This post provides a brief exploration into the sexual psychology of the body-writing kink along with a collection of my 3D art and erotic vignettes featuring this kink. My exposure to body writing and personal experience comes primarily from the BDSM realm in power exchange relationships such as cuckolding, Master/slave, D/s, and FemDom.

When first exposed to body writing our initial reaction when might be one of disbelief or confusion. Why would someone subject themself to such an experience? Why would anyone want to do this to another person? What do the participants get out of it? Like any sexual kink, if it made sense to everyone it would be the norm and, therefore, not a kink. What we do know is that some people find sexual pleasure in this experience. What may not be as obvious is why they find it arousing.

Body writing is often experienced as a form of punishment, degradation, objectification, and/or erotic humiliation. When someone is aroused by such power-play dynamics, whether they are aware of it or not, they are a masochist – the “M” in BDSM. A participants excitement around body writing isn’t driven by the physical sensation of the marker. Rather, it flows from their mind – the mind fuck they experience. Body writing is a form of psychological masochism. 

My personal bias around this kink, is that punishment, degradation, and objectification are all derivates of erotic humiliation or, perhaps, a lesser known state of mind called inversion. “Erotic Humiliation” may sound like a harsh term, but it isn’t. It only means a person finds a degree of arousal and pleasure when experiencing an act that might make them feel embarrassed, ashamed, or upset in situations outside of their sexual exploration.

Closely related to erotic humiliation is an experience called inversion. Inversion happens when we become what we are not. A common example of inversion appears in D/s relationships when the submissive woman is actually a very independent, strong-willed woman in her day-to-day life. By submitting to the will of her Dom, she experiences inversion. She passes through a threshold and becomes what she is not. In this transition, she experiences a euphoric, transcendent high. If done well, the threshold between fantasy and reality blurs for the inverted. At times, it may even disappear. The further one sinks into the other side of the threshold, the stronger the mind fuck.

🔎 The ancient Greeks associated thresholds and transcendent ecstasy with the Greek god, Dionysus. The drive for transcendent ecstasy is underlying inspiration for my blog – The Dionysian Experience.

Since much of the pleasure a masochist or submissive experiences with body writing flows from their erotic thoughts, the psychological driver(s) underlying and fueling their pleasure is often a mystery to outsiders and sometimes not even fully elucidated within their relationship or even in their own mind.

Why is the case? We must remember that the mind fuck is an essential part of many power exchange experiences and requires participants to cross a threshold. The most common example is a sub sinking into her subspace. Too much “reality” pulls the participant out of their pleasurable threshold. In turn, this causes the experience to lose its fiery intensity for everyone involved. As an outsider, if you have ever tried to engage with a cuck, sub, or slave about their experience, you’ve probably noticed it is nearly impossible get any meaningful insight around the reality of their situation because such revelations would work against what they are trying to experience. 

Hopefully, this served as an interesting introduction into body writing with insight around the underlying erotic triggers. I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject and welcome your perspectives and comments. We can learn together, and I’d be happy to incorporate your insights into this post along with a link to your blog. If you have already written on this topic and would like to share the link to your post, please add it in the comments.

Before closing out, here are a few more examples of body writing that will appear on The Dionysian Experience in 2024 in stories currently being worked up.

Mr. Stone

This woman has submitted to another man (not in picture) and respectfully addresses that man as Mr. Stone. Mr. Stone has commanded her submission, “owns” her pussy because he fucks her better, and has marked her with his stamp of ownership. The man in the image is her cuck. Even if the cuck is “allowed” to fuck Mr. Stone’s pussy, he must do so with a constant reminder that a more physically capable and sexually fulfilling man now owns his girlfriend’s sweet pussy. This experience happened to me…I was the cuck.

Inside this threshold, my girl and I are both deeply immersed in our respective sub and cuck spaces. What was the reality of our relationship and this power exchange? Less reality is more enjoyable for everyone involved, including you.


This image was inspired by a sweet, sensual woman who was once my lover. During an early discussion around sexual desires and word play, she stated in no uncertain terms that the use of “Slut” was demeaning and highly offensive. As our relationship evolved, she began to slowly reveal her deeper desires. One of those fantasies, under my supervision and control, was to be used as a “Fuck Doll” by other men for their sexual pleasure. A constellation of psychological sexual drivers – submission, sexual objectification, and inversion – began to take shape in my mind. And, the four-letter word she claimed to hate became something she craved seeing take shape as I wrote it on her pussy…for her pleasure. 

I ❤️ BBC

One of my favorite stories featuring body writing was when I wrote “I ❤️ BBC” on my lover’s ass for a photoshoot during one of our getaways. Later, we ordered room service, and I had her pose in the bed as if she was sleeping…pretending the blanket had slipped off her body. Can you imagine how she felt knowing our male server was not only looking at her ass and pussy but also seeing her dark craving marked on her ass. I’ll be sharing this story in the near future.

Fuck Toy

She first appeared before my eyes as a bright, gorgeous, and highly ambitious. She valued being a “strong, independent” woman that didn’t need a man. When it came to sex, her experience was modest and limited to longer-term, committed relationships. She had fantasies though and only needed the right man to set them free. She now has a new perspective on how to best serve her fellow man, and it is marked on her ass. My pretty fuck toy’s responsibility is to prance around nude on the estate and entertain my male guests. Should one desire a blow job, wish to cum on her face or tits, or desire to fuck her…she is there to serve as a vessel for their pleasure…and her own. In this image, my fuck toy just stroked a guest off with her tits and is washing off his creamy load in preparation for attending to another guest’s manly needs.

Batgirl In Peril

This body-writing scene comes from my Batgirl – Crimefighting Doesn’t Pay post. It flips the script a bit and shows how a sadist might enjoy body writing – him finding pleasure in the degradation or humiliation of another. In BDSM play, a scene like this would be consensual. In this Batgirl scene, the experience is apparently humiliating for Batgirl. The question is, does she experience this as erotic humiliation. Check out the story if curious.

7 thoughts on “Erotic Body Writing – Exploring The Layers

  1. That was pretty interesting writing, Michael. I am
    Looking forward to reading these stories!

    1. Thank you, Jo ☺️ I like to use these psychology (ish) posts to set the backdrop of future stories. I hope you will find the body writing and exhibitionism stories…juicy. 🔥

  2. I enjoyed this post, the examination of these erotic desires and the places they can take the mind is always fascinating. The knowledge that the mindfuck is a choice each side makes, it beautiful. I did read the Batgirl story and really did enjoy it.
    The willing humiliation is a fantastic little subset of the Dionysian path and I look forward to whatever you post about next.

    1. Thanks so much, KM. So many different kinks out there, right? I do think is interesting how there is so much variety as to what excites one person or another, many seem to be driven by the same underlying drivers once you peel back a layer or two. I didn’t mention it in the post but the Greeks, during Dionsyia (a festival) would change roles. The ruling class would become servants and servants became rulers. Men often dressed as women and humiliation play was one aspect of the overall festival experience. I may need to go back and add this into the post, ha! Thanks again for checking this out. 🙏

      1. I always enjoy your posts and am happy to read them whenever they show up.
        Thanks for replying, it makes my day when comments spark a conversation and you do have so many interesting things to say.

  3. I like the muscle man selfie the best! Clever stuff 🙂

    1. Thank you, really appreciate the shoutout on your favorite. 😊 That was a fun scene and Batgirl was secretly enjoying it her “forced” exposure🔥

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