In recognition of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a moment to share something with you. “You” being each woman that visits my blog, the women I have shared or will share special moments, and the universal soul of a woman.

A little mood music for you – the light on the dark side of me…you remain my power, my pleasure, my pain.


I wasn’t mature enough to do what was needed to prevent my mother’s suicide (Shadow – A Mother’s Suicide). Since that time, I have devoted the better part of my life giving to and celebrating you. The pain of her death is channeled and returned as love to all women…especially those I recognize as soulful or in some way hurting.

I am vigilant in looking for your special light and open to your energy. I know the magic that resides within you, and it is my desire to tap into and release this magical force. When your light shines my way, I will always do my very best to return the energy to you. In my eyes, you are forever adored.

I have often felt that I wanted to make love to world…and I do. It isn’t a hedonistic calling and orgasmic release I seek (always greatly appreciated though). Rather, I want to feel you in a deeper way and this means more than being buried deep in your divine sweet center. I seek more than possessing your body.

My greater drive is to caress, soothe, and touch your soul. This is the energy that fuels my flame. To my past lovers, women I may only meet virtually, and my future lover, please accept this rose as a symbol of my adoration with a touch and kiss to your soul.

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Michael

68 thoughts on “A Kiss From A Rose

  1. I like ❤

    1. Thank you, Beautiful 😘You always make my heart swirl 💞❤️

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day, to You, as well. A decadently creative one, may it be.

    1. Thank you, Ecnelis 💞Decadently creative is a space you have certainly mastered (love your work) and I aspire to. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🌹😈

      1. You certainly can color flesh, and I do thank You, Michael. It was a wonderfully unproductive, and singular evening. Lacking absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything, but that’s the joy sometimes! I adore Your works, and am humbled that You enjoy my own. Have a happy day, and smile bright if it suits You! ❤

  3. You are beautiful, Michael. Everything about you.

    1. Thank you Baby, this means the world ❤️

      1. You’re so welcome. It’s true. (And I like you calling me baby) 💋❤

        1. I like saying it to you…feels good on my tongue.❤️

  4. Mmm. That brings other things having to do with your tongue to mind… 😘🔥

    1. MmmHmm, I was hoping it would…young lady 🔥😈 My mouth is watering just thinking about you…😘

      1. Ahh, you certainly know how to get me. Mmm…🔥💋💋💋

  5. Michael..!!!! This is the best of the best of Valentine’s gift I have received today..

    Thank you 😊 so much for that one red rose 🌹.. it’s signifies the deep passion that only you can emote…

    Being who I am..I will take you in all phases … of you are.. because I believe you are the complete package of that leads to that “Divine Bliss” I so yearn and crave for… You have certainly mastered the art of love and passion.. and with it you have also learned how to talk your way into the hearts 💕 of every woman you meet..
    “The Woman whisperer ”

    What a awesome 👏 dedication to Valentine day..

    1. Beautiful Nita, words won’t do justice to what this comment means to me. “The Woman Whisperer”…beyond flattering and I’m not worthy. 😘 I’m so glad we have connected.☺️ Our interactions have been so fun, hot, sexy, and soulful. You are healing for me and I’m honored that in some way I touch something deep in your soul. It is mutual. ❤️😇 Now, about that hot space between your legs…🔥😈

      1. Michael, that hottt space between my legs.. just got a little hotter..

        It’s on fire 🔥 visualizing you.. and reading your most stimulating words…

        That said…you are absofuckinlutly worthy.. You don’t even understand the extent of your extreme sexual energy that you emanate ..

        I feel a undeniable charm coming from your every word..

        You have touched me.. deeeep.. to my very soul…

        I so am in awe of you.. and I find you so damn intriguing…

  6. By the way..
    that was a beautiful digital photo of you..
    love the background.. and how it depicts your dedication..
    I will say it again..
    you are truly a talented and gifted and creative artist…

    1. Thank you for the digital art reference😃This last image was unexpected. I was sort of free-flowing with some ideas and it came together. So glad you like it☺️😘

  7. kirascribbled

    Happy Valentine’s Day. 🌹
    That was a lovely and heartfelt post. I realy enjoy your stories for many reasons. Have a great day. 😁

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your reaction 😘 You’ve updated your gravatar? The other one was fun but I must say…I do prefer seeing your lips. Glad you’ve enjoyed some of my past posts for various reasons…fun to imagine what those might be. Hope you are having a great day ☺️

      1. kirascribbled

        Thank you for noticing! 😁
        I do enjoy a naughty read, so of course I like your work. 😉

  8. Thank you, beautiful man, for being who you are. ✨💖✨😘

    1. Awww, thank you Grace ☺️ You are so sweet (and naughty) 💞💖

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael ❤️
    🌹 thank you Sir. That’s very sweet of you.

    Your soul is hurting, I wish I could ease your pain (emotionally & mentally- not sexually, besides the flirting I can be quite serious). Please, do not blame yourself for your mother’s passing or not being able to prevent it. Sometimes, our demons are just too strong. I’m literally tearing up as I write this with love in my heart for you and her 😢❤️. (And it’s taken me over a half hour to post because of wiping tears from my eyes. Your post was filled with such passion). She had a pain deeper than we could ever imagine. I feel as if she was a wonderful woman, and is proud of the son and man you have come to be. She’s been there through all your joys, heart aches, and pain. She’s helped you through it already, believe it or not. You are her rose and I thank her for giving you to us.

    You are such an amazing person. Truly, you are. I value our friendship and am happy, and lucky to have you in my life. I pray I never lose your frienship, and that someday we meet.

    I hope you have a lovely day. And if you ever want an ear for listening, you have my email.

    You truly are an amazing soul.


    1. Beautiful girl, you made me tear up with this comment…happy tears. Thank you so much for the kind words about my Mother. It is especially endearing that you felt this on such a deep level…were able to channel a bit of what she may have felt as she was engulfed in her own demons and how she might look upon me now. This was…amazing. I trembled a bit reading it and had to step away. This sentence, “You are her rose and I thank her for giving you to us.” has made me tear up every time I read it. It is the most personal and powerful thing I have ever read. If I were to ever have reason to write a memoir, I would be honored to have that as the final line of my time. Vegas, you are a special friend and I have no doubt we will always remain connected in some form. You having an amazing heart and a super-fan in me❤️

      1. Speechless with pride. Of course you can use that line. It was meant with much sincere. 😘❤️

  10. (You have clothes on) lol. On a serious note I like this post it is nice. Although speaking as someone who tried to commit suicide twice. The mention of your mother’s suicide got to me whenever I see that word (suicide) It makes me think of those times I tried to get rid of myself. And makes me think of how my mother must have felt when she found out I was trying to end my existence. Sorry for getting weepy it’s been moment since revisiting that.

    You on the other hand didn’t become your pain you lived through it. You became a good person a strong person. I am sure your mother is proud of who you have become. And I am sure she still feels your love for her even from heaven.

    Also this post was a nice gesture to those who read your blog very nicely done Sir Michael
    Happy Valentine’s Day

    1. The clothes reference, you liked that!😄 Morgan, I’m so sorry about the pain the you must have been going through, but I am SOOOO HAPPY that you are here today to share your magic with the world and me❤️You are a beautiful soul and the world needs your spirit. I know I cherish you and getting to connect with you through our writing and sharing of passions has been so special 💖

      1. I like the clothes, clothes are like a wrapped piece of candy. Looks good you want to rip them off taste and bite.
        I realized I didn’t say anything naughty in my last comment and that left my naughty thoughts feeling neglected. Lol
        By the way I emailed you It might be in your spam.

  11. What a beautiful touching post, Michael!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!l

    1. Thank you sexy girl, I truly appreciate you 😘Hope you had some naughty fun or have some planned in the near future 😈💖

      1. Thank you! I had a very single valentines 😂

  12. Michael, thank you. Very much. This is very needed today. Very. Big squashy hugs and kisses!

    1. Mmmm, big squashy hugs and kisses sounds divine…I can’t breathe and I love it!😃😘 Wait, don’t let me go yet…I’m a hungry man and I want more🔥 Hope you are having a beautiful day, Kris 💖

      1. giggling. I won’t let go! Holding hugs are the VERY VERY best. Specially when they have kisses. Today was better. Mostly. I thought about these words off and on today. The ones you wrote for Valentine’s Day, not the ones I’m responding to..ok, I think I should toddle off to my stuffed animals (yeah, I know, it is odd. But, even at my age they comfort in many ways!)

        1. Thank you Kris, I really appreciated (and savored) our virtual hugs and kisses😘 I’m having a wonderful vision of you all snuggled in with the stuffed animals…sounds like that would be fun space to pile in with 😃☺️

  13. On or off, you are sexy as hell but that doesn’t even come close to how attractive your heart and soul are Michael. This was a beautiful way to share your love and appreciation for your Valentine’s. I hope your received back all the love you gave. Kisses my sexy friend. 💋

    1. You always have the sweetest words, and I know they come from a beautiful place ❤️The energy from everyone was definitely returned and special 💞 Hope you had a wonderful evening last night 🌹🍷

  14. I love your words. They’re deep and delicious and warm. I hope you had a great day.
    By the way, I’ll take the rose, it’s the closest I got to getting one today haha

    1. Wow Teresa, you are like a beautiful angel landing here on my blog. You had me hooked with deep, delicious, and warm 😘So glad it made you feel this. I suspect you had many roses extended today, but I’m honored you accepted this one. 💖

  15. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    Those last two lines are haunting me.
    I’m going to have to strain this through my subconscious, too much for my wide awake brain, I need to slip between worlds to understand what is making me cautious and not all sexy kisses and hearts….

    Have you no care for my sleep?

    1. Sorry Carly 😁😄Hope you slept well. That last line bothered me too. I added something after it and deleted it. Then, I deleted the last line. Then, I decided to keep it…it belonged. It is a vague reference to the Romantic Love: Hearts on Fire post and the cycle of despair we find if we can’t move above Romantic Love to higher love. All this to say Romantic Love can feel like heaven on earth but it can make one bleed when it ends.

      1. CarlyQuinnAuthor

        Does it always end?

        You’re so not sorry. You want to know what my subconscious had to say on the matter. Let me just add that I visited Valhalla in my dream and never got back to the suit and the rose. Guess I know what better fits, now don’t I?

        1. Ah, I do love mythology. Valhalla is a sacred place for fallen warriors and perfect for dreamscapes. As they say, love is a battlefield. As for the fit, I imagine “it” might fit you very well.😉😘

  16. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    I too have a thing for mythology, since I was a child.
    SO naughty, tsk tsk, from what I saw in Valhalla, I think perhaps you have some growing to do.

    1. Mmmm, such a naughty girl pushing on my hot buttons like that…🔥🍆

  17. I love your blog and your words too! There will be always sonething deeper meaning than we actually read,where only few can understand!Another great post by you amazing man🙂

    1. Hi Sasha, thanks so much for taking a moment to share your reaction to this post.☺️You see and feel things deeply, and I really admire that quality. You are a special woman🌹

  18. Incredibly moving and thoughtful and very romantic. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

    1. Really appreciate this, thank you 💞☺️ Happy Valentine’s Day 🌹

      1. Thank you Michael, this was a pleasure to read. 😊

  19. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    1. Thank you ☺️Happy Valentine’s Day🌹

  20. Hmmmm…. I’m giggling at your talent to make each woman who follows feel like she’s the ONLY one following you. You are VERY good at this. It’s manipulation but not malicious. Manipulation with the intention of creating bliss and ecstasy within the centre of each woman you interact with. I see it. It’s beautiful but I don’t know if it would….work?on me? I am seduced by clandestine sensuality, by secret words and insinuations, by naughtu forbidden words, not overt, but glaring hot and warm. However…I do think that you have a beautiful soul and I feel an odd connection to your words.
    Often my sensual side makes an appearance when I least expect it. It’s not for everyone. But aside from raw pleasure, I love, no NEED to feel a mental connection. It’s the centre of my attraction. Why am I telling you this? Eff knows… Something odd today. ..a little light headed.



    1. Dear lady, you have shared some penetrating insight with this comment. I actually needed some time to step back and think about it. You touched on some things that are at the very core of why I am here writing. I apologize in advance if this response is a bit philosophical. Some writers are driven by number of views and likes. Sure, I enjoy those too but I much prefer a deeper and more intimate form of engagement with fewer people. Here, we wear the mask of anonymity (one of Dionysus’ symbols is the mask) and are free to be as we wish. I chose to explore, connect with, and reveal my sexuality and soul. There is a light that I want to shine. I look for a similar light in others and for those searching for that light. Our souls can connect and, if we let go, we can even achieve moments of transcendence. In addition to representing liberation behind the mask, Dionysus was the Greek god of transcendent ecstasy. The time of the Olympians has passed but the archetype of Dionysus still calls to many of us. Was it your light that called to me or was it mine that called to you? Who knows. What I do know is that feeling your words makes my pulse quicken and I feel your heat (ahem, I mean light). I’m glad you are here and look forward to sharing your journey through your blog as well. 😘🔥

      1. No, it IS my heat that you feel, Michael.

        And don’t ever apologise for being philosophical…I adore that. I cannot deeply Interact with anyone who is not a deep thinker; it’s an aphrodisiac since we’re in Greek mythology realm.

        I see your light, and your fire and I see behind that mask…by keep it on for now… it’s wildly addictive and arousing. You called to me, I must say…I would see your avatar having liked something of mine and I would blush, wondering what you liked about me…my writing…

        I have a need to let go to release, to be myself but simultaneously be … someone else. I feel the connection between us. It’s delectable 😍

        1. Wearing the mask…your wish is my command, fair lady 🎭😘 I want to help you release, to be a vessel of discovery for you to ride as you let go and explore…like you are someone else. I am open to you and your dreams and desires…in whatever form they take. I find myself hanging on your every word…spellbound.

          1. You already are, Michael….

            You are releasing parts of me that have been darkened for so long…flowing for you…needing you.

            I want to slip off your mask and devour your lips until you beg me to take you in my hand…

            More and more and more, very soon…

  21. […] she has only dreamed of actually does exist. I can fulfill the promise of the rose explored in Love Is My Life’s Work. If I am worthy and capable, this will be my gift to Yumi. If but for a fleeting moment in time, […]

  22. Found this linked to the Lilah post so obviously not on V-Day anymore. I enjoy you work and your company and wish you the best

    1. Ah, I did link to this 💖Sometimes I need to tap into my deeper sources of inspiration and sensual spirit. I am enjoying your company immensely and hope you always feel the energy from me as the amazing energy I feel flowing from you 😘

      1. Your sweet Michael, hope you been having a better month then I have. 💖

    2. You are always so thoughtful.🌹I feel like we’ve lost touch (both of us being gone from WP for a while) but I hope you are doing well out there in this great big world. 😘

  23. Your images are perfectly sexy for Valentine’s Day. Especially because your words and sensual images have a way of making us women feel… em, special 🥰 Happy Valentine’s Day, Michael. 🐈‍⬛

    1. Thank you, Beautiful 😘 This was an older post that I like to share around this time each year. Things can get rather rowdy in here (or at least they used to) and this one in particular, I hope, is a deep, heartfelt sensual gesture. Hope your Valentine’s Day was special, you sexy feline 🌹

  24. Well… it isn’t Valentine’s Day…. but you make me wish it was. I came across you when browsing through other blogs and seeing your likes. I was curious so I followed the trail of breadcrumbs to here, where I discovered this wonderfully written Valentine’s Day post. I didn’t realize it was written a few years ago until I read almost all of the comments. It felt like it was written just yesterday. I look forward to reading more and discovering more about you. Happy Non-Valentine’s Day to you and thank you for lifting up this worn out soul. ♥️ ~Lu

    1. Sweet Lu, thank you so much for stopping by and browsing my somewhat dated and naughty little corner of the web.☺️ A lot of the comments throughout my blog come from years ago when the WP community was a bit more engaging – the glory days. I still share new posts but cycle through my older works annually (adding new reflections and updated art). If the Valentine’s post feel fresh, that is a big compliment – polished it up a few months ago. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I can already tell, you are far from a worn out soul. Perhaps you may feel like your light has dimmed, but I see you shinning bright. ❤️💫

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