The Cuckold Corner is a series of interviews with men and women interested in the cuckold lifestyle. In the course of these interviews, I try to get a feel for the erotic layers flowing their cuckold fantasy and how it is similar to or different from more “common” cuckold fantasies.

Interracial sex (as a sexual kink) features prominently in the interview you are about to read. The distinction between interracial relationships and interracial sex as a kink should be noted. The former refers to people falling in love without regard to ethnic differences. The latter eroticizes ethnic differences and this will become a central theme in this Henry’s fantasy. While interracial sex extends to all ethnicities, the focus today is on white couples and black men – a somewhat common dynamic in cuckold play. An objection about sexualization of black men is sometimes raised on this topic. I would take it a step further and say it is the sexualization of everyone involved. After all, it is a sexual kink and all about the sexual pleasure of the consenting adults.

Henry joins me today to share his cuckold fantasy. Henry is a 40-something, married British male. He has never been cuckolded but identifies this as #1 fantasy. Fair warning, I push back on Henry quite a bit in this interview – directly and through adding context for the reader. I do this to in order to tease out the differences between what I view as wildly unrealistic fantasies and experiences found in real-life cuckolding. I do this because my cuckold explorations are focused on how the fantasy is actually experienced within a loving, erotic relationship, not to promote outlandish fantasies that might deter women who are curious about exploring cuckolding with their lover.

Cuckold Corner with Henry

Michael – Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Henry – Sure, the pleasure is mine. I have some things I want to share and hope it is a message that gets out and helps others like myself.

Michael – Before we get into the message you want to share, would you mind elaborating on what you mean when you say, “others like myself”?

Henry – Of course. I’m an attractive yet smallish white male with a small cock that actively embraces the role of being a beta male. I no longer need to put up a facade of false bravado or make fun of those who have what I don’t. I’ve reached a place where I have found peace with my station in life. I’m happy with myself and feel very liberated. 

Michael – Liberation is a wonderful state of mind. You made reference to your smallish physical stature, endowment, and consider yourself a beta male. How does relate to your relationship with women and the message you want to share with others?

Henry – I believe a specific niche has opened for men like me in the form of interracial cuckolding. We can be there to care for, support, and love women who have an attraction to big black males. Our women are free to have unlimited access to men they desire while always having the support and care of her cuckold. The cuckold gains much of his sexual satisfaction vicariously through his wife/girlfriend’s enjoyment of her additional lovers.

🔍 The “beta” male aspect of cuckolding is common. It is an erotic trigger to know our lover is experiencing and craves a more physically capable man. This desire can be expressed subtly by the cuckold or, as in Henry’s fantasy, take center stage. Henry also expresses how compersion – finding pleasure and happiness in his lover’s pleasure – fuels his fantasy.

Michael – You are touching on a lot of themes I come across in cuckolding. I’d like to drill down on a few of them to better understand your desires. Earlier, you mentioned not needing to make demeaning comments about others that have what you don’t. What does this mean to you?

Henry – We all know for the most part that black guys have bigger cocks and have more muscular physiques. This bothers some people and they can’t handle it so they make derogatory comments to make themselves feel better about they perceive as their own inadequacies.

🔍 Black men (warranted or not) hold a place in the sexual psyche of some for being the most endowed and most physically capable lovers. As a result, well-endowed black men often feature prominently in the fantasies of some cuckold couples.


Michael – Yes, I have definitely seen examples of this derogatory behavior. You mentioned your modest physical stature and how this might lead your lover to crave a man of more substantial physical stature. Tell me more about this.

Henry – For cuckolds like myself, I believe we are tapping into something very primal. I imagine ancient communities where the smaller male was not seen as a viable partner to most women. Women selected the strongest and most successful warriors for protection and preferentially mated with them. The smaller male’s place was to support the females of dominant alpha males. I think women still desire this.

Black Warrior 1

🔍 Henry may be eroticizing his diminutive physical stature by turning it into something that excites him. Cuckolds (myself included) more commonly do this through cock size references. It excites us when our lover craves more and embraces the fullness of her sexuality. Sometimes, there might be an element of inversion at play as well. Inversion refers to the rush we experience when becoming something we are not. For example, many cuckolds are actually Alpha-males in real life. However, they experience a dizzying erotic rush from being cuckolded and taking on the beta male status. It is similar to a strong woman who finds pleasure in being a submissive. 

Michael – In your description of the ancient world, much like the modern world, I suspect there was a balance of physical stature, intellect, and power that appealed to women. Perhaps physical stature may have played a more prominent role, but I’m not sure being a great swordsman (pardon the pun) carries the same weight today as it did in ancient times. Societies evolve and what may be seen as the ideal mate today may be very different than it was long ago.

Henry – I think women still have the same genetic wiring. A physical specimen excites them today just as it always has. I think white women are drawn to black men as alpha males because of their physical prowess and large cocks. Maybe they just don’t act on it because of the economic reasons you suggested and societal pressures. It is difficult to prove or advance my belief. What I do know with certainty is that I would gain great sexual satisfaction from my wife mating with dominant black men. I’m really not sure why there aren’t many more of these relationships as such relationships seem to exemplify what black men, white women, and white men are looking for. 

🔍 Henry goes a bit off the rails, in my opinion, with his last response by projecting his personal desires on everyone and making sweeping generalizations about what everyone desires. His assertion does raise a question in my mind. How compelling is the Black Mystique for women? Henry believes the calling is very strong. I have several interviews with women about this topic in my Cuckold Corner – The Interviews series and have personally experienced it with lovers. I have no doubt that the black mystique exists as an erotic trigger in the sexual thoughts of “some” women, but not all women. We may see a lot of this in cuckold circles, but we can’t extrapolate this desire to the general population.

Michael – We might find it helpful to step back and take a little wider view of interracial relationships and relationships in general. Is it possible that some black men fantasize about their wives cuckolding them with white men? There are also large white men and small black men in the world. How about the fantasies of Latinos and Asians? Of course, there are plenty of women that aren’t interested in cuckolding at all. Everyone doesn’t view the world through the lens of cuckolding.


Henry – Well, I don’t know about those scenarios. It isn’t what excites me. Fair points though. Anyway, whatever the situation, I happen to believe there’s a good opportunity for white cuckolds, white girls, and black bulls to each find their niche —hopefully, we can all come together!

Michael – You have mentioned your acceptance of the beta male role. Let me push your thoughts a little further. What do you think about the sexual fantasy of “wife breeding”? Specifically, does the thought of a more physically capable man “breeding” your wife excite you?

Henry – Fuck yes! That is hot! It is like the law of natural selection.

🔍 Personally, the wife breeding fantasy is an incredibly erotic thought. Some even consider it the capstone event in cuckolding. Not only has another man fucked my lover better, touched her in places I will never reach, he ultimately took her in the fullest sense by seeding her womb. I explore this fantasy in Cuckold Psychology: The Wife Breeding Fantasy and with a former lover here – Sienna on Wife Breeding.

Michael – Wife breeding is an interesting fantasy I see in some cuckold erotica. I think this is a fringe fantasy even among cuckolds so I was curious to get your take. Personally, I think there are several erotic triggers at play: exhibitionism, submission, male competition, and erotic humiliation.

Henry – I don’t know if your theories apply to me. I’m not really humiliated by this. I am merely accepting what is evident and inevitable. I would love taking care of and supporting my wife and the offspring of her Alpha male. That is what a good beta male does.

Michael – Henry, you have shared some interesting insights throughout this session, and I appreciate you taking some time to walk me through your fantasy. On a lighter note, I hope your wife will soon experience the decadent pleasure of a real man’s cock buried deep inside her fertile pussy.

Henry – Ha! You and me both! Thanks for such thoughtful, insightful, and considerate responses. Damn these fetishes and where they come from! I hope we hear more about your relationships and your thoughts on cuckolding because you write so erotically, openly, and honestly.


I never asked Henry if he shared his cuckold fantasy with his wife. It was a big miss. It would have been interesting to know her reaction and what aspects, if any, excited her. Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

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13 thoughts on “The Cuckold Corner: Interview with Henry

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  4. Very interesting! Was/is this part of a degree thesis? If not it very well could be in the field of Psychology; specifically Marriage & Family Therapy, Sociology, and Sex Psychology. Even in my field of Kiniesology. It definitely plays on a “Masters & Johnson” field of study 🤔. I think it’s interesting for a person to explore outside their race, or explore deeper into their sexuality and the role-playing / cuckold genre.

    1. Oh, you dug deep into the archives here and found this series.☺️ I’m extremely flattered that you appreciate the academic vibe around these interviews/research. Really, I’m just a “thinker” personality (INTJ) trying to connect a few dots and better understand one of my favorites fantasies. As you can imagine, I would love to know your thoughts…even if given anonymously. For one, it would be very hot to read. 🍆🔥Secondly, I’m trying to get a better feel for what women find exciting about this. Men discuss it quite a bit but getting a woman’s take is a rare gift.

      1. Haha I did. Some late night reading.
        I’m INTJ as well!
        Yes, the other perspective is always interesting! I think it also dives into a cultural taboo that makes it so appealing to have a kink involved with the opposite race. I also liked the post regarding the wall; women and her SO on one side and the men on the other side of the wall. There are places in Las Vegas that allow for those fantasies to be lived out. Everyone meets and “interviews” each other for some time (usually a week or so) to see if personalities and such match. Then, they settle on a date for the cuckold experience. It’s quite interesting.
        I am intrigued to read more of what you discover.

  5. This is very helpful for me as my partner is interested in this

    1. Thanks for the feedback Heidi. While I do try to make these somewhat erotic, I also want them to be informative. Cuckolding is one of the most common male fantasies and it can be very confusing for women to understand. I’m glad you found it helpful.

    2. It’s great that you can find help online. My husband benefitted a lot from this in the early stages of our cuckolding relationship.


  6. Very interesting read. I love your blog. You have so many things to say about psychology and cuckolding. It’s great to read something informative. The internet is full of rubbish when it comes to cuckolding. Here you learn something.


    1. Amen to the cuckold rubbish on the internet. I tend to imagine myself writing to women in a way to help them understand the male mind when it comes to cuckolding and write in a way that is realistic and something that could actually be experienced in a hot way. As you said, this is not how most cuckold content is packaged.

  7. Henry wants his wife pregnant with another mans seed, that’s the definition of cuckolding. the cucko bird left it’s fertalized egg in an already established nest of another ?race? of bird. I guess “true” cuckolding would be to raise an adopted son. But to call cuckolding merely a wife sleeping with other men is a stretch. Though the writer doesn’t actually define his idea of what cuckolding is, just that Henry’s definition is wrong.

    Henry’s pov is accepting that most black males are larger, from his POV it’s true, but from a simple math example, it’s more pronounced than true. assume a populace of 1 million white males vs 1 thousand black, both have 10% of their pop with larger cocks, that means 100 black males are well endowed, where 90% of all of them are below this limit. We ignore the 10% of large white males since well, white privileged isn’t popular, and we have more large black males in our media, on our conversations, posted and shared online. not to mention the other ?10%? of black males physically taller than the rest being highlighted in movies, sports, etc.. so this 10%+ is now representing the “defining” black males. sounds like american democracy to me.

    if interracial cuckolding isn’t a thing, then why is the title’s first three words summing it up? not only is it “click bait popular” but it’s media approved. If interracial meant non-caucasian, why did he say black? then mention in such a back pedalling way about other social groupings?

    would luv to hear a proper representation of Henry…

    1. Hi Shelli, thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful reaction to this interview. I did the interview with Henry and also tried to provide some analysis. My goal in sharing all of my cuckold content is to serve it up in a way that makes it more accessible for women and stimulates their interest in the lifestyle. Cuckolding is my favorite kink but so much of what we see and read about cuckolding is written by men creating masturbation fodder for themselves and other cucks. Very few women would be remotely interested in pursuing cuckolding the way fantasy so many cucks often portray the lifestyle and Henry, in my opinion, is one example of this extreme portrayal of cuckolding. Shifting gears, I’m not sure I’m tracking your thoughts on the IR aspect of this. I stated up front that it is very popular (I also enjoy it). It does extend beyond black and white, but I narrowed the focus for the interview and because while I am familiar with it in other cultures, I don’t know the dynamics as well. Overall, it didn’t seem like you enjoyed this or fair to Henry but I do appreciate your take on it. After all, my opinion (while thoughtful and informed by experience in the lifestyle) is still just the opinion one person. I hope you’ll find other interviews that you find more enjoyable.

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