Sensual Shadows is an erotic, novel-length true story that flows throughout my blog. It explores my sensual, loving, and very naughty journey with Sienna as we fall in love, reveal our sexual fantasies, and experience Sienna’s sexual awakening. As your guide, I’ll provide you with an intimate view of our journey and drive for transcendent love and ecstasy. The Invitation takes us place before we became lovers. An evening with colleagues ends with me extending an invitation to Sienna…to my hotel room. It alternates between Sienna’s perspective and my own. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

Sienna Says:

Throughout the night, I have literally felt Michael’s energy and passion flooding my presence and immersing me in a dreamy haze of sexy, erotic energy. Even as we mingled with colleagues and worked the room, I retained a laser-like focus on his whereabouts…steeling glances and making eye contact that communicated what I hoped would soon read out like an addictive romance novel. The unspoken strategy we both seemed to employ was a sexy dance of moving in and out of conversations with others, finding opportunities to sit next to each other, and grasping the guiding hand of the intense spiritual and sexual energy swirling around us.

It is now a little after 1:00 am and Michael and I are standing outside a hip eclectic bar where we spent the last few hours socializing with work associates. Under a summer moon, we engage deeply in what must appear to others as a business conversation. Yet, it is a purposeful focus on a YouTube video Michael insists on showing me. I love his passion for music. We hang back from the others and look down intently at his phone as others rush into cabs to get back to the hotel. Michael seems to be intentionally holding us back and setting us up for our own private ride. It is a ride I have longed to take with Michael. As the hustle and bustle fades, my world becomes quiet and fiery…it’s just Us.

We slide across the backseat of our taxi almost as one. I rest my inside leg over his as we settle in to watch his YouTube video on our ride back to the hotel. I look over at Michael and gaze deeply into his eyes as the song “Hypnotized” plays…it is exactly how he makes me feel.

Michael Muses:

When Sienna positions her leg over mine, it is the first moment we are truly in one another’s intimate space. The electrical charge of this moment is like a sonic boom…leaving an echo that will no doubt forever reverberate in my soul. We lean into each other…hands tentatively touching as we fumble around with our phones sharing songs and videos. One problem – we can’t get anything to play.

Simple tasks like selecting a song and pressing play are beyond us. While we have been drinking, it is our sensual dance that truly has us intoxicated. Our hands rest warmly and perfectly over one another’s thighs. Our bodies are close with legs and arms entwined. Sienna leans into my chest as we both laugh with nervous, playful energy. Her scent and presence fill my being as an overwhelming sensation of wholeness begins to rise within. I feel light…my soul is illuminated.

Sienna Says:

We arrive back at hotel too quickly. I didn’t want this night or ride to ever end but wasn’t sure if Michael was feeling the same way. Walking towards the elevators, Michael leans in close and whispers his room number along with an invitation to join him for a glass of wine. I’m speechless but so nervously excited!

Before I can respond, the same people we have been socializing with for the past few hours start swarming around and engaging us. The elevator door opens, and we all pile in. My floor is the 6th and Michael’s is on the 8th. I slip off at my floor and say goodnight to Michael and everyone in the elevator. I give Michael a quick glance to let him know I will see him soon.

I quickly rush off to my room to freshen up. I realize I’m wearing my “everyday beige” lingerie but have no time to change and could care less. At least they were matching and sort of lacy…(okay a stretch, boring and daily). I bolt out the door toward the elevator. In what seems like only seconds, it feels as if my body has floated up to the 8th floor. Here I am… standing outside Michael’s door. My heart is pounding, and my body is trembling with excitement. This knock, I am certain, will open a door to a whole new world of magical splendor.

Michael Muses:

Based on how the night had gone, I’m hoping Sienna will stop by, but I’m not sure. It might feel like too bold of a move for her. I wish I had kissed her in the taxi, but it didn’t feel like the right place for that long awaited first kiss. Damn it. I may have missed the perfect opportunity – our energy was off the charts. I wish she had shared her room number…then I would know for sure. It would have been a much easier walk for me to make.

Just in case she does come, I scramble around straightening up the room, set the lights, turn on a favorite music playlist, and open some wine. It feels like only a couple minutes have passed when I hear a soft knock on the door. The rest of the world becomes quiet and fades away. My heart is pounding as I walk purposefully to a door. This door is now infused with meaning and energy and feels like a threshold. Life as I know it at this moment may be dramatically altered once Sienna crosses this threshold. I open the door to reveal Sienna standing bashfully on the other side.

Her shy, bashful demeanor stands in stark contrast to the bold journey she took to be here. The most beautiful, sensual woman in the world has presented herself at my door…to be opened. She is the gift of all gifts and one that should be handled with care and cherished…a gift whose opening should be savored.

To be continued…

Sensual Shadows is a work in progress with over 60 stories currently available. You can find the chronology, brief descriptions, and links here: Sensual Shadows Index. How will our journey and Sienna’s sexual awakening evolve? Here is a teaser image for the next chapter – Home at Last.

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