really looking forward to reading the thoughts and feelings that drive your fantasy and what is now becoming your emerging reality! 🙂 Knowing that you are an “INTJ”, I’m sure thinking through it all and actually writing about it will crystalize the layers for you. I’m pleasantly surprised by the richness of the comments on this post. Some have challenged me to think even deeper as I try to respond and, as you mentioned, this has added extra clarity for me. I know you have a deep post available now that I’m looking forward to diving into! 🙂

      1. This one will either fly right out of me with no effort at all since its been taking up valuable space inside my head for quite sometime or I will find a way to complicate my thoughts on it. Lets hope its the former. haha

        I hope you two are having a Merry Christmas!

    2. Thanks Tis! It’s interesting because everyone has their own opinion and take on their personal deep thoughts and beliefs held within their fantasies. Michael and I own ours and keep a high level of clarity and understanding around it. This is most critical. Others may comment or share their own opinions and beliefs, yet what’s most important is the communication and connection between you and B! This I feel is the danger that may lurk in being openly transparent with outsiders who don’t play an active role in your personal intimacy with your partner and Love! It’s so amazing to share and hear and perhaps spark an untapped interest for others to explore!
      xxoo Sienna
      Can’t wait to read your related post 😊

      1. I couldn’t agree more Sienna. What’s funny with the thing I’ve grappled with in the past is that it was a limitation I put on myself because I thought it was something B wouldn’t be up for. It wasn’t until he shared his desire with me that I than found it acceptable and wanted it even more.

        Us being so open with each other has really heightened our desires and enlightened us to each other in ways we didn’t think possible before. Not just communicating with each other but being receptive and open to hearing each other out has been key for us.

        It reminds me of that scene in White Men Can’t Jump, where Wesley Snipes character says to Woody Harrelsons character,

        “Look man, you can listen to Jimi but you can’t hear him. There’s a difference man. Just because you’re listening to him doesn’t mean you’re hearing him.”

        Merry Christmas! xoxo

        1. So good to hear these comments and the excitement around the awareness. It’s so liberating and the safety of knowing it’s all about you and B is the essence!!!
          I’m glad we were able to help you to probe deeper into a potential idea or fantasy shared by both and the comfort of feeling safe with one another!

  10. B.K. Hung

    A beautiful story of love at its best 😉

    This is going to be a great read, I can tell. Seeking our innermost desires is the playground of experience we must whole-heartedly explore, wide-eyed, eager, brave. That you have someone so intimately connected with you to share in the journey clearly makes this an epic adventure in the making

    1. Thanks B.K. We are very fortunate and feel exceptionally amazed to have each other to explore in such an open and trusted environment with each other. No judgement, no fear….open embraced vulnerability! Michael loves to take photos of me and I enjoy posing and letting him share while protecting me and the integrity of US. Thanks for reading! We enjoy reading through your “layers” as well! 😉

      1. B.K. Hung

        Power to you! The new model army…

    2. Thank you for the thoughtful and anticipatory comment, BK! Sienna and I are excited to share and express the light of our Love and sensuality in many forms; expressing them through the layers of our fantasies and experiences casts our Sensual Shadows… The journey which is beyond what we have posted so far has far and away been the Love and adventure of my lifetime! Hope you will stay with us and share in the evolving story ~ Michael

      1. B.K. Hung

        Keep sharing. It is an honour to be included – that you’ve thought about (and fought) for us.

  11. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you Beata, some girls have certain desires that need to be freed 😈

  12. 🔥😈♥️

    1. Thank you, Liz75 💫 I always get such a rush when images like this connect with a sexy woman like yourself 🔥

  13. I also have cuckold fantasies, too. Great story. Let us see what the future brings ;-):-)

    1. Thank you CyberPunk, it sure feels like there are a lot of men with cuckold fantasies…hopefully your wife will be up for exploring this with you one day. 🔥Sienna (the woman in this image) took that journey with me and loved it.

      1. So Sienna is real, and you are her hubby?

        1. Yes, she is real…a former lover.

          1. You two are a hot handsome couple regarding the fact that you surely depict her and you realistically:-) 🙂

          2. Thank you. I tried to make our characters as close as possible. It makes the art more meaningful and worthwhile to me. She is a gorgeous woman and I’m glad that comes through.💫😊

          3. My wife is as (wonderfully) pale as yours and would make for a great partner with a black man 😉 🙂

          4. I’m sure your wife is one of the most beautiful women in the world and imagine she could make a good cuck out of you (if she hasn’t already) 🔥

          5. THX I am honoured by your words:-):-)

  14. Uh, this is hot! 🔥

    1. These experiences sometimes feel a little awkward to share, but I find this kink so compelling… So glad it came across as hot for you 🔥💫

      1. It did, indeed!

        1. Would you swap places with her?

          1. Sure!

          2. Having your hubby watching you enjoying BBC? Or hubby is not needed here?

  15. Very hot. The idea of exposing what’s yours and gifting it to another so that she may experience pleasures you can’t offer is so delicious, naughty and loving.

    1. You have a gift for getting to the essence of this dynamic. The love I felt and my desire for her to experience even more pleasure far exceeded any sense of emasculation… Then again, that emasculation was part of the erotic rush.

  16. Interesting story. I think on an intellectual level I’m beginning to understand what you and Sienna may find exciting about the whole experience, but emotionally I’m unable to empathize. A friend of mine has foot fetish. For me it’s similar in the sense that I can write a story that he may find very arousing, but for me it’s not working at all. I find it highly interesting that people can be so different.
    On a side note, damn she’s hot ;P

    1. Appreciate the intellectual/emotional distinction. It is hard to get into something if you don’t “feel” it and, as you alluded, that’s the way it goes with kinks/fetishes. Sienna’s early framing of this fantasy was always around her desire to be submissive to me. I think that made her feel emotionally safe to explore this. She was only doing what I wanted her to do. This would evolve over time to be more about her craving for a bigger cock. Regardless, she was hot every step of the way 🔥💫

      1. Putting empathy aside, watching her being thoroughly fucked by that man must have been a delight to watch 😀

        1. My heart was beating out my chest in a good way but also in a more difficult way. The kink is very real for me and I crave it. Still, it wasn’t easy to watch Sienna actually with another man, seeing him make her react in ways I have never experienced, and ultimately realizing he was giving her a better fucking than I ever had. It takes a bit to process that reality before one can fully embrace the fire of the experience.

          1. That’s exactly where I have the most difficulty. Having no emotional connection to Sienna, I’d have great time watching her being ploughed and enjoy her delightful moans. But once I try to put myself in your shoes the whole experience takes another shade.

          2. I get it, brother. For some reason I just crave that edgy emotional rush – mostly the buildup and afterglow. As “you” think about watching her, you might find this hot: He had her coming so hard at times that she was literally screaming in orgasmic bliss. I remember my face feeling flushed with embarrassment…I was so worried that people in the next room were going to call security on us because they were worried about her safety or just because she being way too loud.

          3. Holy shit! That sounds so hot :horny: Those moans are like music to my ears. Damn I wish I was there to witness that spectacle LOL ;P

  17. tyfranklin

    I am totally turned on by the image and the story! H O T !

    1. I love this picture as well. My imagination is wonderful.

    2. Thanks for giving this a read, tyfranklin. I know these types aren’t for everyone but glad you enjoyed the story and feel the heat flowing through it and the image 🔥 I was so turned on knowing she was becoming more open to the idea of cuckolding me.

  18. Mmm super hot and very beautiful! 🔥😍❤️😘

    1. So glad you enjoyed, Bart 💫 This was an exciting time in our journey. It was one of the first times she revealed an openness to and anticipation of being with another man. As you might imagine, for a man with cuckold desires, this was such a turn on. 🔥

      1. Thats very nice and good to hear! Not sure if i’m such a type of person, but i do enjoy your story’s a lot. They sound very hot and exciting! ^^;)

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