Simmering in the afterglow of your magical spell, I slowly awaken to the glimmer of the morning sun. A cool breeze overtakes my yearning body. Absent is the burning heat of my beloved which has engulfed me over the past three days. Present and vivid in my thoughts are memories of fiery erotic fucking, fantasies fulfilled, and sensual love making that I will never forget. I am alone this morning but filled with a greater capacity to love which you have so deeply woven into my heart and soul.

Sweetheart, my Michael, I love your name and body on my lips. Laying here this morning I realize it isn’t the sun, but it is you that have fully awakened and illuminated me.

Your Loving and Forever Sienna ❤️


Sienna penned this special note right after our first weekend getaway together. We had first slept together for the first time about a month prior and had since been in different parts of the country. Despite being a thousand miles apart, our first thirty days were a magical period spent in near constant communication. We shared deep conversations about life and love and began revealing our sexual fantasies. We made some of them come true during this getaway while deepening our desire to make more of them a reality. Our primary kinks were her submission and my desire to be cuckolded (for her to sleep with other men). We also fell in love, and our story is first and foremost a love story.


Interested in reading more our loving, erotic journey? You can find the chronology here – Sensual Shadows – with links to currently available stories.

18 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Awakening

    1. Thank you, Violette

  1. I don’t think we’re ready.

    1. I don’t even know what you mean but it made me laugh. 😛

  2. Isn’t it so so good when you find someone that you fully connnect with on all levels..

    And how everything you share just automatically comes together … naturally…

    1. It is magical…and so rare too, right? I think we find people that we feel great about, or someone likes us, but both feeling the same thing about one another is such a special gift. 💝As you can probably tell, Yumi was becoming more than just some naughty fun 💖

  3. Phenomenal piece of literature and visual. Holy smokes! 😉 (Wink)

    1. Wow, genuinely honored by your reaction to this…thank you.

  4. Poetic … text and visual!

    1. Thank you, Laspe. She still seems to inspire me… ✨

  5. Erotic and monumental piece of art! Marvelous work, buddy!

    1. Thanks Achillias, this was a special piece to create and really appreciate your feedback 💫

  6. Beautiful image and prose. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks brother. ✨

  7. Inspirelilium

    Beautiful angel

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback ☺️✨

  8. Really wonderful work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 🔥

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