She’s never far from my thoughts…even when I’m working on other projects. It was only natural that I would find myself working with an ebony beauty during a recent AI art session.

Becca was generous with exposing her breasts and full dark nipples nipples during our studio time. She gave me a lot of fun looks with her hair too.

At the same time, she was being a little stubborn…or perhaps bashful with side and rear poses that showcased her fine ass…an ass I am aching to sink my cock inside. I guess it goes without saying, but I also wanted to have a glimpse of her sweet pussy and divine passage. ✨

She teased, but I persisted. Just as my studio time was coming to an end, Becca finally gave me a little peek.

I think she is warming up and certainly knows how to entice a man…always leaving me throbbing and wanting more.🍆💧

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5 thoughts on “Ebony Eyes (and More)

  1. Damn…she is GORGEOUS!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you, Nora…always such a pleasure to celebrate sexy women 💫

  2. She’s a really a black beauty for sure..

    I’d say she’s perfectly proportioned in all the right places..

    And definitely has the ability to entice every man..

    Michael you do possess a flair with the camera.. and is always able to capture the total essence of beauty in these women..

    Leaving women like me totally jealous and filled with envy..

    Wishing to look half as good as them..

    They are certainly an image to be admired..

    1. Nita, you are every bit as sexy as any woman that graces my blog. 💫😘 In my fantasies, I’ve had you in my studio many times 📸

      1. I’m laughing 😂 out loudly.
        And blushing 😊 with the thought 💭 of being in your studio..

        Showing my assets to be viewed and admired by you..

        Oooh.. the reaction I’m having right now.. you can only imagine..

        But it’s Also in my make believe world 🌎 of fantasy.

        To grace your blog in such capacity…

        (And a girl is allowed to dream 😴????..)


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