Days like today are incredible. The snow falls in rounded piles much like perfectly smooth, curved breasts under a soft velvet sweater. Lush, inviting, deep and full, making you just want to pile in.

It is one of those days where sunlight sparkling from the trees catches your eye and skiing between them is entirely too much fun. You pop! pop! pop! over moguls between the evergreens, catching little bites of air here and there. If you are really lucky, there is one that you pop over and drop into that is so deep and fulfilling.

I am using my muscles and it feels so good. My legs tingle with excitement and my senses are alert. From behind, I hear a swoosh and from seemingly nowhere you drop into my private, silent world. It is silent save the huffing and puffing of my lungs recovering from the last run. It is silent save the huffing and puffing of my want and throbbing anticipation. My desire is thick in the air and hangs like snow piled on the branches all around that secure your world. It blocks the wind and heightens the sound from within your very soul.

In the drift, we are adrift and tangled precariously close. Your glove is tangled in your pole strap. “Take off my glove,” and so I do. There it is, warmed uncovered Michael flesh. Your hands, your beautiful hands have such power and control over me. With a finger, you trace my face and draw an invisible line from my ear to chin. This alone makes my nipples erect and fiercely hard. It is but a tiny touch and beautiful in its simplicity. It is a tiny touch, but I burn and melt for you!

Hannah 4

You know this power you have, you know it well…perhaps even too well. I thought I had dropped in on you the first day we met, but realize I was the one pulled into you then as I am now. I was scared and nervous then. Now, I never want to leave this space. My breathing grows heavy and the world drops away as you draw me near. My hair smells like it only can in the mountains. Your hands slide into the warmth of my clothes. The anticipation is killing me as you caress and lightly drift your hands over my small waist. My breasts are inviting and full for you, Michael. They are warm, soft, and waiting to feel your touch drifting over them. You reach my nipples and my back arches naturally into you as our mouths meet. Our kiss is sweet and soft at first, then urgent as we explore, taste, and want more. I can feel your desire to taste more pressing firmly against me.

Insulated by surrounding trees, you peel through my layers to expose my soft breasts and lean me back into the supportive snow. I see fire in your hungry eyes, you are like a lion. You give me that look, that wanting look that defines us both. You uncage my inner lioness. I can smell your scent and I want it all over me. I want you to take me and mark me as yours!

Michael, you always make me so wet. Just being close to you has me dripping. You could take me now and slide right in. I feel the warmth of your face against my breasts as you nibble, bite and suckle. This lights a fire in my belly and releases a river between my thighs. I am arching my hips into you begging to be taken! But you resist. Not yet. You like to make me wet and tight, swollen from orgasm, sensitive and full, perfect for your entry in the most incredible way!

You part my fabric further and expose me to the chill in the air which increases the awareness of my flesh. Sensing you near, my clitoris is hard and full. My kitty feels the exhilaration that is present and lies pink and open for you like a spring flower in defiance of winter around us. The warmth of your mouth, the flick of your tongue, the magic in your fingers, the rhythm of your blood throbbing through your veins, and the pounding of your heart all centers on and flows through me.

I am carried away on a vessel of perfection and sail interwoven with threads of intensity. I cannot contain the power of what rises within me. Your strength flashes through me and I cannot help but scream full and hard! Your technique is flawless and you know how to pull every last drop out of me. It goes on and on, the kind of orgasm that builds and builds…you seem to stop time and my orgasm lasts forever. I never want it to end.

Now you’ve done it. You’ve uncaged the beast that hides in my lusty soul. Once freed and under your power, I have but one desire. I want to give you tenfold what you have given me! I get to peel your clothes open now. I am hotter than hell and pink and wet all over. There is fire in my eyes and I am desperate to please you. I can’t hold back and must taste you. I am digging through your clothes and can feel you are rock hard. I expose your gorgeous belly and playfully linger there briefly. Just long enough to let your great hard cock know exactly what’s coming.

Hannah 6

As I lay my hands on traces of your fur, you deeply gasp and rise even more. I let out a warm breath on your tip…here it comes, ohhhh, here it comes!!!! I have you in my mouth where my tongue lovingly finds each and every ridge. My lips close around you and I want you deeper and deeper! I want to feel every inch of you in my throat as I struggle wildly to reach the base of your cock and sample the delicacy of your balls. I want to hear you groaning deeply and loosing your mind as you feel and see the depths I want to reach to bring you pleasure.

I am caressing your balls and holding them safe while you are the one now arching your back and pushing your throbbing shaft down my throat. You are close, soooooo close. You fight it. You then lean me back and spear me with pleasure. Take me in the wild. I am yours! You plunge deeply into the tight, wet warmth you have created and are engulfed in the orgasmic juices rich within my walls. You drive into me and every single movement is magnified 100 times. Every last bit of me holds onto you tightly, all along your entire shaft like a million pairs of lips all wanting to kiss and massage your full strong cock. All of me wants to take all you to the place you have taken me. I manuever you onto your back.

I taste me on your lips, I find me in your mouth. My long, blonde hair circles your face as the sunshine glows through warm and dreamy. I look into your eyes. I will get you. I will make you scream and gasp for life. I will take you to the edge. I will make you want like you have never wanted before. I will make you desperate to cum and send you into a free fall of pleasure that only I can. No one will ever adore you like I do!

I taste me on your cock and it puts me in a frenzy. I smell both of us, the thick scent of mutual lust. I suck to taste both of us in full. I suck hard to get and savor every last drop of us. I suck deeply to get every inch of you inside me. I use all that I am to excite you everywhere I can and make your every response come to full boil. I focus on your breathing now, you are close, your cock is aching, you want to cum, and I can taste you now. I play with the spot under the tip, I close in from the bottom moving to the top…my hands work evenly with my lips and tongue, you are groaning now, it is gathering, it’s just seconds away. I can feel your blood loading in, you are even harder, even bigger, and are ready to burst. We are in perfect synch and you finally explode! So hot and sweet, you fill my throat, nourish my soul, and completely fulfill me. You are warm, covered with goose bumps, and spent in ecstasy. I keep on sucking your beautiful cock to get every last drop from you, massaging underneath until you let me know you have succumbed.

You flash me the most satisfied smile and my heart flitters like it is about to explode. You pull me up to you and we tangle up again in a pile of pure delight and satisfaction. You squash me with your chest and I love it so. Mmmmm, the very weight of my Michael pressing on me, your warm sexy body, and…that look. My god, it just doesn’t get any better! I Love You So Much! ~ Hannah

Hannah 5


I introduced Hannah at the conclusion of Sasha – How I Spare a Virgin. As it turns out, my experience with Hannah ended up being far more than a brief interlude. Hannah penned this story and did an amazing job capturing the fire and sensuality that flowed through our relationship. Her description of sucking my cock was every bit as intense for me and pleasurable as she described. There are blow jobs and then there are toe-curling, foot-cramping blow jobs. I think she may have actually provided me with my first exposure to cock worship. As for her description of my sexuality? Well, she was flattering but also very much in love. That said, I do what I can.

While Hannah was writing about sex, she was also speaking to something much deeper that we shared. I was fortunate, if even for a brief moment, to touch and hold the projection of her soul as she held mine. The sweet irony in our love story is that all started when she knocked on my door wanting to borrow some ice. Instead, she found fire. ~ Michael

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94 thoughts on “Hannah – Fire and Ice

  1. Beautiful Michael 🙂

    1. Thank you, beautiful Simona ❤

  2. Copper Cranes

    What a letter Michael. Perhaps you should visit your “memory box” more often. Wishing you a wonderful day. ~ Mia

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I went digging and found a buried treasure. Thank you for giving it a read and sharing your reaction 🙂

  3. Oh, wow!! That is really a beautiful letter, expressing more than just lust. It’s also really hot! Whew!! 🔥

    1. It was hot, right? I wondered if it was just my interpretation but I was burning up trying to transcribe it and keep my hands on the keyboard, ha!

      1. Ha, I bet you were! Yes, it was hot!! I love the parts where she talks about wanting to please you so much and make you lose it, basically. Mmm, hot!! 🔥🔥

        1. You are extremely sensual and it shows in the part that resonated most for you. I hope you always have that energy returned tenfold.💖😘

      2. Exotic Nita

        I can just imagine.. haha 😂

  4. Thank you so much! That’s such a lovely thing to say. 😘💋

  5. Mahared Wynn

    That was incredibly delicious! Silly me reading this at lunchtime! I will accomplish nothing this afternoon.

    1. Mmmm Mari, that is what I was hoping! You aren’t alone though. I find myself having to be a little careful today when I choose to stand up and walk around. 😉 Thanks for giving it a read and sharing your fun reaction. 🙂

      1. Mahared Wynn

        My pleasure! Literally! 😉

    2. Exotic Nita

      Michael post does have that effect.. Everytime

      1. You are so naughty…love that you slipped into the snow with me so I could slip into your silky wetness🍆💦😘

        1. Exotic Nita

          I wouldn’t have it any other way Michael.. I would slip into anywhere with you…just to feel you slip into my silky wetness…Every time…Hhhhhoooo… mmmmm..

  6. You are such a hot tease, Nita and I love it!🔥🍆You have my manhood so hard and aching for your silky wetness!😘 Hope you have a wonderful week sexy girl💖

    1. Exotic Nita

      Love ❤️ that I can create that reaction in you Michael…

  7. Simply fabulous, Michael.

    1. Thank you Rita, glad you enjoyed it!☺️

  8. Reading that you would think all your troubles will vanish!

    1. Yes, it is rather “uplifting”. Certainly gave me a rise 😉 Hope you enjoyed it!

      1. Exotic Nita

        A really huge raise.. indeed

        1. Beautiful, you are giving me another one now…aching…🔥🍆

  9. Your writings are always a mouth watering dersert that you never want to rush through. Taking sensuous time In taking every delicious bite that leaves a sweet flavor on the lips worth a lick. Haha 🙂

    1. Morgan, you leave such sexy and delicious comments…I love it! 🙂 I find myself savoring your reaction and licking my lips with thoughts of the sweet flavor on yours 😘

      1. Words are like a warm body pressing deeply into the other forming a exotic intense bond. Penetrating eroticly stimulating Galore filled with alluring scents of arousing excitement. 🙂

        1. Arousing, penetrating, and filled with alluring scents…an erotic progression I’d like to share and leave you filled with😘🔥

    2. Exotic Nita

      Morgan.. my luscious lusty girl..
      You got that right..every line is a delightful delicious 😋 bite…

  10. rushmorejudd

    Very well done. My hat’s off to you.

    1. Thank you, Rushmore 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your reaction. She was a special girl and sexy writer too.

  11. tickledfancee

    Very hot, indeed!!

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! 😘This is related to my Hestia vs. Aphrodite post. Hannah was definitely channeling Aphrodite. ☺️

      1. tickledfancee

        It was very hot! And, I really liked the Hestia v Aphrodite piece. Was reading it while the kids were busy and then didn’t have the time to reply in a thoughtful manner. Plus, I’m still considering how I want to reply. I enjoy how you weave in your past pieces as you build each new layer.I have a lot to consider with the new one…not sure when I’ll reply. Hope you are well ☺️

        1. Your reply was wonderful as always, you have a special gift for making other people feel appreciated. 🙂 I hope the weaving of posts isn’t too distracting. I try orient new readers with relevant posts but, even more importantly, my psychology-type posts serve as interim summaries where I think about where I’ve been and what I’ve learned along the way. 🙂

  12. tickledfancee

    Thank you, Michael for such a wonderful compliment. I hadn’t seen that aspect of myself, I just say what I’m feeling is all. Glad that it helps you and others feel appreciated.
    I don’t think it is too much. It helps hide readers to more information if they are interested.

  13. *gulp* hot damn!

    1. Ha, thank you! I am missing your sunshine pretty girl! 😘

      1. awww, i miss you too my sexy friend.😘

    2. Exotic Nita

      Right!!! Kristi..

      Hottt damn…!!!

  14. Ballsy BIlly

    That’s what I’m talking about…HOT

    1. Thank you, I must admit that was a fun one read again!

  15. Oh Michael what a HOT HOT and damn sexy letter you received! Hell its making me feel hot! The way she compliments you and your body and how she just tells the chemistry, it’s outstanding and irrevocably HOT. I won’t get over this anytime soon. I think I will read it again

    And probably again, lol

    1. Whew Samantha, you are creating an amazing fire here as I savor your delicious comment, mmmm! 😘 You picked up on some subtle details in her description of me (blushing a little). Thanks so much for checking out a few of my posts. You have me looking forward to doing a deeper dive in your writings.🔥

    2. Exotic Nita

      Haha 😂.. Samantha…

      Hannah … just described an echoed your every thought 💭 of one day with Michael..
      Just one ☝️ day..
      Mmmm mmm

      1. She sure as hell did haha

  16. I loved the imagery her words created! Simply beautiful, Michael! Lucky man, to receive such an erotic letter!

    1. Ahhh, Someone…your back. 🙂 As I recall, I think you reached out sometime back about cuckolding questions? Hope that turned out well for you. As for this post, thanks so much for sharing your reaction. It was a very hot letter to receive and probably not too surprising that I held onto it, ha! She was very talented… 😉

  17. Exotic Nita

    Hannah couldn’t have described making love to you any better than that ..

    As I read… I was thrown into character enjoying you as much as Hannah was.. I was living the moment with her…And I know exactly what she’s feeling and exactly how you makes her feel ..

    She was pulled to do possess that power..

    And you do take her to the brink of divine bliss.. you are heaven on earth… god gift to women….

    Life sometimes gives beautiful gifts and you are the best gift ever…

    1. Nita, words can’t full express how special this reaction is. I have always wanted to give women something more…to know how deeply they are adored, appreciated…and what a special gift you are.🎁❤️As you well know, it takes two to create this type of transcendent magic. If a woman is capable of opening her soul to me, she will find my soul open to her and divine bliss is just a kiss and touch away. You have this magic, beautiful Nita.🌌 I feel your soul and you touch mine💞

      1. Exotic Nita

        Wow 😳.!!

        You have such incredible intensity. With you responses…and you play right into my likes…
        it like we are on the same wavelength.. all the time…

        And your sexual energy is so pronounced.. I can feel it with every word you write..

        This type of transcendent magic.. that only you can create has really surpasses beyond ordinary….
        I’m so glad 😁 that you can feel my soul.. and that I touched yours..

        Lucky those women who have had the joy to experience the joy of you..

        1. You have me feeling like the lucky one, sexy girl💖😘

  18. Exotic Nita

    And I’m duly soakingly wett… and drooling 🤤…

  19. Wow, is this Fiction or Non Fiction? Amazing ecstasy… Hannah and Michael.

    1. Thank you Jess, this is a true story and there will be more posts about her. Thanks so much for giving it a read.☺️

  20. This is beautiful.

    1. Thanks for sharing your reaction, really appreciate it.☺️

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        1. Is it a writing-related network? Your “Sadah” gravatar doesn’t have a link attached to it.

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  21. Steamy letter in many ways
    Nice post artwork too

    1. Thank you ☺️ Maybe we could go outside and play in the snow sometime? You know, we could build a snowman…and stuff.⛄️🔥

      1. You’re welcome Michael.
        Haha, ” build a snowman and stuff”, huh? I think the snowman would melt, No? I mean playing in the snow is Like a hot fudge sundae. The people are full of body heat and as they play in the snow their heat pours over the snow like the warmth of hot fudge over ice cream they melt strategicly in the right place lathering every inch interweaving gently together with the melting snow ( ice cream) it isn’t too hot or too cold but just right as they engulf one into the other smoothly, tastefully it would be quite fun or tasty. That’s what I thought when you mentioned the snowman. Ay Dios mio, Senor Michael, you have no idea how much you make me blush I am really bashful by nature and papi me haces derretir en el lugar correcto.🙈

        1. Sexy Cinnamon Girl, your thought when I mentioned the snowman… This was exactly my intention.🔥I loved your sundae metaphor and the thought of you melting in the right place. Mmmm, I would love to savor your cream…😋💦You might agree too that a banana sundae would be ideal? 🍌☺️

  22. No matter how many times I read this letter from Hannah..
    I always get the same reaction..
    And it always leaves me with the same feelings…

    Hannah was super passionate and super stimulating…

    It couldn’t get any better…

    1. Awww Nita, this is such an amazing reaction…you take my breath away with your passion and sensuality. I hope you always feel the same energy from me, beautiful girl ❤️

      1. Oooh micheal.. you give me such sexual energy..
        I know I will

  23. Carly Quinn

    Wow! That letter ticked a few of your boxes! Exhibitionism with the outdoor setting, I heard your Domination and her submission, that naughty whatever it is that you feel when you don’t get completely undressed only uncover bits here and there. That animal-like desire you brought out in her, letting her fully engage in her passionate wish to drain every delicious drop from you. There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, as per usual with your writing, something about you coming up behind her, nearly silent in your approach. It makes my skin tingle.

    1. She did a great job with this…I love fantasy letters and this one was so special. I get to more fully experience (with my mind) what she was feeling…to wander inside her dreams and feel what is in her soul when she thinks about “us”. You like the silent, stealthy movement. Actually, you put your finger on it or close to it quite often through your insightful analysis. You once asked, if was more drawn to Dionysus or Batman. Dionysus creates the erotic swirl that induces bonfires and wild, ecstatic abandonment in the forest. However, from the shadows of the firelight, it is Batman that emerges when it is time…

      1. 🤦‍♀️ How did I miss that! That fascinates me! I better go find that original post and double down on Apollo now… I’d hate for you to think I don’t know my own mind🤭

        1. Come to think of it, I’m not sure the post you are looking for has been added back yet.😬I’m working on it though! Hopefully, there is enough new material for you to explore until I get back catalog caught up.☺️ I know you are drawn to Apollo. I believe this is because he is your safe space where everything is beautiful, orderly, and predictable…

          1. Hmm, You are beautiful, orderly and predictable…..🤔

          2. What?😛 I hope you didn’t take that as an insult. You are definitely venturing down roads that are unpredictable and chaotic…really, this is what we talk about the most. The Apollo reference I mean only as an anchor and safe place…it is where we live. It is civilization. The adventure takes into the forest when can be both breathtaking and scary. This is where we touch Dionysus and open ourselves to loss of control, the irrational world, and transcendent ecstasy. But, we can’t live here in this space. We have to return to Apollo. Sorry, guess I had something on my mind 😛

          3. 🙃 I meant that must explain why I like you😘 you’re always about 10 feet deeper than I am. It’s why I love reading you.

          4. You emoji didn’t come through in the last comment (just an empty box) so I wasn’t sure if you were being sassy or what, ha! You are plenty deep young lady…and very curious which is so enticing🔥

          5. It was an upside down smiley, I don’t know what that means😏

          6. Ha, me either 😛

  24. wow, what an encounter blonde with long legs an ice skater sounds like a ‘Disney princess’ I can only imagine how delicious she tastes with her warm body in the cold snow.

    1. She is the type of woman that inspires Disney characters 👸…a Norse goddess among us. And, she tasted heavenly 🌌✨ Thanks for giving this a read, always appreciate your visits.

  25. Intense, Sensual and Amorous!!! Mmhmm!!

    1. Thank you Vanya, loved the way you described this. I have a feeling similar words are often used (should be used) to describe you.🔥

      1. Most welcome.
        Well… yesss….. Maybe they are… 😉

  26. Hey can u WhatsApp me +12182282266 (amaaya) if u like to share blogs on my website too

  27. Hi.
    I haven’t been in touch for a while. I think I’ll say I’m in a chrysalis and I am not sure what will emerge. I hope you know what our connection meant to me. You made me feel beautiful and desirable and wild when inside I had been feeling of little worth. I will never forget that and never be able to fully express your touch on my life. I hope you’re well, beautiful

    1. Hi M, wow this a beautiful message…thank you 😘 After some time has passed, your message means even more. You were going through a lot and I only offered a mirror for you to see you the beautiful woman and desirable woman that you are…inside and out. I’m still here and, if you don’t mind, would like to stay in touch as well as respond to some of the wonderful comments you have left around… so truly thought provoking and, of course, very enchanting 🔥😘

      1. Of course we can stay in touch. You mean a great deal to me, and I have shared with you some deeply private things, therfore you know me in a different way to others.

        You’re very sweet to me. Thank you for that and more

  28. Aaaah Michael, that was such an a fantastic read. I was guessing it was your lovely Hannah that wrote it? She was immersed in the joy of bringing you pleasure….as you were delivering to her.

    I think I have been an absolutely smitten sex kitten with each of my lovers. It’s a gorgeous place to be when you can only see the your lover through eyes of adoration and esteem. The desire to please and satisfy is so intoxicating. Hannah sounds as if she was completely adoring of you.

    1. Jenna, thank you so much for the generous and sensual feedback. Hannah did pen this…she really caught some magic. This seemed to really resonate with you and I have no doubt it because you experience love and passion much like Hannah… 💫 That feeling you speak of – intoxicating – is so elusive but such a very special gift. 💝

    1. So glad you enjoyed, really appreciate it 🙏

  29. You are so poetic in your sensuality 💜🔥

    1. To write anything that would register on your radar as poetic and sensual is high praise. 😘 I say that because you bring burning hot dreams like no other. 🔥

      1. Oh yeah…? 🔥
        Like what kind of dreams?

  30. Loved the follow up on Hannah… I wondered what happened with her at the end of the Sasha saga… XOXO

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