At it’s core, my blog it is a quest for deeper meaning and understanding. It runs on an annual cycle with updates to older posts, new art, and new stories being added each year. The recurring Jan 1st post, Shadow, sets the stage by revealing the personal story of my mother’s suicide. I don’t mention it often during the rest of the year, but it is there…my shadow…my darkness. That posts also provides some ideas and ways for you to identify and think about your own shadow.

Lightworker appears as my second post of each year because it is also a key part of my blog’s foundation, and the counterbalance for my shadow. In it’s earliest iterations, this post was simply a collection of art with swirling energy. I was aware of this creative tendency and noticed the rush I felt when creating art depicting flowing energy and lights. I didn’t understand where the inspiration came from or what it meant, but I knew I liked it.

Michael - Sheet 13

I’ve come to appreciate that these works may actually have deeper personal meaning. Taken as a whole, they may be unintentional projections of my persona. Famed psychologist Carl Jung used the term persona to describe the collection of masks we wear as we present ourselves to the world around us. Persona and Shadow are powerful psychological forces we each having swirling within and around us.

The featured image for this post comes from a session six years ago. At the time, I was thinking about the somewhat puzzling reaction I sometimes experience when first meeting a woman. One sensation feels magical. It’s like a light turns on and sparkles in her eyes. Her body language, eye contact, and smile are firing like fireworks and the space between feel almost electrically charged. The other extreme is complete indifference…a dark void between us. This same experience has played out in my blogging journey. Plenty of women check out my blog, move on, and never return. They feel nothing here.  In contrast, I have made some incredibly special connections here that I will always cherish.

As many of the works in this post took shape, I was dialed in on the energy flow I feel with women, the connections we have shared, and the mysterious magical force I feel emanating from some women. These kindred souls have visited my blog here and there, listened for while, and touched my soul. What did these women feel in my art or stories? Surely it was more than the occasional wet panties or gently pounding heart. While there is a lot of erotica on this blog, there is something deeper, more sensual, and liberating happening here that speaks to her. If my stories resonate, it is because she sees herself in my journey. Actually, her journey is also my journey. We both flow in the same timeless energy current.

Michael - Sheet 4 v1

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself spiraling down on a topic long since forgotten but came across the concept of “lightworker”. Lightworkers are people who have experienced some form of mystical/spiritual awakening in their lives and feel the calling to unleash healing emotional energy. They radiate with an energy that others in need may be drawn to. Those drawn to this energy may themselves be lightworkers but have lost their way and forgotten the energy residing within them. While lost in darkness, they still recognize this energy in others and are drawn to the light. If a connection is made, they are once again illuminated.

Michael - Lightworker v2

Do I consider myself to be a lightworker? No. Perhaps it has been me that is lost in darkness and lightworkers are illuminating me or perhaps I have been calling to them for help. I’m not going to explore this any further, but it is intriguing because I have always had a fascination with light and have often selected usernames that made references to light. There is something happening here.

I attribute my fascination with light and energy to the archetypal energy of Dionysus. To the ancient Greeks, Dionysus represented the dancing universe and ceaseless flow of energy that unites all of us with one another and the universe. This is the archetypal force that calls to me in my dreams. Perhaps Dionysus was the original lightworker. My heightened awareness of light and darkness is one of several reasons behind my blog title – The Dionysian Experience.

If this your first visit, welcome to The Dionysian Experience. Open the door…step inside and get turned on.

Mr. Cogsworth 2

If interested, I have more videos and digital art available here – Visual Arts

39 thoughts on “Digital Art I (Lightworker Sessions)

  1. I love the way you always tie in images with your writing. Bravo.,

    1. Thanks brother, your feedback is encouraging. I enjoy the digital art portion of my posts a lot…but get impatient sometimes with the time it adds and wonder if it even matters. Your feedback is timely. Btw, I’ve been posting a lot of backdated pieces that I’m not ready to feature as new releases yet. Appreciate that you check those out but my apologies for flooding your inbox with “new” post messages.

      1. You have a great blog. Very original. I love everything creative, not just poetry. And your blog is CREATIVE. Keep up the good work.

        1. Appreciate that…the feeling is mutual. You’ve created a wonderfully mesmerizing space on your blog.

          1. You are kind. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you Emma, so glad you enjoyed them ☺️✨

  3. TamaraKnowsBest

    Thanks for sharing, you’re quite the teacher, love your lessons especially sensual and the mythological ones. Great work!

    1. Awww, thanks Tamara! Exploring the sensual and mythological ought to be my tagline, ha! You’ve left me with a professor – naughty school girl fantasy

      1. TamaraKnowsBest

        Mm, me too.
 And you are most certainly…welcome

  4. Carly Quinn

    A little gem with my Apollo pictures! I like wandering around in here, I’m always seeing something new. For instance, Steampunk Michael at the door

    1. Yes, these are your Apollo images…I always think about that when I see them now. Love the steampunk reference too! Please, take my hand and step inside young lady. I have something to share with you.

  5. Carly Quinn

    Now, about light bringers-I don’t really know about all that but I do know this. Women who give of themselves without regard for themselves will one day wake up in darkness. I was raised to believe that what you send out into the world is what you will receive. That may be true someday, but more often you attract the deliriously needy, the takers who see an easy mark, the selfish looking for a slave. If you do not have someone feeding your soul, you burn up in your own flame. Left blackened and undesirable, you are soon overlooked for everything except your good works. You cease to be human, you are mother, daughter, sister, wife, neighbor, babysitter, the list goes on. You are no longer you. One day you can’t bear it anymore and you walk into darkness, hoping to feel again even if only vicariously. Oftentimes, stumbling around in the void you find others like you and something happens you never imagined. Your entire world is light again. 

    1. I saw this last night and had to sit with it a bit. It really pulled at my heart. It feels like these are the rest of the thoughts deferred from the Spiritual Virginity post. You have written something very powerful here…it is better than the post actually…really communicating the essence of it in a very personal and real way. I felt your light from our very first interactions…what seems now like long ago. You are still here and shining bright! You have a gift for making people feel special. My wish is that you always feel that same energy returned to you from those closest to you. Of course, I can’t control their reactions…only mine. I see you and feel you…and will always do my best to reflect the magical light that radiates from your soul. You are a special gift in this world

      1. Carly Quinn

        You are, as always, too kind. I don’t have anything close to your ability to straighten the gorgon coils of emotion into easily understood visions. I receive the most incredible insights reading your posts! Then I fumble about on the keyboard, hoping I can explain well enough what I see now. It’s seems quite childish in comparison, lol, like I’ve only just picked up a pencil for the first time. I just wanted you to know, you get it, you see it, you understand it!
        It means a lot to all the fallen angels stumbling around in the dark. 

        1. Carly, you are so special…this comment made my eyes water. Coming from deep in my heart, thank you 

          1. Carly Quinn

            You know I can’t leave it alone until I get some kind of liquid response from you… It’s been awhile since I made you tear up, that’ll work for today. But don’t be thinking I’ll be so easily satisfied in the future. (lol, I don’t know why I can’t just like your comment and leave it at that! Though I do love your comment! Your sweetness just brings out that naughty streak)

          2. “Liquid response” Mmmm, this cause me to fall back in my chair…take a deep breath and reach down for a full squeeze. You get more responses like this from me than you might imagine.Such a sweet, naughty girl 

  6. Carly Quinn

    You changed your avatar back. Just as well, the other had an unsettling affect I was struggling to define

    1. I really like the other one. Just using one more familiar so people will recognize me and find me again, ha! With the reboot, lost all followers. Was the other one a good unsettling? I like it because he is poised proudly on the fringes of light and darkness.

      1. Carly Quinn

        He seemed dangerous. More power, more erotic demand than the simple suggestion of your current avatar. Like a beast on the edge of the forest, stepped into the sunlight when he thinks no ones looking. He catches the eye, speeds the heart, not fear…not exactly. A frisson of awareness, the unexpected bite of a tightly straining nipple where before there was naked softness under the light silk of summer. The desire to stroke those horns, are they bone under dark velvet? Or something more sinister? Would he lower his head to your touch? Would his warm breath be the only warning before he tasted the silk covered peak and your grip turns from exploration to lifeline. Your knees trembling as roughened leather moves between your thighs, wanting to mark itself with your scent. The warning press of teeth at your breast, melting your token resistance. The breathless sound as you both disappear in shadow.

        Wait, what was the question?

        1. I’m speechless…mesmerized by what I just read…over and over. God, my heart is racing. I need to pair this vignette with that image somewhere. It can’t sit here in the comments…it needs to breath. Can I use it? I can do it anonymously, use your name, or use your name and link? I can’t express how spectacularly this is firing through me right now I don’t even know what the question was anymore…it doesn’t matter. Carly…wow!

          1. Carly Quinn

            You may use it however you wish and of course you may leave my name in the writing or are you going to add to it? I think you should change this part for clarity—a worn? Rough? Coarse? Warm? leather glove moves between—

            I’ll leave it up to you. You’ve certainly had some pictures that fire up my Beast fable that has been woefully ignored. This one especially, since you asked how it unsettled when I really thought about it, put words down about it. My Beast was suddenly very present and very interested. Lol. Now look what you’ve done!

            I love that you changed it back. 

          2. Thank you, Carly I’ll make that change. I’ll have to think about adding to it. It does beckon for more…like your Beast. You had mentioned some other images that were missing in a recent comment. I have gone through and added most of them back now after my “Terms of Service” review and what is/isn’t allowed. I think “The Wall” was one that touched you If there is one that I’ve missed, let me know and…I’ll get it up. 

          3. Carly Quinn

            I’ll get right on that

          4. Are you trying to make…my head explode with such perfectly placed double entendres? Whew…naughty, naughty! Mmmm!

          5. Carly Quinn

            Now, now, you started it! Any mess you make here, you’ll be cleaning up. One lick at a time!

          6. Mmmm, I won’t be releasing this thought anytime soon. No, it is actually a vision I will definitely savor…

          7. Carly Quinn

            I’ll get right on that, facing this way too

  7. To be honest just looking at this post and these illustrations and also with your wonderful writing it makes me think ‘wow’ Michael you are so handsome. Smart, intelligent hot sexy and damn way over handsome. Seriously 

    1. Thank you for this incredibly flattering comment, seriously There are many who come across my blog and don’t seem to see or feel anything. Others feel and see something different…something engaging. I have felt a strong, engaging reaction to your writing over your blogs and the time that I’ve known you. Whatever it is, there is something flowing within us that we recognize in one another and it is special. Thank you for keeping my light alive 

      1. You are welcome Sir Michael. I enjoy your content 

  8. Lightworker…I know someone like this, she makes me cry healing tears (amongst a whole range of other feelings). It’s almost as if she’s drawing them out of me. It can be a very unsettling experience for me because of my vice grip on my warrior persona. I always feel emotionally exhausted when she leaves, but so very content and peaceful when that has worn off. I can’t afford to spend too much time with her, I would disappear into a puddle of mushy stuff and become all pink and fluffy and that just won’t do at all! I’ve always understood why I feel the way I do around her but never had a name for what she does before… thank you. The art work on this piece is fabulous. I adore the final picture, steampunk is gorgeous art!
    I also really enjoy the other images too, they are a visual delight and I take something else from those, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, but then, you already knew that. 💋💋😈
    I wish I could create something like this for my own words. The sensuality these images bring to your words is like liquid heat oozing over the senses creating sparks in the mind as we read.🔥💫💖

    1. Ohhh, sweet, mushy Gem 😄😛I could barely type that, ha! Part of the typing problem is due challenges accessing my keyboard thanks to your last two posts 🍆🔥On a more serious note, I certainly see your warrior side but see and feel more. I don’t know what to make of the “lightworker” belief and certainly don’t claim to be one. Still, there is something about this notion that resonates with me. Of all the writers and endless stories, we have connected in a way that is beyond the sex stories. Why? I don’t know. What I do know though is that I see and feel your light. 💫

      1. Yeah, see, sweet and mushy all in the same sentence along with my name should be banned completely, forever… never to be uttered again! It just doesn’t quite ring true does it? I mean… really? I am so not pink and fluffy ever, nevermind sweet and mushy! Stepping away from my soft curvy cuddly side now.
        More serious note,
        A meeting of like minds, equal pain, glorying in sensual pleasure, a deep understanding of how we work? I love your art work, it speaks to me like nothing else does in the digital art field and I peruse those virtual corridors looking for new art all the time, until I saw and connected with your imagery, I couldn’t even remember a name or an image that stayed with me after I had seen it.
        I adore the way your mind works, on a sexual level yes, but more so on an intellectual level. You have a way of looking at things and lifting the lid on them and exposing the soft underbelly of life and its twists and turns and kinks that sparks my mind. Plus, you are sexy as hell and you know it!
        More than that, if there needs to be more, it’s your words. You just have a way of climbing inside my brain and making me ‘see’ what it is you see.
        Who knows it could be all those things or none of them.

        Sometimes people just connect. I believe we feed a need in each other we didn’t know we had. Don’t know what it is, but I do enjoy my conversations with you. Perhaps that is the light working between us?
        I see and feel your light too Michael. Long may that continue.
        So happy my last two posts took control of your reactions again. I do enjoy that power. A great deal. Might say I crave that knowledge to feed a hunger, but then, that would be me showing you a different aspect of my feral nature…💋😈😈🔥💫

        1. Gem, I didn’t want this comment of yours to get lost amongst our recent (and deliciously hot) exchanges. Thank you so much for your kind words about my art and writing. I so enjoy writing, and creating the visuals has become almost as much fun. I still have a lot of my older works scattered around but slowly updating them. I FINALLY feel like I’m getting closer to being able to capture what I see and feel. For you, a connoisseur of images, to share that my work speaks to you is simply incredible to hear…thank you for that 💫😘 As for being sexy, YOU are the one that is sexy as hell! I’m just trying to hang on 🔥 You are causing me to have aching erections, I mean reactions.🍆✨☺️ And, it is more than simply physical reactions – you are reaching much deeper zones and lighting those up. You are like lightening in my atmosphere, flashing bright and majestic all around me. I’m so glad you are here.⚡️💫😘

          1. Michael, this is most definitely a mutual adoration, in truth I absolutely adore playing with you, it feeds such a deep need in me to see you spinning in the wind for me, so very hard and aching for release, and it’s a delight to watch. You never disappoint. I sometimes find myself tailoring my stories to see if they spark your deeper desires. I want to see which way you spin and turn and dance for me with the delivery of each new idea. Especially as you declared a lack of real interest in fictional stories! I think I may be converting you slowly. You challenge me in a way I am never challenged. I am excited about writing again, about the power of beautiful digital art, about reaching inside myself and finding new spaces I haven’t explored in my own mind before, imaginative creativity feeds my soul and you are so full of it I can barely take it all in. Your mind has no edges and I find that fascinating. Your artwork makes me feel like I could step inside it and live there happily. Your writing climbs inside me and gives me so much imagery I go into a full sensory overload. It’s a delightful state to be in!
            You are so alive and always so receptive to new experiences, new ways of receiving stimulation, new ways to be creative I can’t help myself, I have to stroke your mind to see your reaction. Is that naughty? Probably, but it excites and stimulates in a world where instant gratification has robbed us of the slow sensual erotic stimulation and exploration of the mind.The written version of the sizzling heat as it builds up to the explosion of sexual delights is so much more giving. I can almost feel the heat radiating from your skin, I can imagine the intensity of your gaze as you follow me into some new dark erotic place I want to take you. I can feel your fingers stroking me… damn that turns me on like you could not believe and it has beneficial side effects too.
            We have turned Tom into a voyeur as he reads our comments, he utterly adores our exchanges, they fire up his imagination and leave him breathless and rigid with desire. So even in this your words bring a new and exciting layer to our relationship that is divine. You make me hungry for more and that feeds Tom, he thought he had found all my layers, to experience this one delights him in a way he struggles to explain but revels in the glorious freedom it brings us and he encourages it daily.
            The ability to command an audience merely through the power of the written word… we are kindred spirits Michael, I too am so glad I found you on here. You are the thunder that roars from the lightning in our atmosphere, rolling through me, picking me up and tossing me into a world I had forgotten existed. Sensual, erotic and delicious. I see your light and have connected with it and you in a way I have not experienced before and I thank you for that. I adore this beautiful experience I am sharing with you. 💋💫🌹🔥💋💫✨

  9. Beautiful write up tied with wonderful images. This is art at it’s best

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the writing and art ☺️🙏 Glad you enjoyed this one 💫

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