A little late to party with this post, but I like to capture some notes at end of each year to reflect on what I accomplished as an aspiring writer, 3D artist, and someone that loves making panties wet and cocks hard. Hmmm, that sort of sums of the Dionysian Experience…just add a drink or two as you indulge in my decadent offerings. Okay, onto the serious stuff – reflections – with random artwork to distract you.

My biggest blogger milestone of 2023 was reaching 500,000 views. Thanks to everyone who browsed my content and contributed to the half-a-million milestone on The Dionysian Experience. I hope you enjoyed a few orgasms along the way. 😈 Also, a special thank you to the 15 or so folks that still check in on me and engage with stories through likes and comments. Beyond this, 2023 was the Year of the Lurker and 2024 promises more of the same.

Year of the Lurker

Check out these stats from past few days:

  • Jan 1st: 315 views, 89 unique visitors, 3.5 post views per visitor. Likes = 0, Comments =0
  • Jan 2nd: 326 views, 100 unique visitors, 3.25 post views per visitor. Likes = 0, Comments = 0
  • Jan 3rd: 345 views, 70 unique visitors, 4.98 post views per visitor. Likes = 0, Comments = 0
  • Jan 4th: 423 views, 111 unique visitors, 3.6 views per visitor. Likes = 1 (wow, the like button does work), Comments = 0

It boggles my mind how so many people can visit my site and check out multiple stories without leaving one comment or click the like button. Day after day, month after month, this pattern repeats itself. With that out of the way, let’s have a look at my most-viewed posts for 2023:

Most Viewed Stories – Cuckold Content Rules

Most Viewed Posts

I have often touted the popularity of cuckolding, and my 2023 stats certainly support it. Even though I have shared many non-cuckold stories, every single post in the most-viewed list (except for the Fuck Doll Fantasy – a BDSM type post focused on women) is related to cuckolding. New additions to the 2023 list are Cuckold Captions – Why So Popular?, Digital Art V (Cuckold Corner Magazine Covers), and The Fuck Doll Fantasy. I thought about providing links and a top-line view for this year’s top-10 but why bother. Lurkers are great at navigating my blog and will figure it out. Sorry to leave you hanging.

The 2023 list is also a bit different from my all-time list shown below:

Looking at the all-time list, a few of my Cuckold Corner interviews, The Other Man’s Cum, and Sienna on Wife Breeding fell off the 2023 most-viewed list. It is Interesting how these posts seem to gather or lose momentum within each year even though they have all been around for a while. That said, I invest a lot of time and passion on these posts and tend to refresh them periodically with new art and/or insights.

Patreon – Dollhouse Studio

During 2022, I finally took the Patreon plunge and had a rather successful go at it through most of 2023. I had more 3D-Art commission requests than I could manage along with a steady flow of monthly members. The engagement was pretty good too, and I made a few friends along the way. I would still be there, but they started to require photo IDs for creators of adult content that were managed by a third-party vendor. I write anonymously so I wasn’t prepared to go down that road. I tested the waters though and can see this being something I could do later in life…whether it be on Patreon, OnlyFans, or whatever is around at that time.

Deviant Art and AI Art

I had a rather productive year on DeviantArt and closing in on 5,000 followers. That said, I think my activity there will slow down in 2023 or at least become less rewarding. Artificial Intelligence (AI) art has really impacted my audience. People are able to create content now at a pace that runs circles around my 3D art creative process. I’ve been on DeviantArt for 5+ years and have less than 300 pieces of art created. I have come across AI content creators who have 2,000+ works completed and they have only been on the site a couple months. It’s crazy. I’ve tried AI art myself and, personally, it feels soulless and leaves me unfulfilled as an artist.

Who I really feel bad for are the true artists that AI uses to reference for its output. These people have real artistic skills and have spent years perhaps decades mastering their craft. Now some dude or gal can copy a few prompts and generate similar quality work in minutes and crank out 60 works in an hour. Even as a 3D artist, it takes me 1-3 hours, depending on the complexity of the scene, to generate one piece. Anyhoo…

The list below reflect my most-favorited works in 2023 (some of the oldies are still charting this year). While there are many works that I personally prefer over these, the tribe has spoken – BDSM and interracial cuckolding rule the charts.

Similar to the popularity of cuckolding on my blog, my cuckold related art is among my most popular. I created plenty of non-interracial/non-cuckold content in 2023 but only a few of them made it to the most-favorited list and those were BDSM focused. The sensual dreamy pieces I like to create don’t seem to resonate, but I still work on them because I feel it in my soul and need to channel and express this energy.

The image below is one example. She is close to being ready for DeviantArt and truly takes my breath away. She’ll be met with a mediocre reception on DeviantArt. However, if I put her in cuffs and add belt marks on her ass, soak her in cum, and write “slut” on her body she may very will be a 2024 year-end favorite. Another option would be to show her with big black cock buried in her ass (which I might do…and the woman that inspired her may have done). For now though, I am celebrating her sensual, dreamy beauty. I’ll expose her decadent desire later…sensuality and my love always cums first.


I’m currently exploring Medium.com which is a site for writers and those who enjoy reading works in the 1500-2000 word range. It isn’t for people rolling out paragraph long posts every few days. Everyone in the community pays $50 and then you have access to everything published on Medium. Personally, I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen from other writers. You can also take it to the next level and Medium will pay you based on the number of likes (claps) you receive. I’ve only been there a couple weeks but first impression is that it is good site…I occasionally even get a clap there – imagine that.🙄

Global Views

Where do the lurkers come from?

This is pretty consistent with 2022 except for India moving up a few spots. The Germans have always been awesome in finding their way here…love their kinky minds.

The Year Ahead

I’m excited about the year ahead and finishing many of my partially completed works. My muse can be very distracting though, and she takes me all over the place. Unfortunately, she never stays in one place quite long enough.

One goal for the first quarter is to get my previously published videos and several hot sex-filled audio tracks back up. Even though my blog is self hosted, I was using WP VideoPress for my videos/audio which caused the WP hall monitors to get their panties all in a wad. They don’t even understand their own guidelines or recognize the difference between implicit vs explicit sexual material. Anyway, I have a new video player now and excited to start making videos again.

As for writing, I would like to get back into sharing some of my more sensual, romantic experiences. It’s no secret that I have been cuckolded by several sexy girls and really do enjoy writing about it (as much as lurkers enjoy reading about it). However, there is another side to those relationships and that extends to the special relationships with women who never cuckolded me. I also plan to share more my “American Gigolo” period where I provided sexual services (no charge of course) to cuckold couples and women stepping out privately. Since my blog is, for the most part, autobiographical I want it to better reflect the full spectrum of my Dionysian experience.

I have a lot to do and just need to take it one story at a time and stay on task. Oh wait, is that the muse calling? Need to go.

My latest distraction…

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7 thoughts on “Michael’s Cream – The Best of 2023

  1. It’s interesting looking at your stats! Looking forward to reading more about your past experiences… Thanks!

    1. Hi Olivia, thanks for stopping by. These stat reviews are always fun and serve as nice reminder for which posts to freshen up and those that have fallen by the wayside. Hope you year is off to a great start ~ Michael 💫

  2. They are fun! Makes me think I should do a post about mine… thanks

  3. Half a million views, well done! All the best for 2024.

    1. Thank you, Emma 😃Thank goodness I had that milestone, otherwise it would have been a rather uneventful year in review, ha!

  4. I think you can take “aspiring” off “writer” and “3D artist”.

    1. Thank you, Nelson – very kind of you say this 😊 Hope your year is off to a great start!

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