Exhibitionism is commonly listed among the top-ten fantasies for men, women, and couples. It is certainly one of mine. A cursory exploration of this kink reveals psychological underpinnings ranging from playful, non-threatening behavior to more serious disorders that impair a person’s ability to function normally in society. This post (and my interest) are certainly focused on playful, non-threatening exhibitionism.

yoga pants

Many of us have a bit of an exhibitionist streak running through us. This doesn’t necessarily mean you want to put on a trench coat and wait for the perfect moment to expose yourself to a room full of unsuspecting people. No, it can be much more subtle. Ladies, perhaps you’ve worn something that accentuates your sexy curves, reveals a bit of cleavage, or is in someway more revealing than you might wear in your day-to-day life.

Considering my photo below, there are circumstances where I could be wearing far less and it would be seen as more socially acceptable. If I were at the beach, shooting hoops at the park with no shirt on, or at the pool getting in a swimming workout; I would be revealing much more than is shown in this photo. Yet, this image here on WordPress might be seen as bit provocative.

IMG_0497-4a copy 2

Wearing our clothes in a revealing way is one form of exhibitionism. On another level, individuals and couples experience exhibitionism through nudity and self-pleasuring/sex when others may be watching. Do you find yourself aroused thinking about being intimate with your lover in a public space where you may be seen or “caught”? This is one of the most common fantasies couples have and the one most often made a reality.

What is it about being potentially caught in the act that’s such a turn-on? Some psychologists theorize the appeal of exhibitionism may be strongly related to our first youthful orgasmic experiences (alone and/or with your childhood sweetheart) and the fear of being caught. This “fear” may stem from beliefs, instilled by parents and religious institutions, that sex is wrong and/or sinful. These beliefs are often reinforced by those around us who are under similar societal pressures to conform. It takes a lot of work for many of us to find freedom in our sexuality and release the guilt and shame we often feel with our sexuality.

If you think about the first time you masturbated, had sex in a car, or had sex in your parent’s home; you probably had at least some angst around your parents, siblings, friends, or even the police catching you. The association of sexual release and being caught often form a powerful link within us at an early age. Exhibitionism taps into this link formed in our teens.


On a more somber note, studies have also shown that emotional abuse in childhood and/or family dysfunction are significant risk factors in the development of exhibitionism. You see, exhibitionism isn’t always about the thrill of getting caught or being seen. For some, it may have a more painful origin. It can be that a man or woman is seeking some form of validation and appreciation that was absent during childhood. I see my exhibitionism as playful and coming from a happy place. However, I can’t summarily dismiss my mother’s suicide (discussed in the Origin – Shadow post) as a contributing factor.

For others, the thrill of exhibitionism is grounded in power. A man may feel a sense of power when he sends (prematurely) a “cock shot” or “dick pic” in a text or email to a woman. Many (but not all) women find this distasteful. Personally, I’m amazed at the high percentage of men using cock shots as their main profile photo on adult dating sites despite the deafening roar of women to not do so. I’ve even see a few on WordPress as well. Not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of comments on those photos. A lack of artistic presentation and absence of context may be contributing factors. Women, though less frequently, may also use exhibitionism to elicit the sensation of power. All of this said, power can be a driver but is not the only driver behind exhibitionism.

Some exhibitionist find great pleasure in the potential for arousing the viewer. Sex with the viewer isn’t the objective. Rather, the exhibitionist finds it hot knowing that someone may not only be watching but also getting turned on. This aspect resonates deeply with me and makes up a big part of what I often refer to as the “erotic swirl” and “mind fuck” in my writing.

Since the majority of my posts come from personal experiences, I am in a sense being a bit of an exhibitionist in sharing them publicly. Moreover, I typically write in the present tense to give you the sensation of being in the room watching as a moment unfolds. I want you to feel it…I want to turn you on. Your excitement, in turn, arouses me on and we both become immersed in an erotic swirl.

Dionysus 102 copy 2

I’ve come to appreciate the erotic swirl as one aspect of the Dionysian experience. The above render depicts how I see and feel it. One hand is turned down to touch and release the darkness sometimes associated with sexuality and the exploration of fetishes. The other is stretched upwards towards light and love. The archetypal force of Dionysus seeks to unify the powerful forces of light and darkness. Dionysus (as an archetype) is not light or darkness…he is both. Fully realized, the archetype of Dionysus represents transcendent ecstasy.  

Beyond my current approach to sharing digital art and recounting past experiences, I would find immense pleasure in creating naughty videos and putting them on this blog to share with you. My vision would be erotic (rather than pornographic) with rising action that might include a slow strip which ultimately leads to creamy finale…as you watched. Sure, the exhibitionist in me would enjoy this. However, my ultimate excitement and gratification would be found in your enjoyment of the presentation and your own orgasmic release.

This post serves as a launching point for future stories with robust roots buried deep in exhibitionism and will be updated as I make new discoveries. In the mean time, I’m just going to innocently take a seat across from you and take care of few emails. I hope you don’t mind.

IMG_3188 copy 2

193 thoughts on “Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers

  1. Exhibitionism is exciting. The way the mind works when wanting to experience certain things, particularly the subject of eroticism and it’s different layers (Fem Dom, BDSM, BBC, CBT, and so on).

    What’s even more interesting is the “why” we find those certain exhibitions exciting and alluring. True, it could be from childhood trauma or certain situations throughout a persons life. I think my relation to older men stems from childhood molestation that I hardly remember, connecting with older people who I find I connect with better than those of my own age. I’m either the youngest in the group or the oldest (my 3 close friends are 3 or so years younger than I). However, on the flip side I learn from them (older men). I watch how they do business, and use their power in networks and social circles, and so on. I turn what I learn/observe from them and turn it to my advantage. And in all this, it’s a turn on. The exhibitionism of being with someone older, the secrecy of being in this “circle” or “world” is erotic.

    I have much more I want to explore. But this comment has gone on long enough. I’ll give your eyes and wandering mind a rest! Lol.

    1. Vegas, your thoughts are always such a compelling and fascinating read. This comment is no exception. First off, I’m sorry to hear about your childhood experience.😔How someone can do such a thing to a little girl is beyond my ability to grasp. I’m sure that has left you with quite a shadow. Sounds as though you’ve taken an approach similar to how I have worked with my shadow. I like that you are drawn to older men and the potential to move beyond the mask into a secret world…a world that could very well be filled with the eroticism you desire. He would be a very lucky man and you would no doubt be a perfect naughty angel.😈😇

      1. The fun we would have! 🙀😈lol

        1. Can I get in on the action?

          1. Hmmm…cuckolding comes to mind 🤔🤔perhaps you can be mine and Michael’s 🤔😂 thoughts Michael?

          2. You are so naughty (and also very sweet) 😈😇 Whew, there are a lot hot scenarios floating through my mind right now and one with a more substantive presence is pressing against my slacks☺️🔥

          3. Mmmmm now THAT is a naughty visual 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Ohhh my! I luv it! Never envisioned it as such. It’s definitely enlightening of why I choose to share my lovely thoughts and expressions with the world. Thx!

    1. Thanks so much stopping by and giving this one a read.☺️So glad this connected with you…sounds like we may have a few things in common😊 I love your blog and look forward to following your journey.

  3. There is something of a charge from intimate acts in public places. I find it a kink that I can really get into and enjoy, both in taking part and in observing. I look forward to where this journey takes you

    1. So great to see you around here again…glad this one resonated. Man, I agree…the whole watching and being watched is a wild rush. I think (hope) you’ll enjoy some of the upcoming posts around this topic.🔥

  4. Sexline Stories

    I think it’s fare to say I fall into the exhibitionist category! Good article!

    1. I think you do.☺️Glad you enjoyed the article and appreciate you taking a moment to share your reaction. Hope you have a great day ~ Michael

  5. This was intriguing, exhibitionism in a playful but sensual way is a fun way of seducing the eyes of a certain person. Causing a very sexy reaction in them. But, also pleasing yourself with the thought of that person seeing you with something on that reveals sensuous part of you that would and will make them aroused. Like being with the one you desire and they watch you touch and caress yourself. The thought of building their excitement and arousal. Pleases you to the point of being intensely penetrated by their excitement. It is a playful and excited thing to do with a lover. I like to call it the exotic thrill of mind play. A sexy and luring touch in the mind to make a person’s imagination expand into its full length of creativity. And causing quite the stimulation within yourself knowing the tension inside them craving to feel but only being able to see. The bliss of turning a person on that their thighs press together and or they are dripping in lust or hard as steel. Causes your body to feel the same way. I think that most people feel that when they wear and or don’t wear certain things.
    Great post sexy Michael I enjoyed it. Kisses for the large, full grapes
    Take care sexy

    1. Thank you for an amazing reaction, sexy Morgan😘 Seduction can come in many forms…to include the eyes and the mind play. Your thought of watching another and being watched is such a juicy visual. It is tortuous in the best way🔥You wrote about a sexy, luring touch to expand the full length…of creativity. Mmmm, love your word play naughty, sensual girl 🍆🔥Hope your thighs were pressed tight a couple times going through this… The grapes are feeling quite juicy and appreciative of the attention 🍇💦

      1. You are very welcome. And yes indeed seduction comes in many ways. I think seduction is sensuality’s way of introducing the senses to be heightened. So that once touched by that sexy a luring sensation takes that person into a deep trance of orgasms. A little playful torture is always a sweet pastry to enjoy before indulging in the full desert. Pleasuring the mind and senses of a person along with their body is a sexy intoxicating feeling of desire.
        I will say that there were a few parts of this post my thighs pressed together and swirled in a seat while reading this. And I am glad those grapes like the attention. I am sure the and the vine are full of sweet white wine worth being tasted by the tongue of willing pleasure being drunk by the mouth of satisfaction until they are sucked empty by the lips of pulsating desire. That thought is making my thighs press together once again

        1. Wow Morgan, while your thighs are pressing together you are causing me to spread mine in an inviting way. The grapes are full and the vine is strong…sweet, white wine beckons for release and being devoured by one with discerning tastes and pulsating desire. Come, take of the fruit…🔥😘

  6. Exotic Nita

    Well said as usual..
    totally agreed my girl

    1. Thank you Nita

  7. Tarnished Soul

    I think I’m more a voyeur than an exhibitionist.
    And I’ll totally admit to liking the picture you use… ❤

    1. Same here- more of a voyeur but in certain circumstances I do enjoy it. And I like his pictures too. 😀

      1. Oh Beautiful Aurora, you are making me blush… Oh wait, that is a different type of circulation I’m feeling 🔥☺️

        1. hee hee!😈

    2. Thank you.☺️In that case, I’ll just keep the shirt open. It is always a turn on knowing someone else enjoys it 🔥

      1. Tarnished Soul

        Now THAT made me hot!

        1. And, this made me hot! 🔥Hope you’re having a great weekend 😊

      2. Exotic Nita

        Keep it open.. pleeeeasseee

        1. Naughty girl…if you insist I will 🔥😘

    3. Exotic Nita

      So do I tarnished…

  8. Tarnished Soul

    I’m working this weekend, but it’s not bad. Thank you for asking, sexy! ❤

  9. Exotic Nita

    I do insist Michael…. and I do love that chiseled chest that ends with that perfect V-line… All I can think about is just me loving on that chest. rawrrrr…purrrrrr…

  10. I’m sorry, I think I am stuck on the strip tease video idea. I’ll need a minute to get over that visual in my mind…

    Ohhh, Michael…I don’t think I’d even need the rest of the video- just a slow tease. Oh, sorry, guess I didn’t get over it. 😉
    I love how you make me think about the psychology behind these things. It’s really interesting. I have had sex in public places but at the time, I just wanted the sex, I’m not sure if the thought of getting caught added anything. Now, when I think of sex in public, the thought of getting caught does make me hotter. Hmm…
    Also- Can I sit next to you? Or…closer…? 😀 😉

    1. Mmmm, the strip tease video emerges in your thoughts… I must confess, the thought of slowly stripping down for you is setting a serious fire in my lap, like the one in that photo.☺️ Please, come a little closer and sit on my lap so I can whisper a secret in your ear, young lady. I’ve had something pop up that I’d love to share with you. 🍆🔥

      1. Judging from the photo, I’d say you have more than enough to share… 😈 Will you pretty pretty please do a strip tease? I really really want to watch. 🔥🔥

        1. “More than enough”…that is a very hot and naughty observation, sex girl ☺️🔥I hate the thought of not satisfying a woman’s wishes…especially when followed by “pretty please” 😛 Driving me crazy over here! 😈 Hope you are having a great day, Beautiful 💞

    2. Sorry, I missed part of your reply…you had me seriously distracted😛Glad you liked the psychological exploration. The thought of being caught may be a subconscious hum we aren’t really aware thinking about. I’m with you though in thinking I may actually want to be “caught”, ha! The thought of being watched and the voyeur getting off too is intense.🔥 Maybe you would be up for a scholarly experiment? Of course, it would be strictly for advancing clinical knowledge on the subject of exhibitionism.😈🔥

      1. How can I be of service, Dr. Michael? You know how much I love science. 😏 There is so much I would do…for science. 😘🔥

        1. Dr. Michael…I like it 😀I want to play doctor with you. Now, if you’ll remove your clothes, I’ll be back in a moment to complete your checkup 😈🔥

      2. It’s just that I’m feeling feverish, just so hot, and I need you to come take my temperature. I bet you have an, uh, instrument at the ready. It might not fit under my tongue though… 😈💋

        1. Oh my dear patient, you are a woman in need. I think it must be contagious because I am feeling very hot too! 🔥I have to agree, the cure for what is ailing you and making you feverish will not fit under your tongue. Here, look up into my eyes, open wide, and say…ahhhhh.🍆😘

      3. Exotic Nita

        Please hurry doctor 👨‍⚕️.

        I’m burning up out here..
        in need of an injection..

        I removed all my clothes and waiting for my complete checkup..!!!!

  11. You drive me crazy! You’re kiiind of a tease! 😋You love to tell us what you’re gonna do and then we wait and wait to see/read. 😄😘 I NEED strip tease Michael!!

    1. Mmmm, you are making me crazy!😈🔥Your wish is my command. First, however, you need to rub the genie bottle…😈

      1. I bet it needs a thorough rub before my wish is granted. Do I get three? 😈😈😈

        1. On second thought young lady, there is no quota for you😛 I already have a wish list for you that far exceeds three rubs 😈🔥

      2. Exotic Nita

        Me too…
        Mee tooo..

        Meee tooo..👋👋

        1. Lol! I bet he could use two hands… 😈🔥😏

  12. Exotic Nita

    You would hit the jackpot…Michael sure knows how to use everything.. and he sure knows how to make love to our minds..It doesn’t take much from him to provoke and stimulate mine..

    1. Me either. He’s really good at stimulating hot reactions. Just like I’m sure he’s really good at eeeeverything he does.

      1. Exotic Nita

        I agree with you! I’m sure he is.. eeeeeverything…….

  13. Once again, I find you in my email and you follow me all thru the day!
    The hints are so much more sexy than full photos. Although, to be fair, I love masculine genitalia. I don’t care what shape or size. I could look at them all day. I’d start a collection, but I am sure I’m the only one who would truly appreciate it in my house!!! Glass, silicone, real, they are all lovely! I want to touch and nibble them all!!! Yeah, bad girl.
    One of my favorite ‘trench coat’ stories was a gal on the tube in England. She was seated with one lone male. He presented himself and her response? ‘Oh, please! put it away. Do you know how many of those I had to wash today??’ She was a nurse coming home off her shift.

    1. Mmmm Kris, I’m imaging the email on your phone. That means I may be tucked in snuggly within your pocket… That thought will be following me throughout the day ☺️🔥I love that you have a fascination with “male genitalia”or (to paraphrase) cock.🍆 I must say, it is incredibly arousing to envision a woman’s pleasure with this view. I think men are seen as visual beings and it is always nice when a woman feels the same way. You are “bad” in the very best way 😈 Your joke, btw, is hilarious!😄Clearly, she was overexposed…😉

      1. my dear, I do not use my phone for much more than photos (I have done some of those kind!) or texts or calls….I do have an ipad. Alas, all the best cock pictures are on my laptop. I can’t ‘hide’ them on the other device. I’d love to have you in my pocket!!!

        1. I find it so hot when women share they enjoy looking at cock photos… 🔥I think having me in your pocket would be a good fit ☺️🍆

  14. ummm, I have small pockets. But, I am sure I could try to stuff you somewhere!

    1. Whew, that just gave me a deep sigh and has me leaning back in the chair with my imagination running wild 😈🔥

      1. nice. VERY nice. xoxox

  15. Marcelonablog

    love this for many reasons but true honest writing on this subject is.. well a turn on in many ways not only the obvious 😉

    1. Hi Marcelona, thanks so much for stopping by 😊I’m glad you found this post somewhat exciting…☺️🔥I believe this may be your first visit and really appreciate your reaction to the writing. I tend to explore the psychology behind the different things I do in addition to erotic stories which bring those explorations to life. Ultimately, my blog is a journey for deeper meaning. Similar I suppose to your journey. Hope you have a great day 😘

  16. MissIndyBleu

    Sexy post! I am such an exhibitionist. I like to open my blinds and curtains in my front room and walk around my home in nothing but underwear. I love the thought that someone might be watching.

    1. Miss Indy, you are creating some visuals that are causing me stir here in my seat.🔥 Mmmm, I would love to one your neighbors. It would be hard to leave the window though, ha!😛

  17. Insightful post and a lovely photo at the end, thank you! As for your gravatar, the only way to improve it (besides including your face!) would be if your pants were just an inch lower, just a tease, saving the full monty for that striptease video, coming soon?

    1. Mmmm Ms Bad, you are being a very naughty girl…and I love it! 😃🔥Glad you like that last image…knowing this is such a turn on, mmmm! I’m not opposed to sharing face photos. Of course, due to nature of my writing and explorations, I need to be somewhat anonymous…sort of like Batman, ha😄As for the video, it is sooo tempting…especially when there is a passing curiosity 😈

      1. Your digital art gives an impression of your overall look but a true peek behind the mask would be… thrilling! I understand and appreciate your caution though. Passing curiosity in a video? I dreamed about it, might write about the dream soon… 🙂

        1. I like your thought about digital art serving as an impression. Sort of adds a new context for impressionism. Not to be a tease (and I appreciate you are just being kind) but the video is appealing on many layers and has the wheels turning. Even the possibility that you dreamed about has me feeling breathless, flattered, and incredibly turned on…”Kitten”😉😘 I would love to reblog that post in the future…it was really, really hot!🔥

    2. Exotic Nita

      Oooooh yeah…
      you got it right msBad

      1. I don’t often leave comments Nita but how could I not respond to that beautiful image… truly inspiring!

  18. I find it interesting the way we represent ourselves in a virtual world, through our words, our images, even comments like ‘I look like person x’. What we show, what we share of who we are, or who we want to be … fascinating!
    My dream left me more than breathless, thank you for the inspiration! And consider that post yours to do with as you please 🙂

    1. I’m glad you clarified that it was the post that I could do with as I please. Based on your elevator post, I had other ideas running through my thoughts…😘🔥

      1. You should *always* share those thoughts, always! You are a delectable tease… keep it (dare I say?) up 😀

  19. Sonyo Estavillo

    Michael, I love your free spirit and ability to write what is on the minds of many who aren’t as brave. You’re articulate and have a style of your own, that’s what makes your posts so enticing, not to mention the juicy subject matter. ❤️

    It’s awesome that you have so many comments on your blog posts! I’m growing and learning. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, Sonyo😘I do believe you have that free spirit within you as well. It makes it a little easier for me to write freely since I’m somewhat anonymous to most of the community. Thanks so much for your thoughts on my writing style. It is extra special coming from such a talented (and very beautiful) woman.❤️

      1. Sonyo Estavillo

        Awe thanks ❤️

  20. I think there’s a little bit of exhibitionism in all of us. A most fascinating piece.

    1. I do believe it is in you for sure…especially with the buns😛

      1. What can I say, I like to be naked.

  21. jillianmrks

    A well-written, resonant piece. “Erotic Swirl” is an apt phrase for that feeling. I get that too in sharing my writing and my images. Nice job, Michael 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jillian. I’m looking forward to revisiting your posts. You are a very gifted with creating the erotic swirl and I’m looking forward to being…engulfed.🔥

  22. Katya Evangeline

    Really good post… I like the way you try to understand this fetish and acknowledge the full range, being very specific which type you like!!! 😃. I love some of your points and might want to explore later- can I reblog this?

    I really like the “innocent” photo you posted…often less is more!

    1. Hi Katya, I’m so flattered you took a moment to give this a read and share your reaction. I would be honored if you reblogged this. Even more so, I’m looking forward to your exploration of the subject. You are a talented writer and it will be a pleasure to read. I imagine my reaction will be similar to one in the innocent photo. ☺️ I like the “less is more” comment too. Where would the fun be if I just popped it out? No build up or teasing…that’s where a big part of the fun is. Hope you have a wonderful day.😘

  23. Very interesting Post Sir Michael.

    I think I slightly fall into the exhibitions category only that I am not certain as to which one I’m yet, besides; I think many have this fantasy and they don’t know what it’s called. I didn’t know it was called exhibitionism and the way you write makes it all even more visual and exciting. 🔥I hope to see the naughty videos, they would cause a lot of thrill and fire and I am still waiting for Yumi’s story. I am dying here Michael, I like that part of your life with Yumi and she interest me a lot.

    And… the last picture is… an erotic work of art. (You look so hard 🙈) and reading emails. My imagination is taking me places just like it does all the times I read your posts

    1. Sexy Samantha, I do believe you qualify as an exhibitionist…and a very sexy one at that!🔥I agree that many of us share this desire but the reasons why we do it are varied. I enjoy thinking about the “why” of fantasies…similar to how I’ve explored the cuckolding kink. I have been hard at work preparing the next Yumi update ☺️I’m so flattered that you are so enjoying my journey with Yumi. The next update is ready for release…perhaps this evening.🔥Your reaction to the last photo as an erotic work of art is so humbling come from such a beautiful woman.💖Love your bashful emoji too, ha! It’s okay, you can look ☺️😘 Wherever your imagination is taking, take me with you. I don’t just look hard, I am.😈🔥

  24. Happy Thursday ❤

    1. Thank you, beautiful Simona😘 Hope you enjoyed the post☺️

  25. Michael, I love how you combine the Psychology/science of our sexuality with the eroticism of your posts! I believe I am a little bit of a voyeur (ok, a lot! Depending!). I hope you are well… I’ve been traveling, thus the silence on my blog! Look forward to some of that ‘cream’ you were talking about! 🔥🔥🔥💋

    1. Awww Grace, so glad to have you back!😍I’ve been missing your sexy presence. Glad you like the cerebral-erotic blend. I wish some our text books were written like this, ha! So, you think you may have a bit of voyeurism in your intelligent and sexy mind? The thought of you watching has the creative juices flowing…among others.☺️🔥 I’ve been away and look forward to reconnecting…hope your trip was amazing!😘

      1. Thank you so much! I had a fantastic time on my trip. I hope you did as well. I am going to be dividing my time so that I post more frequently on the other site. I get a little weary of censoring myself! 😈
        I’ve rued my choice not to be anonymous but being Grace gives me a measure of that. Talk soon! 💋✨💖✨

        1. Love hearing this! Your posts are so sexy and dreamy🌹🔥See you there soon, beautiful💞😘

  26. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    I’ve dipped a cautious toe. It’s far, far out of my comfort zone. Far.
    It’s been within the last couple of years that I’ve started to allow little explorations. Are you really considering videos? Actual videos of you? You had me at cream.

    Now, you can see I was here typing first, so, go ahead with your emails, as long as you don’t mind my hand on your….thigh.

    1. Exhibitionism…the word just hangs there in your reply and seems to invite a watchful eye. I’ve been watching you, and it does seem you are blossoming, little by little. Really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I saw you typing and sat down beside you. Your hand feels good there…on my thigh. Give it a firm grasp…consider the full measure…of my thigh. This seems to help me better channel the visual of your blossoming petals. Yes, Spring has arrived 🌷🌺

      1. CarlyQuinnAuthor

        Yes, I know, you do innuendo with a skill that defies description.
        Spring has come.

        1. I am learning from the best. Exhibit A–“Spring has come.” 🌺💦

  27. Exotic Nita

    Hahahaha .. Michael..
    Well this post I think is written with me in mind.
    I love that erotic swirl..
    and I find the subtle exhibition with your photo revealing your V line leaving trails to what is hidden quite provocative….

    I’m definitely into gentle exhibitions …
    like a sheer dress 👗 in the spring.. outlining all my curves and thighs that leads to my V line..
    A wet t- shirt.. on a hot summer day…
    And yes the thought of getting caught is always so highly stimulating.. and can create divine ecstasy…

    I’m one of those girls that would enjoy 😊 watching you without being seen as you cream shot.. and stimulating me enough to add some cream to your planet…

    I’m one of those those women that don’t like dick pic..
    unless I feel some kind of sexual energy from our connection..
    And I need that sensual provocations and stimulation..

    All in all.. Michael.
    Anxiously awaiting your upcoming provocative stories ..
    I do need that erotic swirl..

    1. Mmmm Nita, this was a delicious comment to savor🔥You do seem to enjoy the erotic swirl…I can feel it coming from you. I must admit, I like knowing you like that V line and the thought of you following that trail in your sensual way is very arousing…🍆🔥Your description of yourself on a hot summer day has me dreaming about summer fun, mmmm! Your cream…love the thought of you releasing as I stroke my cock…for you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, sexy girl😘

      1. Exotic Nita


        Your comments having me wanting more of you…
        Missing you 😞 and your eroticism…
        I’m craving your stimulating words And stories…

  28. Very thought provoking post! You have a style that seems to flow so natural… As if i can here you just talking away explaining your views… I say ; I definitely fall into the exhibitionism category… Not as free or robust as some but I definitely walk that line… I just love your freedom of expression. As blunt as I am… I’m still shackled to restricted restraint 😏again great post! 💞💞

    1. Thank you Jenn for such an amazing comment! 😘☺️ I think my freedom of expression may come from going commando. Oh wait, you meant expressive writing😉You are such a talented writer and this is really special feedback coming from you. I often write as if I’m speaking to a woman or small group of women, so the sensation you feel is especially wonderful feedback. 💞 It’s very sexy that you have an exhibitionist streak running through you…I’m excited to tap into my voyeur now as you free yourself from those restraints.😃🔥

      1. LOL … hey I fancy your freedom of any form of expression! LOL and you do write in a fashion that seems very natural… I do fancy your blog! Makes me want to pick your brain … to understand your thought process 🙂

        1. Exotic Nita

          Right?? Jenn

        2. Thank you Jenn, you are very kind…and flattering.☺️ Looking forward to having your wandering through my thoughts and digging a little deeper here and there.🔥I’ve been away this week but look forward to catching up. Hope you’ve had a great week 😘

  29. Michael, you never fail to delight me. You’ve touched this subject before and it is a delightful influence in your writing and art. Both of which never fail to impress on many levels. Often when I read, lines that are visually stimulating or simply beautiful jump out, and this one, “we become immersed in an erotic swirl” had me reading it twice… and commenting on it. 😉

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind and very flattering comment. Your energy has created a bit of erotic swirl around me tonight and left me with a very large…smile.😉 You are a wonderful writer and I will do my best to return the same energy to you. 😘

  30. Gotta love the erotic swirl! Thanks for the eloquent and informative post.
    And you have a mighty fine lap. 😉

    1. You are well versed in creating this swirl…through your writing and in this comment. Regarding my lap reference, that is such a hot comment. Now you have me sitting here in that same state…fuller actually. I do believe I am engulfed in the swirl 🔥

  31. Fabulous write, and by all means sit across from me and take your time going through those emails,lol

    1. Mmmm, glad you liked that photo☺️🔥I bit revealing but a reaction like yours definitely is rewarding and hot! I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to focus on emails if you were sitting across from me…😈😘

      1. Lol, Oh no way! I’d be compelled to throw a Basic Instinct move in there or lip lick someway or another seeing that hardness, weakens me 👄

      2. Oh no way, lol because I’d have to throw the Basic Instinct move or lick my lips at sometime or another, all that hardness, just weakens me…I’d have chills staring and thinking of all the possibilities..👅👄💗😂

        1. Wow, you just made me fall back in my seat to close my eyes and take deep breath while imaging those possibilities…of course that led to a firm squeeze below.🍆You are a sexy one 😘🔥

          1. Mmm ..thanks! This huge imagination😽 has already been there..twice yesterday💦😉😊😘

  32. Sexy Sir Micheal, the thought of your thigh spread in a inviting way, is causing me to press mine together even more as i become moist. I would take of your fruit, Your full sexy grapes would be taken into sweet lips. Taking my time sucking them to enjoy their delicious flavor. They would be kissed softly licked gently. And your strong thick vine would be Embraced in between breast that will move up and down. While Squeezed tight enough to cause a sexy reaction from the strokes of my lips, until I drink all of your smooth sweet white wine. Imaging that makes my fingers go into a very silky place.

    1. Morgan, you are creating a fire over here, seriously! 🍆🔥This comment has me straining and aching for release. Your description of taking my fruit into your sensual lips…sucking, licking, and savor the flavor…my strong thick vine pressed between your succulent breasts as you await the release of my white win…I’m intoxicated with pleasure and tending to my vine at this very moment. This was really, really hot!🍆🍇💦

      1. I am pleased that you are intoxicated with pleasure and tending to your sexy vine. I would kneel before watching you, asking your permission *may my lips taste you sir*? Only this time it wouldn’t be my mouth that would be tasting.

  33. Mmmm, I wouldn’t mind devouring your fruit sexy Michael.

  34. Exotic Nita

    That ending photo really makes the mind wander.. My imagination is running wild 😜 Michael..

    1. Totally makes the mind wander. I wonder *just* what’s under those slacks. I bet it’s amazing. 😉

      1. Exotic Nita

        You know it is definitely amazing 😉..
        just check the outline.. mmmm mmmm

      2. Beautiful girl, you are making me crazy over here! I’ll show you mine if you show yours😃🔥

        1. Ok but you might not be able to handle mine. Then you might really be needing the mouth to mouth I mentioned earlier… 😛😈

  35. Might not be able to handle yours? That may be true sexy girl, but there would be no shame in failing in a great endeavor like this😛😘

    1. (You’re killing me you know) Ha ha. You could handle me. I have no doubt. 😏

  36. Very interesting 🤔
    Perhaps it’s the thrill we get of being alluring? Or taking the risk to do something seen as taboo?
    It’s easier to hide behind the screen of a phone or computer.
    I do it on purpose sometimes when at work just to make myself feel sexier, and because I like to receive the “ooo-lala!” compliments; not to mention the joys of being a man’s fantasy.

    But I have to say that I think it’s the fantasy we want to have.

    1. Sexy Vegas, welcome back!😃😘 The thrill of being alluring or behaving in a taboo way are certainly drivers of the behavior for some…probably most. Doing it from the screen vs. in the real world do provide different experiences and each has its unique appeal. It is good that you can own your exhibitionistic behavior and, on behalf of men, I appreciate and savor your naughtiness 😋💦

      1. Thanks!! 🤗
        I love the suit by the way! I like that stripe tie. Good choice, excellent taste 👌🏼

        1. Glad you like suit, great attention to detail 😉😘

  37. Oh….and I like what’s outlined in your suit photo 😘 I’m gonna have to inspect that further when you come here.

    1. Mmmm, I like the sound of that. You’re actually causing me to recreate that moment right now!🍆🔥Too bad you aren’t sitting beside me to inspect a little closer… 😘

      1. You need to be here with me! Hurry up and take a vacation already 😘

  38. I definitely identify as an exhibitionist. I always had the craving but only acted on it about two years ago (masturbating in front of another couple). It led to a lot more exploration, but that was just a bonus. The act of displaying my body, sexuality, or sensuousness turns me on to no end. Having finally acted on it, my husband and I have found creative ways for me to scratch that itch while also being discreet (and not arrested, lol!).

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for the visit and adding to the discussion. Your story about masturbating in front of a couple is so hot and delicious, mmmm! Perhaps you could do a little here on WP? I could watch…you know, just to help you scratch that itch. 😉

  39. […] during the waxing. Exhibitionism is something I truly enjoy and explore the psychology of this in Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers. In turn, Yumi has been receptive to exploring the view and has indulged in some extended handling […]

  40. […] Exhibitionism – Exhibitionism can come in many forms. I can be an exhibitionist through showing my body. I can get a similar rush when my lover shows off her charms. When she does this, it is different than the voyeuristic rush someone outside our relationship would get. She is my lover and revealing something private and intimate that is typically reserved only for my eyes, and I get a rush from “showing off” my lover. We can also get an exhibitionistic rush through telling our erotic stories and sharing fantasies as I do on my blog.  This isn’t the only reason I write, but I recognize that there is an exhibitionistic layer at play. To read more about the psychology of exhibitionism please read Exhibitionism: Exploring the Layers. […]

  41. Solid write Michael. I really enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you, this was a fun one on several levels. “Solid”…I like it. ☺️

      1. 🙂 I aim to please

  42. Hi Michael, thank you for the invitation for visit your new blog. Fascinating post, as always extremely well written. Exhibitionism comes with a whole bag of tricks, that’s for sure. Please enjoy the rest of your week. ~ Mia

    1. Yeah, so happy to see you around again…missed your presence. ☺️✨Glad you enjoyed this one. It seems to have resonated with folks. Hope you have a great week too 😘

  43. I’m definitely a playful exhibitionist, I hadn’t given thought to the different layers before though.

    1. So you are an exhibitionists too? We need to have some voyeurs in this world, ha! Thanks for giving this a read (sorry about the slow reply…been away)

      1. Haha, I think there are plenty of voyeurs! 🙂

        1. Yes, I do believe you are correct. ☺️🔥

  44. I have read a few steamy blogs that make me blush but I must say yours is the most spicy. 😄
    Those photos do enhance the writing a lot.
    I am speechless after looking at the photos
    And too shy to say what they make a woman feel. 🙈😄

    1. “Too shy to say…” Lovely lady, that says a lot in itself and very flattered it had that affect on you. Your reaction is having…well, now I’m feeling too shy to say ☺️🔥I’m glad the images added to your reading pleasure and I do like adding a little spice 😊

      1. 😄🙈 you keep me blushing

  45. […] and my interest in this kink (independent of any erotic humiliation) in the post – Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers. This has been one of my more popular posts, and I hope you will check it out. Exhibitionism can […]

  46. Reblogged this on Ljubljana si bench.

  47. That photo of you…a suit…your warmth swelling …(in my mind for me, as I’m sure every SINGLE WOMAN seeing that is imagining…)

    If I were next to you right now…mmmm….I have a soft touch…did I tell you ? My hands exude heat… literally…it’s a gift! My mind is adrift with thoughts of hooking my leg over your thigh…you lifting up my skirt…sigh..

    Remember when I asked you what you want? I think that was the moment I turned your head towards me, right? Our give and give to women…to your readers…

    Please Michael…tell me ONE thing you want …just for you. I long to know ❤️😍😏

    1. Mmmm, I like your soft, sensual and flowing touch… I’m closing my eyes and imagining this right now and feeling the heat as you slide your hand over my thigh and take grasp of my fire. I unzip and free the longing that rises for you. I lean back as you hike up your skirt to reveal your divine womanly form…with no panties. Settle in on top of me…feel me open you and take me deep. What do I want, you ask? Well, you know my fantasy…and I definitely want that. Even more though, I want you to feel me (even as energy)…in your soul. This in turn fulfills me.🌌✨

      1. I want you so much right now, Michael… 🔥

      2. I feel you…deeply. you must know that. All of you…your need your throbbing desire. It’s inside me as I rise us both to explosions that leave us breathless and never satiated…the cylcle.od desire we share is perpetual as it is hot.
        You’re in my soul, Michael. I fear how close your rhythm beats with mine.
        And yet.
        I feel safe

  48. […] Exhibitionism – Exhibitionism can come in many forms. I can be an exhibitionist through showing my body. I can get a similar rush when my lover shows off her charms. When she does this, it is different than the voyeuristic rush someone outside our relationship would get. She is my lover and revealing something private and intimate that is typically reserved only for my eyes, and I get a rush from “showing off” my lover. We can also get an exhibitionistic rush through telling our erotic stories and sharing fantasies as I do on my blog.  This isn’t the only reason I write, but I recognize that there is an exhibitionistic layer at play. To read more about the psychology of exhibitionism please read Exhibitionism: Exploring the Layers. […]

  49. […] What began as an opportunity for a little playful exhibitionism (for more on exhibitionism, see Exhibitionism: Exploring the Layers) soon evolved into an erotic journey. Now, it is more. In some ways, Yumi is a journey deep inside […]

  50. […] As a naughty boy, I find spas to be a great backdrop for a little playful exhibitionism. In Exhibitionism – Exploring the Layers, I explore some of the underlying psychological drivers of exhibitionism as a sexual kink and why I […]

  51. This power relationship between the viewer and the viewed is a subject that I explored somewhat in my piece “Dionysian Beach”:
    The appeal of exhibitionism is of course inextricably wrapped up in the relationship between the gaze and the eroticized body. I participated four times in the annual “Undie Run” at WWU (on the first occasion, I stripped down only briefly to jump in the fountain with an acquaintance, the other three times I participated fully in the run). The experience was not exactly exhibitionistic but it was wonderfully liberating, and obviously not without an element of sensuality even though the purpose was more of a naturist/hippie character, somewhat deliberately de-eroticized. My most erotic moment occurred during the first one, when I jumped in the Red Square fountain with a female friend and engaged in a spontaneous hug with her after we climbed out.

    1. Hi Lionsdan, I just read your post on this and left a lengthy comment on your blog. For anyone reading this comment chain, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out his post. It is a fascinating look at the archetypal influence of Apollo and Dionysus against the naughty backdrop of a woman having her bathing suit bottom pulled down. It is entertaining but really brings these concepts to life.

  52. Well I’m a closeted exhibitionist. 🙂 Maybe one day I will come out…

    1. I hope you do and please let me know when that happens…I have voyeuristic desires too ☺️🔥

  53. My exhibitionism runs through me to my core being. The way I dress, enough exposure to make people turn and look, the way I speak, I use words to pull them in to my circle and then hold them there. The way I move, a slow sensual sway of the hips, each step draws attention to my curves, the rhythm that runs through me, the heat that is always present just under the surface, it’s always a sensual delight for me to feel my clothes touch me where their eyes rest on me. The heat in someone’s eyes because I’ve sparked them is a delicious feeling I could never give up. If I have laid on a performance for them I want to know they took as much pleasure from me as I did from them watching me. It pushes the limits of my boundaries and allows me to feel everything that much more deeply. It makes me feel powerfully feminine.

    1. I think I loved reading this comment almost as much as the actual post!

      1. 🥰😘💖

      2. Agreed…the post was mostly mental meandering. Gem’s comment though – erotic gold or at least something pearly in tone 🔥💧

        1. Now you just know that comment made me smile and lick my lips Michael. 💋💦💋

    2. Gem, I feel like you just stepped right up in front of me, twirled around a bit as you pulled me in…my eyes all over you, trying to take in your sexy curves while trying catch your eyes. I can almost hear your voice as you speak this comment you just left. I feel the familiar straining ache from below that always seems to happen in your presence. You place your hand on my chest as you lean into to whisper something naughty and feel my heart pounding though I try to look calm…praying inside that your hand will trail lower down my body. Then, you spin off and strut away. Here I stand, achingly hard and shaken. Indeed, you ARE powerfully feminine! 🍆💫😘

      1. ohhh yes

    3. wow!!!! gasp……….

      1. Hope you will check out her blog…these are just juicy morsels compared the fullness of her erotic stories.

  54. mmm… maybe a few extra details won’t hurt, they may make you spin but that’s the pleasure you get from watching the exhibitionist come out to play with you, husky low tones, deep brown eyes full of promise to deliver as much pleasure as you could handle, ruby red lips, just enough of every detail to make sure I have your undivided attention. Pounding heart under my red tipped fingernails, just a slight drag over your skin, just enough to let you know I could… if I wanted to… take you all the way to the edge of your world and hold you there, but I have a whole audience to please Michael, you have to share. 💋💦💦💋

    1. I sat up in my seat as the vision of Gem became clearer – your sultry voice and tone, those deep brown eyes, ruby lips, and fuck-me-hard red nails. You have my undivided attention and your presence commands what throbs and strains below. I feel those nails, yes…I know what the promise of what could be if only…but you step away and I almost fall out of my seat. I see your naughty smirk and know what you are doing. You have a whole audience to tend to but, as you know, I love to share and watch 🍆💧😈🔥Watching intently as you walk away. I smile and think to myself, “She won’t be so sassy when I have her bent over my knee one day.” 🍑👋💥💦

      1. Oh my…now this is really heating up, did Michael just threaten to spank me over his knee? Now that would be worth so much sass… maybe I should spin this man around a little, and assume the position over his knee in front of a full audience… after all, this exhibitionist is quite excited at the idea of exposing her rear to so many greedy eyes. Especially if it’s going to be made a lovely shade of red. Remember the fuck me hard red nails will leave their marks Michael, that gorgeous chest of yours could end up scored. I go feral when spanked. But the end result is always worth the pain. Hot, wet and deeply, deeply satisfying for everyone…💋🔥🔥🍆💦💦💋

        1. Mmmm, I love this scene…panties down around your ankles and high heels. Short lil’ skirt hiked up over your hips…and a group of men looking on filled with lustful desire 💧💧💧🔥 The thrill of being exposed and disciplined in front of strangers causes you to feel flushed. But, that redness is nothing compared to your sexy ass that is becoming redder by the second. 💥🔥 “Feral” – love that word. So many of us want to break free from all the constraints and demands of daily life and unleash our primal side…to know the wild energy that swirls within us, longing to be freed. This vignette…thank you for taking me there 🍇💫😘

          1. Michael! You should know better than that by now! What panties? Short lil’ skirt and stilettos for sure, and I just know there are women watching too, and wriggling on their seats as they look on and wish it was their ass’s being spanked bright red by you while their men make their desire plain by the ridge in the front of their pants and the heavy lust in their eyes. Mmmm…. My exposure is making me so very wet, I’m not sure I can hold out too long before …. oOohhh … you may need to spank harder, my ass is used to a very big hand… remember the four fingers moment by the hot tub? Make my feral claws come out Michael..💋💥💥🔥🔥💦💋.😈

          2. ohhhhhhhhhh God, I am feinting

          3. Be careful not to fall on me, I think I already passed out after reading this! 😄🔥

  55. I, for one, am a fan of exhibitionism. So thank you for sharing this. 💕 mmmMMM yum 💦

    1. Thank you Tara, one of these days we will find our rhythm with one another’s blogs ☺️ This one was a bit revealing and so appreciate the generous comment… 💞🔥

  56. Well… I think folks r very excited 😛 and waiting to see all u promised 😉💃

    1. Mmmm, so nice to catch a glimpse of your frisky side with a little twirl before you dashed off. 💫 Maybe I’ll make a protected post or two and invite a few curious spirits inside. ☺️✨

  57. Your writing, of course, is a form of exhibition. Exposing your thoughts, especially when you hope to get the audience excited is trading off the same emotion. It is gratifying when you generate heat in another.

    1. You have “exposed” me. 😉 I completely agree with your assessment. I mention this exhibitionism (and feel it) as a writer especially when sharing stories around erotic humiliation but throughout most of my stories based on personal experience. Ultimately, as you well know from your highly-powerful erotic stories, generating heat within the reader is the greatest pleasure. 🔥

  58. Hello Michael,

    I don’t remember, but maybe it is the first time I leave a comment. The problem with the dick pictures isn’t the picture itself, but because we can accept it from our man. The man, we have an emotional bond/connection. Erotic videos, erotic pictures, and whatsoever can be part of one relational dynamic between a couple. Why not? Why accept boredom when we have someone we love that we can and try everything, anything? 😉

    This article reminds this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vKsSGyQf-M

    1. Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. You make a great point about the cock shot – rarely well received when they come unsolicited. Thinking about your post on flirting, these men have the wrong idea, ha! Perhaps I did too by sneaking in a little photo myself…though not fully exposed ☺️ Oh, I love that video link – one of my all-time favorite tunes (and videos) ✨

  59. Good morning Michael,

    As I said before, there is nothing wrong with sensual pictures when they are sending inside the comfort and safe zone of an intimate relationship. But, more often than not, some people (men and women) send unsolicited pictures thinking they are doing a great job. However, some research has shown that this type of behavior reveals boredom from the person who sends the picture, wanting some mental stimulation or reward.

    Now, talking about the art of flirting, when we flirt with someone, we should do it because we find something special about the other person, not because we want to have sex or manipulate them emotionally. I’ve seen that everyone talks about love and relationships, passion, excitement, but they forget two key rules for relational success: talk about sex and understand what is erotic intelligence.

    When I read your articles, I see a man with a frivolous erotic mind, and that is very welcome in a world where sex and eroticism are clear taboos, forgetting that which one of them is part of our human biology. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend! <3

    1. Alexandra, I’m grateful that you view me as an example of good flirting and having erotic intelligence. ✨ You are as thoughtful as you are sexy – a wonderful combination. Hope you had a great weekend ☺️

      1. I would say that I can see who is behind the Dionysian Experience. But the dionysian experience can lead us to Dionysius, the Greek God of wine and social influence. The words you write here aren’t sexual for me, but more a tasteful glass of red wine.

        I had a great weekend, hope you had one too 😉

  60. such a love-fest…………

    1. I haven’t read through these comments in a while but think it might be time for a stroll down memory lane with some special friends.💞

  61. Always so delicious re-reading your work Michael. Re-visiting your yummy artwork. Oh yes.. ohhh yes. 💦

    1. I believe this comment has been here a long time. I think I finally have my problem figured out with comments not coming through, hope this one does. At least from the time you wrote this, I’m glad you enjoyed it then…giving me have a big…smile right now.🔥 Hope you are having a great weekend 😊

    1. Thank you 💫

    1. Glad you enjoyed, appreciate your visits and encouragement 💫

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