It seems implausible that I could miss someone I never knew. Yet, it feels as though I already knew and missed you before I met you. I was drawn to and hypnotized by your natural beauty. More than a casual, fleeting sensation, I experienced you through all my senses on a deeper level. I dreamed of a day when you would reveal yourself to me in your womanly form.

Wrapped and hiding in your winter facade, you first appeared cloaked in a mystical haze which only belied the beauty within. I was drawn in to explore and unfold your layers, but was met with resistance. Your vibrant hues and layers remained hidden from view. This is much like the metaphorical mask we each wear that hides our inner mysteries and beauty from the outer world.

I knew you were there…waiting to unfold and blossom in the springtime of our loving.

Before my eyes, your beauty transformed with the seasons. With each glance, I struggled to breathe as you filled my eyes with wild wonder as passion’s flame burst forth in spring and burned hot in the summer of our love. You are divine and infinite.

I see and feel you in the beauty of rivers, forests, mountains, and the heavens…in the flow and interconnectivity of it all with my soul. Your sweeping curves are kissed by heavenly light and are, without question, a gift from above. Like fall, you are a vibrant explosion of color, layered, and exquisite…so much more than one fleeting glance can absorb and appreciate. You deserve close, deep, endless exploration to discover and unfold all your beauty.

Revealed and open, your wetness is a gushing river. Your sensuality is a smooth, deep lake. In my eyes and through all my senses, you embody all that is beautiful and deep in this world. I realize now that I have been making love to you my entire life. I recently returned to the place where I first felt your presence. You were with me, just as you have always been, in this Mountain of Dreams.


Immersed in the passionate blaze of romantic love, I wrote the above tribute to Sienna. At the time, it felt as if we were united souls walking hand-in-hand in the realm of the gods. I’m now several years removed from that time and have since been on a journey of discovery and quest for deeper meaning. I’ve learned a little along the way. I believe Mountain of Dreams is a tribute to what I see and feel as the soul of a woman. It is my soul’s projection of my ideal woman – my anima, my dream girl. She may be an illusion but she is my dream, and I find her in you. Thank you for giving her wings to soar🌹

Sienna is a lover from my past. An index with story links chronicling our loving, erotic journey is available here: Sensual Shadows.

63 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Mountain of Dreams

  1. So very beautiful. I love how you are able to put words and images to the depth of your feeling for Sienna. It brought tears to my eyes. Love to you both. D

    1. Thank you, Desiree! 🙂 I made some breakthroughs in exploring my thoughts and feelings as this came together. There was something I was missing as I reflected and wrote…over and over. When the connection finally came together, my eyes watered too. I knew I had found the place in my heart my thoughts had been searching for. I appreciate you sharing that it touched an emotional chord with you as well. 🙂

  2. Your love for Sienna are as beautiful as the pictures. To know she is there with you when you are apart shows how deep your love is. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, B! Glad to see you around again…I think we have both been on a bit of a hiatus from WP. Look forward to catching up with your blog. Happy New Year!

      1. Time hasn’t been on my side lately. Glad to have some time to catch up. Happy New year to you also.

  3. Michael!!!!!

    This is so incredibly beautiful and touching, I’d say I’m speechless! But that wouldn’t be true because I’m a woman and that’s impossible. 😉

    Seriously, the way you are able to express your love for Sienna is incredible and you do it in a way that some men could only dream to have the ability to do.

    Bravo! Kisses to you both!


    1. Tis, Happy New Year!!! Thank you for the incredibly touching comment…gracious and appreciated. 🙂 At first, this felt like a departure from my usual photos and writing. In the end, I realized I was still writing about and sharing images of Sienna and it became an incredibly powerful journey into the heart and soul.

      1. Happy New Year to you too Michael!

        It may have felt like a departure but at first, but it was beautiful just the same. There are no rules any of needs to follow when it comes to expressing our love for our partner and that’s part of what made this so incredible.


  4. ‘I knew you before I met you’ …. Fuck, that is hot.

    1. Thank you Jalen, Happy New Year! I went on bit of a spiritual sojourn with Sienna on this and Love what I found! 🙂

  5. Poetic Passions

    Beautiful and loving thoughts….

    1. Glad it resonated with you, thank you! 🙂

  6. My Love…I have been marinating in this dreamy mountain of thoughts for the past 24 hrs. The fact that you were in such a special place of intriguingly beautiful memories that touched you with the very description of our meeting and our love is so very intoxicating and beautiful. The depth and breadth of what’s beyond your words and my expression to you can only be communicated in a way that is beyond my comments here…my needing, in a physical way, to reach out and grasp your hands in mine…to feel your breathe into me as we gaze deeply into one another’s your eyes and take each other in as we make deep passionate love. No words of expression…only our bodies speaking the language we interpret in our minds and fusing together of our connectedness in these images from your past…It is a love we have both always known, yet never understood until…now! xoxoxoxoxoxo
    I Love You Michael!

    1. I Love You Sienna. This is such a special comment. I know this post caught you by surprise. As I mentioned, I had been thinking about this for a while trying to make sense of what I was feeling. I’m not sure I captured it clearly, but I know you understand. So much of the meaning is beyond words…like the magical, overwhelming and deep sensual connection we reach when we are making love and become one…no you or me…only US. Soooo looking forward to reaching that magical space again…and again!

  7. Very well-said, Michael. It’s a gift you’ve been given, discovering in real time, the person to whom you’ve been making love your whole life. Very few do. Next time you’re in one of these beautiful landscapes you love, I suggest leaving an offering, as a thanks for this gift. A rock cairn perhaps. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks JK, that is a great idea! I like the thought of gathering stones and creating a tribute…engaging additional senses in the experience.

      1. The creative process is so intimate to me, even with rocks. Especially using big, heavy rocks, and building with her in mind, the strain in the body and the racing creative mind will be something wonderful to experience.

  8. errantsatiety

    Incredibly special to find the one you have always sought without knowing. Surely a treasure beyond all other things in this mad world. That you have each other as rocks to cleave to and be smoothed by the passage of your love as time flows… such gorgeous imagery your thoughts inspire.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one…looks like you came across two contrasting stories here as well. 🙂 Your comment and your writing is full of powerful imagery, “rocks…smoothed by the passage of your love as time flows”–Wow! Thanks for giving this one a read.

      1. errantsatiety

        My pleasure entirely 🙂

  9. 🙂 this is as beautiful and touching today as it was nearly two years ago.

    1. Hi Kristi 🙂 Wow, thank you so much for checking out my posts today…I’m so flattered! I’m excited to give your blog a deep dive today too. I’m glad you enjoyed this…it was a special place to be.

      1. it’s been a pleasure.

        1. tiffanybeingfree

          Michael, this is truly beautiful and amazing. The emotions run deep and wide, pulling me into the words as if I were there. You have an amazing gift!

        2. Wow, thank you Tiffany! This is such a beautiful comment. 🙂 It is clear that your beauty runs deep as does the flowing river…

  10. Miss Evelyn

    So what happened to Sienna?

    1. She is a light that still flickers. I will begin telling her story in more depth soon. I have a few more foundational pieces to lay down on my blog that are essential to understanding and fully appreciating Sienna. Hope you will enjoy my journey with her as I will savor sharing it. 🙂

      1. Miss Evelyn

        I have a feeling you are sharing your long lost memories with us. Do you think relieving those feelings will help you or the reader understand?

        1. To understand the confounding, it is sometimes helpful to break it down and reconstruct it. It gives me a better appreciation for how the individual pieces contribute to the whole. Along the way, I hope others find it helpful…and get a little turned on in the process. 😉

  11. Mary Cathleen Clark

    This is beautifully written, Michael. I recently found a man I felt as if I had known my whole life (and I’ve been around a while 😊), and it’s a wonderful, scary feeling.

    1. Hey Cathy, that is so great to hear. After all the talks we’ve had on other forums I’m sure he believes he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Good luck to you and your new relationship. I’m sure it will go exactly as you wish, my friend.

      1. Mary Cathleen Clark

        I’m counting on it, JW.

  12. The depth of emotion in this piece is beautiful and thought provoking; especially with regards to the yearning for forever love; one that is always imagined, familiar, and constantly sought after. Great post.

    1. Thank you, this is a wonderful comment. I wrote this a few years ago when I was in engulfed in what I later learned was “Romantic Love”. Appreciate you stopping by…been on a recent hiatus but look forward to following your work.

  13. “I have been making love to you my entire life.” yes. Yes Perfectly said

    1. Hi Amy Jo, thanks so much for visiting my blog and exploring a few posts. This was a powerful moment…I was swept away in the beauty and bliss of life.

  14. Carly Quinn

    So this is describing the flash in the pan, romantic love. Couldn’t it, as well, be describing a kindred spirit? I can see both ways, and know well that romantic love can be generated for less than honest purposes. I guess I’m hoping that it can also be a pathway you didn’t see clearly at first, or perhaps one you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

    1. Not so much flash in the pan but I get where you are coming from. It could a journey of years. The intent of romantic love is always pure. It is the infinite and divine projection of our soul on another person. The concept of romantic love is everywhere. Poem after poem on WordPress, romantic novels one after the other, movies, and millions of songs decade after decade. Each artist is projecting their soul through their art. Believing it can be lived as an indefinite state of being is where disillusionment and unhappiness comes after the glow of romantic love fades. If we see and understand the cycle, we can do things differently and move towards enduring and complete love. ❤️

      1. Carly Quinn

        You mean like not fall apart one morning when you wake up and it’s not there?

        1. I’d say it means recognizing that we are experiencing Romantic Love while in the midst of it. Acknowledging what romantic love is, you can take steps to prevent the disillusionment that comes when you believe your lover has in some way failed you when romantic love begins to fade. This intermediate step requires open communication about wants, needs, and compromises and a long-term commitment to one another to work through the rough patches and appreciating that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It may seem so in the short if romantic love fires up with another lover but that too will fade in the long run. Romantic love is cycle of highs and lows, over and over with new people. The Romantic Love post is really, really important if we can sit with it and think through its meaning and application. The book WE (which I mention in the Romantic Love post) is really worth a read as well. Thank you taking some time to explore this 🌹😊

  15. Hey Michael — this comment has nothing to do with this post, but I couldn’t find a “contact page”. I truly just want to thank you for still supporting me and reading me though what I post now falls far from the realm of where we first met. It means a lot. So, thank you, sexy friend for being a friend! ❤

    1. Awww, thank you and a big hug😘 Oh, sorry about that firm sensation you feel pressing against your stomach😉😊 I have always admired your writing…just can’t read them all, ha! Hope you have a great weekend. I left my email on your blog if you ever want to reach me.

  16. Wonderful photo collage for a sensuous story. Am so glad I stumbled upon you, my friend!

    1. Awww Kris, you are a special soul…I am the fortunate one. SO glad you enjoyed this 🌹😘

  17. Would you like to see inside the free astarte? Where freya started to liberate her self from the light armour of cloaks to the unarmoured and unclothed…

    1. I hear the voice of an enchantress from beyond the door. I feel a mesmerizing magnetic pull. Yes, open the door. I want to see…

      1. It is a huge mess though. I have so many rooms and homes and boxes and posters and stuff lying around. I barely remember which what where and when ahahaha. But hey, I will let you in. Just… mind the mess please. xx

      2. I have sent it, and I hope it is well received. I think I posted the other photos in the jokers sleeve

        1. I received and look forward to exploring. I’m usually a very engaged follower for those who also engage with me. I’m in the process of trying to reestablish my here (from a previous location) and, as a result, being very inward focused at the moment. Give me a little time to get settled here ☺️

          1. Oh Michael. Take your time. I trust you. I feel us to be kindred kind. There is much to take care of in the outside physical world as well as insider, and the number of words and emanations, listening and shimmingering layers for reason.
            I look forward to hearing from you soon or later. You know how to reach me. ((Blows a kiss.))

  18. This took my breath away… ❤️

    1. Thank you Michelle, being able to take your breath away is so very special…especially considering how beautifully you write. ❤️

  19. Your mountain of love surely reads like a twin flame connection that cannot be described. You have come as close to explaining it as anyone who has ever tried, me included. Thank you. Sending you a lot of love ❤️

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ I have been reading your writings and it does seem like we wander down the same paths. I haven’t posted anything about anima/animus recently but this divine projection of our soul (perhaps similar to twin flame) is something I believe in. Thank you so much for stopping by.💫

  20. Ahh Michael, this is so beautiful. The way I relate to these words, I can literally feel them pulsing in my bones. I have been failing to put my experience in words and you wrote about yours in a way that fully and utterly resonates with mine.
    Sometime I wish I could go back and see this man again, cause it’s so strange I miss him so much, I write so much about him and how he made feel, almost 80% of my male characters are inspired by him and yet, I never even spent more than ten minutes with him but the few little minutes I got to see him and speak to him, I felt like a piece of treasure, I felt like liquid gold. It dumbfounded me how one can look at me the way he did and I could swear to this day no man has looked at me the way he did and I miss it so much. I crave it, I want it and sometimes I hear his voice or see him on reflections or see someone similar to him, sometimes it’s his scent – his perfume. I just miss this complete stranger and I wish everyday – especially when I’m back home – that I see him. I sometimes deliberately go to the subway I worked in (which is where I met him) with the hopes that I see him because I know even the mere two seconds of seeing him would make me so happy. I am smiling thinking about him and telling you this.
    This is what the power of writing is and you Sir Michael, always touch me with your writing.
    Amazing 🌹

    1. Wow Samantha, you have touched me with this special reaction…seriously 💞That you felt this is in such a way is one of the things I so enjoy enjoy about meeting you here and being connected over the years. You have such big heart and your soul shines so bright! I feel your energy and you touch me, pretty girl. I hope you meet a man that will make you feel what he did. When it happens, he will be so lucky to have found his sweet, loving, and naughty angel – you. 🌹

  21. Hello There
    Wow, this was beautiful

    1. Thank you Cinnamon Girl ☺️ Hope you have been doing well.😘

      1. I’m doing good,
        It nice reading your post.
        Hope you’ve been good.

        1. Doing great (all things considered). Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Oh my… The way you express yourself and then your inner self so eloquently, rhythmically and beautifully leaves me breathless with heartfelt admiration for the skill you possess in crafting and weaving your magical spirit through every single layer of words. Your heart told a story your mind was not yet aware of!
    I am sort of speechless Michael, you have such a beautiful soul. You are colour in a world of black and white. 🌹💫😘

    1. Thank you so much Gem for finding this piece of my spirit amongst all the naughtiness. If my blog were alive, this would probably be the heart, perhaps even its soul. Thank you for spreading your wings and giving it flight 🌹💫💖 You are a special gift 😘

  23. I have always recognised this piece of your spirit Michael, it’s what drew me in to talking to you in the first instance. Your connection with your inner self is a light that I see clearly because it reflects so brightly on those you interact with. I know we are very naughty together and it is so much fun, but this refined sense of spiritual awakening and sharing of it with women everywhere is a very special gift you share. It warms and soothes me like nothing else could. 💖💫😘

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