In my ongoing Sensual Shadows series featuring Sienna, many of the stories have centered around our erotic journey into cuckolding (her sleeping with another man). Sure, you have seen Sienna wantonly expressing her desire to experience another man’s bigger cock. You may have also noticed her tapping into my desire for erotic humiliation by playfully teasing me about having a little penis and needing “more”. Our journey, however, was far more than sexual. We shared a deeply loving and sensual connection…a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love.

While it is fun to share these naughty memories, it was our loving center and passion for one another that always reigned supreme. This was the magical foundation from which everything else flowed. It was because we loved so deeply that our erotic edges burned so bright. What follows are a few loving vignettes penned by Sienna that capture the magic of “Us” swirling through her soul. Truly, roses never fade.


It’s quiet here. I’m sitting outside under bright stars with the moon illuminating the sky. The brightness makes me think of the enlightened way we express our love for one another in the most intimate, safe, and accepting way. I’ve been swept away so many times thinking of the moments we’ve shared in reality and in fantasy. Even reality seems like a fantasy that has come true. Every moment has been so amazing that sometimes I have to pinch myself to ensure it has been REAL!!!

Our connection, so evident and pure, has been building and strengthening over the years and now, when fully realized, it has ignited a flame that burns so bright and abundantly!!!  Michael, I want you to know how amazing and special you are to me, how much I nurture your love for me and mine for you! Thank you for trusting, loving and honoring US! I am so filled with joy and warmth as I drift off. Thinking of you and loving what we share so, so deeply!!!!! ❤❤❤😘😘😘💋💋💋❌⭕❌⭕❌⭕

Sunshine of Our Love

I can now and will always feel the sunshine of our love ❤️ I have visions of a drive along a sea cliff with the sun glistening off the water. It pushes through the clouds and basks us in greater clarity…the clarity of love and understanding. It becomes a beacon of raw penetrating light that reveals the pure and infinite depth and breadth of my love for you. Your fingers slide between mine as the clasp of our hands and interlacing of fingers pull us in deeper. My heart swells like the ocean and is overflowing in your presence with the recognition of a love so pure and present!❤️🔥❤️🔥😘

Two Worlds Colliding

Having Michael for the past two weeks, with only a few days of interruption in between, was blissfully surreal. I have been the object of fulfillment and made to feel like the world revolved around me. I have never felt this way before. It seemed so deliciously self-indulgent, but it was Sir who indulged me.

One by one, desires and often wondered about fantasies were fulfilled in absolutely mind-blowing experiences. Each was contained in its own bubble like one erotic movie after another. My bliss was abundant and intoxicating, yet it was all so pure and absolutely beautiful…even spiritual. I still can’t fully grasp how those two worlds can co-exist, but I have seen it. I have lived and felt it. I have been fulfilled in ways far beyond my aching physical desires. He fulfilled my soul.

Morning Dew

The morning sun is rising and bathing the room in a warm glow. A soft sheet rests low along my hips as a gentle breeze caresses my skin. My first thought of the day is you. I can feel your warming presence and strong, soft touch as you heat up my days and nights. Your fingers drag slowly across my nipples and breasts which are now wide awake…perky and tingling for your lips.

As we touch and snuggle in closer, I see the sheet below rising below. Mmmm, my Man’s cock is fully awake and eager to be set free. You trace my curves with your fingers as I work my way down to taste your smooth, plump head while cupping your heavy, full balls. I am so wet and CRAVING you!

This is but one of the many photos we took last week. This is how your girl showed up for you and will always be for you, Sir – on my knees, ready, wet, and open.

Built for Riding

I had a great ride this morning with you close in my thoughts. I wore a lightweight jersey which has a built in bra but offers little support. Stretched out on my bike and leaning forward, I could feel my breasts moving inside the cupped jersey. I could feel the warm breeze against my skin and imagined your strong hands underneath my breasts. I flashed back to the feeling of being in a similar position with you. You had me bent over the bed and were riding me. My back was stretched out and arched slightly as I leaned forward. You pressed in close behind me and eased your hard yearning cock into my glistening pussy, mmmm!

My body rocked with the rhythmic wave of energy flowing between and within us. You reached under and cupped my breasts in your strong hands as you took full control of your girl! You started slowly but soon began fucking me harder and harder…driving your engorged cock deeper and deeper inside me! I love when you take me like that and dominate your girl!

You can find the Sensual Shadows chronology and links here – Sensual Shadows.

21 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Roses Never Fade

  1. That right there might be the answer America needs to get people more active… woo-ee

    1. She certainly inspires me to action, ha! ;-)

  2. cpmandara

    Yummy! Now get on that bike and make fantasy a reality ;)

  3. OceansWater

    Yummy for the both of you…

  4. That’s a moment that I can perfectly picture.

  5. Ah jeez, now you’ve done it Sienna. I’m never going to be able to look at female cyclists the same anymore. I’m going to wander about the gentle supporting nature of that jersey, and the wind blowing by….. well, you get it, I don’t have to tell you. My only saving grace is, all my cycling is in the mountains on dirt, mostly alone, so at least I can focus on my ride without you and your imagery distracting me. That is, until I come down to pavement and see a woman cycling by.

    1. LOL!!!!! Too funny! Sorry to be a distraction! Cycling in one of my most fav and passionate of all sports! Ahhhhhh! 😊
The only activity I enjoy more is Michael riding me!!!

  6. Here is how my thoughts played out after clicking on your post.
mmmmm, nice picture choice.
Wonder what gear she was in when this thought crossed her mind?
I’d totally fucking crash my bike if I thought about stuff like that when riding.
Wonder if shes ever had an orgasm while cycling?
Is that even possible?

  7. The deep attraction that you two have for each other is so inspiring and perfect.

  8. Oh girl, I love what you posted to Michael… what a vision you created in my mind. Great sexy picture as well. You are both so lucky to have found each other. xox

  9. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, the “world revolving” part. Great post.

  10. Poetic Passions

    Wonderfully sensual write…

    1. Thank you for the comment, she has a wonderful way of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. 💖

  11. Sienna, I miss your hot little body and the warmth that you spread around.

    1. I’ll be shooting more photos of her next week…we just need to balance the love-lust energy.

  12. So sweet, love these little intimate notes.

    1. Thank you, Tis! I do roll out a fair amount of naughty things but so cherish moments like this and want to express this part of us.

  13. I must say that the passion between you two is so very inspiring!

    1. Thanks M, always a pleasure when you stop by! Sienna has such a talent for getting into these dreamy spaces and I cherish each as a gift.

  14. Angel Morals

    I enjoy the love between you both… Sometimes you both can capture what I feel for Alan.

    1. Thank you 🙂 You have written some beautiful posts about Alan even as you struggle with the path ahead.

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