The old adage that crime doesn’t pay certainly rings true for those behind bars. Unfortunately, crime fighting doesn’t pay well either. This is becoming frustratingly apparent to Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl. Our caped crusader is finding it tough balancing her day life along with the endless hours needed for detective work and long nights spent protecting Gotham. Adding to her frustration is the fact that crime fighting requires substantial financial resources and Batgirl’s savings are running low.

In order to make ends meet, Batgirl decides to open an Instagram and OnlyFans account with a monthly fee for the latter. As Batgirl begins thinking about her sites, she does a little research on Catwoman and Harley’s media sites.

Barbara Gordon’s strategy is to share tasteful images that build upon her brand as a professional crimefighter and hopes to become a social influencer. If successful, this sites will provide much financial resources to support her crime fighting efforts. Additionally, a strong social media presence will elevate her on the world stage and open her up for collaborations with crimefighters beyond Gotham.

While researching Harley and Catwoman’s sites, Barbara is stunned by the images flashing before her eyes!

Alley Cat

An aghast Barbara yells at the computer scream, “What the hell is wrong these women?!?!” She is adamant about not catering to the sexually perverse masses like these trashy girls or allowing herself to be sexualized! People will appreciate her style and professionalism! She wasn’t raised this way and is far too proud to travel down the same filthy path Catwoman and Harley are traveling. She is above pandering to these base sexual desires!

Despite all the hype, Batgirl’s highly-anticipated social media launch featuring action shots and professional images is met with a lackluster reception and limited subscriptions on OnlyFans.

Her DM is filled with endless requests to see her tits and other girly parts along with, heaven forbid, sex scenes! She resists these calls for several months but her financial situation isn’t improving and managing her fledgling social media business is taking even more time and resources. Batgirl desperately needs financial resources…for the good of Gotham. Deep down, she is also feeling competitive and knows she is every bit as smart and pretty as Catwoman and Harley. Why should they be getting all the attention…and money?

Batgirl revisits her stance on content and all the requests to show more of herself…she weighs the pros and cons of being more sexually provocative. It is a very difficult decision for our sexually innocent caped crusader. In the end, she reaches the conclusion that helping the citizens of Gotham outweighs any sense of pride and shame that has been holding her back.

Our sweet, innocent caped crusader begins sharing more revealing images. One picture after another goes viral as sexy shots of her womanly charms are soon swirling around internet and world. Her subscriptions are skyrocketing and cash begins pouring into her account like a heavy rain.

While she is rather disgusted and offended by many of the crude comments left by men and the cum tributes on her photos, she can’t deny the arousal she feels knowing so many men and even some women are looking at her with lust-filled eyes. She even begins catering to some of those lustful desires by accepting requests from the perverse fringes of society. Her most requested and most popular scenes are her woman-in-peril sets.

The intensity and lewdness of comments and DMs to her site increased exponentially. It seemed all of Gotham was now obsessed with Batgirl and wanted to fuck her. She began to worry that she may have gone too far. Now that she had likely become sexualized by criminals, might they involve themselves in even more high-profile crimes in order to attract Batgirl’s attention? What would happen to her if she were actually captured by a group of these bad boys? Barbara’s angst slipped into her dreams which were soon filled with wild visions of her being fucked by her criminal captors…even multiple men at once.

These dreams were shocking and caused her to awaken panicked and sweating…with the last flutters of an orgasm releasing from her soaked pussy. “Impossible!”, her mind screamed! She knows she would never want to experience this in real life, but how can such filthy thoughts make her cum so hard?

As Batgirl’s fame and riches grow, she begins pulling market share and attention away from the villainous harlots. Harley Quinn doesn’t seem to care or pay any attention to it. In truth, her OnlyFans page is wildly successful even though she barely manages it. Catwoman, on the other hand, is a different story. She is highly attuned to every aspect of her own enterprise, everything Batgirl does, and every single cent that is now flowing away from her own account and into Batgirl’s coffer. Catwoman despises Batgirl’s hypocrisy!

Catwoman is a sensual and highly sexual woman and her site reflects who she is. She hates how Batgirl puts on such a sweet, sexually naive facade while flashing her tits for all the world to view while jerking off. If anyone in Gotham should be called TwoFace, Catwoman reckons that name should belong to Batgirl! Plus, Catwoman wants all that money and cream for herself!

Catwoman finally reaches her breaking point and hatches a scheme to kidnap Batgirl. If successful, Catwoman will tuck Batgirl away deep in her feline lair with big plans for her new pet. Batgirl will become part of Catwoman’s new premium-tier, OnlyFans offering. Fans at this level will have access to streaming sessions and photos featuring Batgirl in wild BDSM scenes, gang bangs, and double penetrations just to name a few perks available for premium tier members.

What will become of our once so seemingly sweet and innocent Batgirl who has given her all for the good of Gotham? In return, Gotham has only demand more and wants to see her knocked off her pompous pedestal of angelic purity. How pure is Barbara Gordon, really? Is she that different from many of us who hide, deny, and/or repress our wild sexual desires? Maybe, behind the safety of her veil, she is finally free  to reveal her true self and embrace her wild side.

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