What follows is a toast written by BK who was a follower a blog I once shared with Sienna called Sensual Shadows. His references to Sienna’s beauty in the toast that follows were based on the dozens, if not hundreds, of nude photos I proudly displayed of my girl in our stories and erotic videos. His Love-Lust Toast touched me deeply, and I’m happy to share it with you today.

A Love-Lust Toast

More than Romeo and Juliet’s love and immersed in the depths of true love-lust perfection, never was there a story more powerful than that of Michael and his Sienna. They are two beautiful individuals that through their love are in the prime of delving into and exploring the love-lust arena. Like prophets for a new state of loving in our hyper-modern world, the glamorous nature of their physical form blended seamlessly with the intelligent, witty, sharp-mindedness that characterizes their blog may very well popularize a new lifestyle.

Sienna, you are confident, liberated, and strongly in touch with your inner-slut. Your dance sequence in the “I Believe” video…what can I say? Your legs are spread wide open for the whole world to see. You compel us to stare wantonly as you orgasm before us while we imagine our hands upon you.

Each set of hands belong to an anonymous lover that desires to caress away your tears and fears and bring you to a state of streaming, unbridled orgasms.

You bless us – the voyeur – with the privilege of partaking and sharing our deeply aesthetic, erotic, and lascivious appreciation of your magnificent feminine form and beauty. The more Michael shares any part of you in this lewd fashion, the more we evolve towards a greater sense of experiencing our own sublime consciousness and attain some semblance of saintly bliss.

Michael, you are a great man. We salute you for winning the love of such a beautiful creature. We congratulate you for every time you look at her, stroke her cheek, kiss those succulent lips, and every time you make love to and fuck the rough out of her till you are completely spent and gently rest yourself upon her naked, sweating, heaven-sent body. Our hands are clapping, and we applaud the magnanimous, highly-charged affinity you have with your inner beast.

We raise our wine glasses in your honor like a toast to the gods for allowing us to share, in whatever way you choose, the deeply aesthetic, erotic, and lascivious appreciation of your very own woman. Rest assured that by sharing your conquests, dominance, and fantasies of Sienna, you free us to imagine what it would be like to touch and taste her. We are thereby allowed to commune on a limited basis with the divine as we savor the bodily and spiritual parts of us that are intensely aroused with the deepest affection for your Sienna. You thereby release our spirit into the world and remind us to breathe, and help us to be.

You are the conductor of the biggest orchestra performing a piece of art for all eternity… – BK

About Sienna and Sensual Shadows

Sienna and I were a sensual, passionate, and sexually adventurous couple that once shared a portion of our journey on a blog called Sensual Shadows. Our relationship felt powerful and magically transcendent. Relationship aside, my presentation of Sensual Shadows was an incredibly satisfying creative endeavor. It tapped into something deep within me that needed to be released…and still does. Even today, it gives me great pleasure to share our loving, erotic journey as it unfolded years ago along with stories never before shared.

About BK’s Toast

While Sensual Shadows flowed around our relationship, my overarching vision for Sensual Shadows was to create something that transcended us. We were messengers. As BK felt and so eloquently expressed, we were tapping into deeper psychological and spiritual forces…revealing the deeper meaning of desires and exposing timeless truths through our awakening. I wanted others to go on this journey with us…to see it and feel it.

I think Sienna was feeling this too when she left her final comment on Sensual Shadows.

I was in Our Sensual Shadows last night and so enjoyed walking down memory lane. I felt the power of our divine love and connection…so many beautiful moments. You were like an architect. I just showed up and you created a new world of erotic magic and splendor all around me! You created such an amazing place for us to enjoy and celebrate our love. I miss you and miss US! – Sienna

Though I now walk alone, the deeper journey continues. Friends, I hope you enjoy your stroll through my Sensual Shadows. As your personal guide, I encourage you to dress appropriately…or undress. Sienna is a very naughty angel and the journey is going to be a hot one. ~ Michael

Michael - Tuxedo 3 v2

Suggested Reading:

Sensual Shadows – Chronology and Links: This post contains a chronology, brief description, and links to my loving, erotic journey with Sienna. Sensual Shadows is still a work in progress with new art, audio, stories, and videos coming this year.

82 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: A Love-Lust Toast

  1. Oh, how delightful! As always, I am deviantly excited to see what comes through Your space. Look up, and perhaps smile, Michael. ❤

    1. Deviantly excited…you have come to right place. This story is dripping with deviations…among other things. 😈 Although, veiled as it may be, there is plenty of that on your space as well.☺️

      1. Lol. Ah! So You see through the haze, straight into the midst of the playground! I look forward to reading and speaking more. ❤

  2. It was one of my favorite blogs of all time (second only to maybe BK’s). It makes my heart ache because I learned so much from your journey … and from BK’s observations as well. You amaze me in so many ways. Thank you, always, for sharing (and resharing).

    1. Thank you Dana for adding a testimonial. You are the amazing one! 😘☺️Hopefully, these stories will be fun to explore again. I will have others too that were never posted. So, hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the other naughty adventures…including the primary fantasy we were building towards fulfilling 😉

      1. You know I will read every word and vividly imagine every detail!!! I’ve always had questions regarding that primary fantasy … perhaps they will be answered in this series. ❤

        1. It will.😘 Actually…again and again🔥😉

  3. Oh Michael, I wish I could have read the blog 🙁 but I can’t wait to read more of what you have planned for us. Reading from these, sensual shadows seems to be one hell of a journey that I can’t miss and the connection that you and Sienna is amazing. It’s a kind of connection I wish to have and reading it from here is amazing and the comments you guys shared, it’s all just amazing! 😊

    1. Thank you Samantha 😃 No worries on missing that blog, it is all coming back soon. I needed to get a little teaser into my blog about future posts before the next Yumi update. There are a lot of naughty and loving stories that remain to be told. I think you will enjoy and feel connected to Sienna’s journey. She was somewhat innocent but there was a naughty girl inside her that needed to be tapped into and released…like a butterfly spreading her wings.

    2. Sammy… he did it again..
      His adventures with sienna. Sure sounds blissful.. and is definitely going to take us to heights and places we can only live through them..
      Michael sure knows how to connect with his girls..

      And bring out the highest level of desires.. to create that divine bliss..
      it’s really all just amazing 😉..!!!!

      1. I can’t wait either Nita, Michael sure knows how to have us crazy on another level of high haha

        1. Lol 😂 Sam…

          Michael is the love and lustful guru..
          he is the goddess of deep desires and high stimulation .

          He sure knows how to ignite that fire 🔥 deeply in my loins ..and let it blaze with raging fury..

      2. Mmmm Nita, I think you were needing this post 😈🔥I hope that fire is burning hot as you are stoking and stroking into wild fire that must be quenched!💦😘

      3. GaSP! IT IS!!

  4. He has a gift Nita.

    Women who have had the pleasure to be his should know they are lucky and very few in life

    1. Yep 👍… lucky 🍀 lucky 🍀 them..

    2. Thank you Sexy Samantha, this was such a sweet thing to say💖😘 I am the lucky one though…they each gave me a gift.❤️

      1. You are very welcome Sir Michael 😊😘

  5. Wow this is so promising. I already know I’m going to love it. It sounds like the perfect relationship, even though that doesn’t exist, it does sound like all a girl would wish for: that one crazy, beautiful, erotic, loving, deep connection that has no boundaries because there’s no need… Ok, I got way too excited. Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

    1. Awww, hi Teresa😃I’m so glad you returned…hope you stay with me for a while. I like your excitement and my wish is that this journey over delivers 💖It was magical and I only hope to do it justice (and turn a few folks on along the way).😉

    2. Teresa.. join the club baby girl…
      we all get a little over excited with Michael’s crazy beautiful erotic loving deep connections..
      And who needs boundaries when you are feeling that good

  6. Wow, Michael! I can’t wait to dive into this. I’m sure you’ll be a magnificent guide. I wish I had been around when the blog was running but I’m glad I get another chance to follow your journey.

    1. Thank you pretty girl❤️I’m going to serve it up in a way that hopefully pushes your erotic buttons and makes you wonder “What would I do?” or “Would I…could I do that?”. It will be a fun backdrop for many topics such as exhibitionism…along with plenty more. It’s also full of romance and sensuality. That can never be overlooked💖

      1. You pretty much always push my erotic buttons. 😘 And you always blend romance and sensuality into your sexy posts. Exploring edges thoughtfully is what you do best. Can’t wait! 🔥⚡️💋

  7. Looking forward to following your journey. Such fun you promise and i would lay odds it is not just a promise.

    1. It was a rather bold opening.☺️Hopefully, this journey won’t disappoint. If women have orgasms along the way, it will be a success. 🔥💦I just hope I hear about it and the energy is returned. 😃

      1. Will let you know!! :o)

  8. I am excited and a feel a bit of trepidation… You have so much experience, I start to wonder if a woman even has a chance of resisting you? Not that anyone would 😉. But have you ever come across a woman who felt she had nothing to give you because of her more limited experience?

    1. Your name came through in the comment as “Anonymous”, so I’m not sure who you are☺️ Resistance may be futile so it is best to surrender right now, ha! Kidding☺️As to your thoughts around a woman’s experience, limited experience in my opinion is the best. She is like a beautiful canvas ready to be touched, nurtured, stroked, and filled to the edges. Together we create an erotic masterpiece. 💖🔥

  9. Very much looking forward to this Michael! Everything you write has incredible heat, passion and powerful lust and yet at the same time, you make it absolutely dreamy and romantic. I am in eager anticipation!

    1. Hi Beautiful! You have been laying low…and I’ve missed you😘 I’m glad this whet your appetite. I wanted everyone to know there was much to come…after Yumi comes.😉 Love your mention of heat and lust as well as dreamy and romantic. To me, this is the archetypal edges of Apollo and Dionysus and a desire to blend the two. Actually, you and your naughty cohorts did a wonderful job with this in the Graces post.😈😇

      1. Thank you! We had such great fun working together. My Grace is matched with Apollo, interesting I thought… while Dionysus pairs with Euphrosyne. Apollo was more than just the god of wisdom, I discovered. Also prophecy, poetry and music. I loved that! I hope Yumi comes soon! 😛😘

        1. Yes, I’m fascinated with the interplay these two gods as archetypes and how they still influence us today…whether we are aware of it or not. I have one coming up that you may at least find mentally stimulating…especially after research for your recent post😊😘

  10. Oh I think I’ll be more than mentally stimulated if I know you, Michael! 🔥😈✨💖✨

  11. Oooooh Michael…

    There’s not much left for me to say after I read BK comments..
    she echoes every of my thoughts and wonders of you…

    I’m so marveled to see that I’m not the only one that is so caught up and so in awe of you.
    How you are able to hold us and pull us in that we live every moment of your encounters with you..
    you got me sharing in every one for sure…and as I read your stories.. I vividly visualize every aspect of it all… and I delve in..
    enjoying it as much as you are and more…
    you make all my senses come alive.. and heightened my deep desires to be a part of every one of your erotic tales..

    Looking forward to your next adventure..

    1. Oh Nita, you never fail to make my day with your amazing reactions!😃🌹I thought you might want to know that there would be something else to follow Yumi that is even juicier💦I hope you will immerse yourself deeply in this one and let yourself go on the journey with me. It may challenge you at times as I take her to the edge. You may wonder if you could or would go there… This will be like Fantasy Island. Take my hand and cum with me…😈🔥

      1. Michael!!! Michael…

        I’m taking your hands and I’m going to embrace every step with you. And I’m sure to cum with a blast.

        I’m up to the challenges and am willing to go wherever you go.. take me along Michael.. I’m all yours…

  12. Carly Quinn Author

    I thought I’d already commented on this? Well, in my defense, it was late….and I was restless. Always excited to read new (to me) stuff from you. It’s kinda like reading an owner’s manual for men…lol…all the tips and tricks. 😉

    1. Someone left a message with a gravator name “Anonymous”…maybe that was yours when you weren’t signed into WP? Check it out and see.😊So, you were up late and feeling restless. There is a solution for that…😈🔥Owner’s manual, lol! I hope I’m not giving away too many tips and tricks. Of course, there is an artistic element for execution😘 Maybe I should leave a disclaimer like they do on car commercials *Don’t try this at home. Closed course with professional driver.”😉

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        An interesting comment, do I claim it or not…lol.

        Why not give tips and tricks! Not everyone can make a trip to the Venetian. You’ve got to give the DIYer’s a chance. Of course it doesn’t hurt if they also have a flair for the, err, dramatic?

        1. “…the, err, dramatic”😄You are one to talk 😉Hope you are having a great week beautiful💖

  13. Carly Quinn Author

    I assume since these have been posted before, we can expect weekly posts for awhile?😈

    1. I’m going to try and get to that point, ha!😃I will have to add some context since much of that will be missing and make digital art to replace the original photos. It won’t be quite as easy as cut and paste. Still, I think 3 -4 posts a month is a good goal🏆☺️

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        Good, I’ll check back on Sunday😉

  14. Looking back and thinking about how long it’s been since I first read these words I realized it’s been over 3 years now. It’s crazy to think where the time has gone and also how much has changed. One thing is for sure, I feel blessed to be your friend and to have known you through your journey. So happy to see you revisiting this part of your story. Kisses my sexy friend. xxx

    1. Thank you Kristi, it has been so amazing to connect with you again and to get to know you even better 😘💖 Wow, three years? It is amazing how quickly time has passed. Some of us are still around from the old group but so many have closed shop…or opened a skiphopsexflop shop 😃 This retiring won’t dominate my blog but will be fun to sprinkle in. Hope everything is going great for you sexy girl!😘🌹

  15. Heyyyy Michael..

    Missing you and my erotic fixed..
    I need a buzz..

    That only you can give. ..
    I’m going through withdrawal symptoms..
    😂 Lol 😂..

    Take a break and come delight us with your presence..

    1. I’ve missed you sexy girl 😘 My latest post isn’t exactly erotic but hope you enjoy it.☺️Believe me, I would love to write everyday…I have so much I want to share. My time for these pursuits are limited though😔 You still need to figure out how to watch the videos, ha! I have some older posts I don’t believe you have visited yet☺️

      1. Michael!!!

        I did watch most of them on my laptop 💻…
        just didn’t get around to comment on them.
        I did enjoy 😊 them .
        And you fabulous digital art work…
        You really do a very creative way of expressing and portraying things and moments in time..
        I will place a comment on your latest mythology of the graces..

        Really glad to see you ..
        And feel your presence….

        1. Oh Nita, so sorry I kept pressing you to watch those videos, ha! I was wondering if maybe I had technical issues on my end. Glad you were able to view them though.☺️ So glad you enjoyed the digital art, those add a bit of time to creating posts, but I really enjoy that creative endeavor. Always wonderful to feel your presence sexy girl😘💞

  16. Just so you know.. I do visit your site occasionally just to see if there any updates…
    but I tried not to always leave comments trying not to seems too obsessive..

    I go there to get my buzz . Reading 📖 your stories again and again..

    I so enjoy 😊 wild 😜 and erotic sexual experiences.

    You are really creative with that digital art talent of yours ..

  17. I think I’m completely speechless. I can’t formulate words to express as I read your description of your relationship with Sienna. The testimonials shared between you and Sienna are so genuine and reminds me of something I thought I had. I enjoy frolicking through your world.

    1. Ms. Fet, thank you so much for this comment. You put a big smile on my face☺️ I must say the thought of you frolicking anywhere close to me–including here– is very arousing🔥Glad you enjoyed this introduction to Sienna. This kind of journey is something I cherish. Sounds like you had a similar relationship? I hope you have great memories.😘❤️

      1. The memories of the relationship was great. However, we made a promise for this wonderful ending, they broke that promise. That’s why I truly enjoy those postings from you and Sienna. 😄

  18. […] Sensual Shadows – Introduction and Love-Lust Toast […]

  19. I remember this post vividly (& BK fondly). This post led to a very lively discussion between BK and me regarding love and lust. He truly did capture a part of your relationship that I had not fully appreciated until then. Thank you for reposting this!!!

    1. I think I have a copy of your back and forth with BK on this. 🙂 It really was a fascinating piece and discussion. I had always planned to break it down and see if his perspective (as it related to Sienna and I) was really on target. Still on my to-do list, ha!

  20. Tosha Michelle


    1. Thanks

  21. Hmm… Michael. I am so tempted to call you M, but I fear that would be confusing.

    You are…a unique creature…truly. And your writing is hard, hair pulling , breathless pulsating and sweet, yet soft and familiar and a little terrifyingly addictive.

    I’m torn between turning away now or never tarring my eyes away 😏

    1. Sensual and thoughtful M, I love your reaction to this and other stories. You are such a talented writer and to know that you find some of mine worthy of a hair pulling, pulsating reaction is wonderful feedback. To imagine you in such a state has other effects on me too ☺️🔥Don’t turn away.😘

      1. Michael,
        I have precious little time to write.
        I want to respond to every sweet hot word you have said to me…
        I will soon. I ache to…

        Go to a post of mine called My Voice.
        Copy paste this password:

        Listen. It’s my voice

        Soon then. And with fire

        1. Sensual M, I accessed this post. Thank you for bringing me in and sharing such a powerful experience with me. 💖You have left me a few comments between our blogs and they…have touched me in the most amazing way. You might have enjoyed the impression in my slacks you created…or even the rather substantial wet spot that remained as my unquenched fullness subsided.🔥 I know you are busy so I’m going to pace my responses. I want you to be able to get caught up and also have time to create. I’ll leave you with this for now, to say I am absolutely mesmerized by your presence would be an understatement.

          1. Michael…

            It seems I am unable to censor myself when it comes to talking with you… I don’t know why. Perhaps it is because I hide so much of my soul in real life and here, talking to you…I feel I can be myself.

            You’ll know me well eventually…

            You know, whenever I write your name, I feel as though I am whispering it in your ear, my breath tingling your skin, sending sensations coursing through your body…

            It makes me a little breathless just thinking about it. Which I am unable to stop lately… thinking about you, that is.

            To have made an impression on you in that way is… delicious. I can’t tell you how heated your comments make me feel. Well, I can but… slowly, you know? I like it slow…

            I wait with pulsating heartbeat and…other things whenever I manage to check my notification box to see your name waiting for me. It’s intoxicating.

            YOU are mesmerized by my presence? My god , Michael…you have my full attention.

            I see sometimes the way that you interact with all the beautiful women who gasp for you…and I won’t lie when I tell you that it excites me beyond measure that your…tone…is slightly different with me . I told you…I crave to feel unique. Perhaps that will be difficult when interacting with you…or perhaps not. I have been called an enchantress…maybe I am working some magic on you.

            You like my voice, Michael? That is elixir to my ears and mind…as are a lot of your words.

            I await ….you


      2. And are you imagining me in that state Michael? Your words have a warm, dripping effect on me too…I would never, COULD never turn away from that…

  22. Wow…I felt this sensual love you shared with Sienna right to my core…you truly and deeply felt more than love and lust for her. It seems you were connected on another plane entirely.
    The love exuding from your words as you describe her and talk with her… it’s hypnotic, it hurts a little too, but it’s beauty corporeal.
    What a lucky creature she was to be able to share you in such ways, bodies connecting and fitting effortlessly, ensconced in each other’s essence, insatiable desire oozing from every pore of your bodies …and to add irresistible potent drops to this enmeshing of two incomprehensibly gorgeous people, a spiritual connection suited to be immortalised in the stars, along with the other divine intertwining of gods and heroes.

    You must still crave her and her essence so much.
    You write so beautifully when you’re in love, Michael

  23. sweetamatory

    Since I began following your blog Michael, I would be lying if I said I really sort of got engaged with the story about Siena and now I am so interested in this new series about her because I want to know more about it and connect with it as much as I did with Yumi’s story. So I am really really looking forward to this

    1. I can appreciate this, Yumi is a very special girl. You may have missed it but I have another post on her that is up (Yumi – Take My Soul). Actually, I slipped in quite a few new stories while rebooting this blog. Glad you are feeling open to Sienna. This is a loving story but one that is also very kinky.😈🔥

      1. sweetamatory

        I will be reading it cause I think I missed it – the Yumi take my soul part. And I am looking forward to Sienna’s story

  24. Vanya Rajwar

    Yet again…. Titillating to the senses!

    1. Thank you Vanya, I always enjoy your visits…and getting a sense of your pleasure while visiting 🔥

      1. Vanya Rajwar

        Thankyou so much!!!

  25. CinnamonGirl

    Well, I look forward to it

  26. “Your beauty spans time and transforms with the seasons. With each glance, I struggle to breathe as you fill my eyes with wild wonder and passion’s fire burns in my soul. In my eyes, you are divine and infinite. ” … wow what amazing words! For a moment i was swept away imagining her beauty & romanticizing the notion of seeing the intensity of your eyes tracing her every curve! This is great Mike. Totally should write a novel.. i’d love to sit and get lost in your very words! 😉

    1. You are so amazing! This comment made my day…my month!💞 The thought of you sitting close to me in very inspiring…in several ways. My eyes light up now just thinking about it.🔥 Jenn, I really do appreciate this. I want to capture these memories in an engaging way and your feedback means a lot! Hope you are having a great week ✨

      1. You do an amazing job.. enticing the mind to drift. Yes Michael.. I always enjoy your words. For me, its the mental stimulation that makes the physical so much sweeter… intensely more erotic. Many don’t realize the connection is more than touch..it’s using all our senses with the combination of having trust to be completely free.

        1. yes. VERY TRUE!!

  27. The most clothes I’ve seen on any of your posts. Haha

    1. Ooops, it was clearly a mistake, ha!

  28. Ciao Michael. Ma Perché non si riesce più a visualizzare le pagine del tuo sito, quando clicco su una pagina mi viene sempre nera e non si vede niente riesco a vedere solo le pagine che ricevo via email ciao.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Tom. I think it is fixed now. Please let me know if there is still a problem 😊

  29. Si funziona grazie. Scusa non avevo visto che domandavi se era risolto. Ciao grazie

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