I am a believer in the Jungian concept of Anima (a man’s feminine ideal) and Animus (a woman’s male ideal). Carl Jung’s theory is that within each us, we have a divine vision of our soul mate. For men, this vision is our feminine ideal – anima. Whether we are aware of her influence on our soul or not, we project her on prospective lovers.

When a woman holds our divine projection of anima, we have the sense that she is the woman we have been looking for our entire life – she is making our dreams come true. When this happens, we are a projecting our divine vision of infinite female perfection on a mortal. Our lover may able to sustain the divine projection with little slips here and there but ultimately, she will falter. We will also fail when carrying the divine projection of another being cast upon us. The energy of it all is too powerful to sustain indefinitely. This, I feel, is why we all have these incredible rushes and highs when first falling in love…then crash hard 6 months, a year, or 18-months later.

The woman used in the featured image emerged from my soul. Off and on, I’ve tried to shape her into a woman for one of my ongoing stories, but it never seems to work. She demands her own space though, I suspect, there is a little bit of her in every woman I have loved. What I know about my anima that can’t be seen, is her mannerisms, her sensual nature, the tone of her voice, and personality. She is well defined in my mind and soul, and I suspect that I have been projecting her on the women in my life for years. A few women have come close to holding her divine projection for a couple years before coming undone.

In retrospect, I have to take ownership of those failures because I demanded divine perfection when I, myself, am far from perfect. Part of my ongoing work tending to my own spirituality and personal growth is to recognize anima in my dreams and art…to know and celebrate her in this realm because this is where she exists in her divine form. She is like my girl on the moon. I’ve included some lyrics to a song by Foreigner which, for me, has always captured my feelings around anima and inspired this writing and artwork. A YouTube link to the sing is included after the lyrics.

Lyrics – Girl On The Moon

It’s night, again
Time for my mind to go wandering
Off on a journey, through space and time
In search of a face I can never find
So I close my eyes and look inside

I can’t forget
The night that I saw her, we never met
She felt so close to me as I reached for her hand
She drifted away like the desert sand
It was her, she was gone

I wish she’d come back tonight
Like a star shining bright
I don’t know where she’s from

She’s like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon
She’s like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon

Yes, it’s night, once again
And that same old feeling is setting in
It all seems so familiar, but I hope this time
That the girl on the moon will soon be mine
All mine, tonight

Am I asking too much?
Should I leave my dream untouched?
Should I even know where she’s from?

My, girl on the moon
She’s my girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
My girl on the moon

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Michael Jones / Lou Gramm
Girl on the Moon lyrics © Somerset Songs Publishing

YouTube Link to Song – Girl On The Moon

13 thoughts on “Girl On The Moon

  1. The thing is we look for perfection where there is none. If we do not learn to love and appreciate the imperfections we will never find that dream person, the anima or animus. Before we can ever do this, we must first accept all that we are, the dark, the light, all shades in between and the imperfections. If we can do that with our self, then we have a chance to do that with those we love. We also have to see beyond the projections we place upon others.


    1. Thank you for giving this a read, I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner. I think you summed up my post in one paragraph, ha! I wish I could write so succinctly. 😊I agree with everything you shared – the hard part is living it. I just saw a recent post you wrote about an online relationship where the guy wanted to marry you. I think you were wise in your decision to shut down – I can imagine he was projecting heavily upon you and not yet appreciating your many shades.

      1. Thank you for saying what you did about my decision to shut down the conversation that was going on with the online relationship. It is nice to know when someone understands what I might be going through. It became quite obvious that he was not trying to understand where I was coming from. No worries about response time, is there even an actual clock in this virtual world? I think not other than the one we create in our own head. Thanks again, Michael and for taking the time to read my blog.

        1. It was my pleasure. I need to pay you a visit soon and see if you shared any stories or updates. I think you right about time in this virtual space, ha! It comes in flashes rather than on a continuum. Hope you are having a great weekend 💫

  2. (I thought I already commented, but maybe I didn’t.). II liked this sooo much – thank you. Half the problems in relationships are due to putting our projections on other people and being mad when it turns out they’re not the person we made up in our head anyhow. Instead it’s such a great (also painful) opportunity to learn more about ourselves and other people. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Thank you, Olivia – really appreciate this comment. Your ability to see and recognize this is a wonderful trait. Many of us never get to this point and we repeat a cycle of disillusionment over and over…always thinking it will be different next time. These projections can be cast on us and make us feel like we have failed when not the case. Or, we can cast them on others and blame them for the failure. All the while, anima and animus projections are usually the culprits.

  3. Your realization and search for inner growth is very insightful Cu…Michael. I believe a woman who has a deep understanding of themselves and what drives them intimately can sense on some level when we are loved for who we are vs what someone wants us to be. ( if that voice gets any attention is a different conversation). It’s the first, pure affection that withstands shifting tides and frees us to unconditional intimate affection… the good, the bad, and the oh so naughty. Projecting is a missed opportunity to see the surprise, wonder, and care free beauty in a lover.

    1. …cuck Michael 🔥”Hard” to focus after that. Your perspective on this topic is very insightful and relevant for men and women on both sides of the soul projecting. We often project on others while they are also soul projecting on us. If we can both realize this may be happening on some level and get to a deeper, truer level – the pure affection you mention – we can experience the true beauty of our lover with reasonable expectations and avoid the inevitable crash of anima or animus we someone fails to carry their divine energy in its infinite state of perfection.

      1. I wonder if that realization / awareness can transform your relationship with your anima into a more positive one? Allowing yourself to be lured by her seductive energy while as you mentioned, recognizing what’s real and not. Thus your ‘project failures’ are not failures at all, but a glitch in the flow, and taking back the power in the relationship between you and your anima.

        1. This is deep, and I like it…a lot. If I understand your position correctly, you are saying in a few sentences what took me 1,500 words. If we see anima/animus for what they are, we can always tend to them in our dreams in a way that brings us fulfillment while also being free to embrace the allure of unfolding the beauty and mysteries of another…a real woman.

  4. Interesting thought here. I also wonder if it has to do with (and I realize I’m bringing up a hard subject, given the nature) your mom? Maybe the projections of wanting a perfect woman or those things in a perfect woman you seek, are things that connect you to her; that you’ll never reach.

    Glad to find you again my friend.
    I dismantled my blog, but may start afresh on a new platform. You crossed my mind and my heart fluttered, brain fogged and I had to search through the grapevine to find you. ❤️I hope you are well.


    1. Oriana 💖So amazing to feel your energy again…glad you were able to find me. Hope things have been going well for you. Hoping it is a good sign that things are going well since you have returned and are able to tend to this part of energy 💫 I really appreciate the insight you shared…it sort of stopped me in my tracks…I may need to think deeper about this. I think I have at least realized that this inner vision is supposed to remain in my dreams and not be carried by someone in the real world so that is progress. As for your heart flutters and brain fog, seeing you in my comments created a dreamy haze and and stimulated a rather pressing reaction 🔥Please let me know where you land with your blogging so I can find you. Medium.com is interesting for writers and rather engaging, but it has annual fee.

      1. Will do!

        We must reconnect soon, off blog. I miss all my blog friends, who have now seemed to be off to other ventures. ❤️

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