I previously introduced Carley in the post, Carley – Roses Never Fade. One piece of information I left out of that introduction was that Carley was married. I’ll share in more detail how we met in a future post. As you might imagine, Carley was in a somewhat sexless, dysfunctional marriage when she turned to me to fulfill the passion missing in her life. We hooked up in hotels during work days when we had free time in our schedules, we shared hotel rooms during business trips, and we even managed to pull off several vacations together while she told her husband she was on a “business trip”.

Our relationship was much deeper than friends with benefits and the Roses Never Fade post really highlights the depth of connection we shared. Looking back, she may have been the first woman to fully carry my projection of anima – my soul mate. She felt the same way about me.

You have me hanging onto your every word, touch, and kiss. I know we have to believe we’ll get our chance to test our fate. Believe me…I dream of that day in the not too distant future. Michael, you are so much more than my everything. You are my ideal soul-mate for life! I cannot express enough to you how you make me feel inside by the things you do and say and the way you are always strong for me. My life will not be complete until we can share 75 years together as husband and wife and for you to feel each and every day that your heart runneth over with my love.~ Carley

We were deeply in love, but our future was uncertain…primarily due to my unwillingness to make a long-term commitment. There were things I was willing to do with a married women but being the cause of her divorce wasn’t something I ever wanted to do. If a woman wanted to end her marriage, it had to be with a clear understanding that I was making no promises about being part of her future. I only wanted to provide a moment in time for women like Carley to experience something that would touch their soul and provide memories they would never forget. I was not a husband in waiting. Admittedly, I hadn’t done a good job managing expectations and had gone far deeper than intended.

Carley was aware of my hesitation and continued to move forward with her husband to complete their shared dream of building a new home. She wasn’t sure about the future of her marriage, but she wasn’t ready to pump the breaks on her dream house either. When talking about it, Carley often framed the house as being our home one day which always made me bristle. Regardless, she was excited for me to see it. Soon after the foundation was laid and the house was framed, she brought me by for a visit. During the tour, we found ourselves in the area of the house that would soon be a furnished primary suite.

As it always seems to happen when we are together, we were both getting really hot and worked up. Before long, I had this beautiful woman, another man’s wife, on her back with legs spread wide as I pounded her sweet, little married pussy.

This alone added an extra bit of erotic intensity for me because it felt so hot, taboo, and wild. Even so, I recall cranking up the heat up even further. While sliding in and out her of slick pussy, I filled her ears and mind with dirty thoughts that had her squirming beneath me and grinding her pussy again me. Phrases like, “I’m the first man to fuck you in your new house…the first man to fuck you in this new bedroom…you’re denying your husband the honor of being the first man to fuck his own wife in the expensive home he purchased”.

With every dirty utterance, I could feel Carley’s pussy clinching around me and gushing all over my shaft and heavy balls as she came so hard…over and over! She absolutely loved it. I was pushing her erotic buttons…mind fucking her…and she was getting off on being such a naughty wife. All the while, her arousal dripped heavily onto the concrete below. However, this was nothing compared to the size of the cum-soaked pool I left after busting a heavy load inside gaped and now overflowing married pussy. My thick, creamy white seed spilled out and soaked deeply into her foundation. This realization wasn’t lost on Carley.

She said, “I’m going to love being in my bed every night and knowing you were the first man to take me in this room…and that our mixed juices are so close…just beneath the floor. It will fill me with such warmth as I drift off into dreamland to be with you”. At this moment, I realized everything we just shared must have been part of Carley’s decadent plan all along. I loved the way her naughty mind worked and was grateful that I was on the right side of her mischief.

Our tour passed quickly, and Carley had a work appointment to get ready for in about an hour. As we dressed and prepared to leave, Carley freshened up and put her business suit back on…sans panties. Her skirt was of questionable length for work and knowing she wasn’t wearing panties made her outfit look even hotter. She also appreciated this dynamic but what excited her most was knowing she was going to feel my cum leaking down and soaking her inner thighs while having a professional conversation with several men in less than an hour. Whew, so naughty!

Before parting ways, Carley gave me a reminder. “At some point, someone from work or one of our friends might causally mention my new house. You need to remember that you have never seen it.”

This was really an unnecessary reminder so I replied, “If that’s the case, I suppose mentioning that we christened your bedroom probably isn’t a good idea either?” She gave me a playful snarl and chased me down driveway.

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