The Dionysian Experience was a bit up and down in 2022. Blog views were up slightly over 2021 but a long way off from the high of 137,000 in 2020. Engagement in general was also down. Most of the down turn was self imposed. I made a large number of my posts private for several months, added access restrictions on others, and spent a fair amount of time dabbling on other sites. As I ease into 2023, I feel a renewed sense of commitment to this blog.

Looking back on 2022, those of you who are curious about cuckolding continued to show up strong. The most viewed posts of 2022 all fell within the cuckold realm. A surprise at the top of the list is my exploration of the fringe fantasy known as Wife Breeding. It is the most viewed post of 2022 by a healthy margin.

Most of the 2022 favorites are the same core set of posts that sit atop the rankings year after year. As a writer, I suppose these are my “greatest hits”. When Your Cuck Submits (with You) was a new post in 2022 and new entry on the most-viewed list. It describes a man sucking the other man’s cock during cuckold play. The Other Man’s Cum is #1 on the all-time viewed list but didn’t make the most viewed list for 2022. It’s an interesting post, and I have a few ideas for milking a little more juice out of it in 2023.

Looking at where viewers come from, the top four have been steady over the years. Germany moved up to #2 overtaking the UK and Canada in 2022. Russia made a surprise appearance at #5.

Despite the presence of cuckold enthusiast in 2022, they seem to be averse to clicking the like button or commenting. While writing and creating art are intrinsically rewarding to a degree, knowing I have stimulated someone’s mind and/or body is my greatest reward. It is such a strange feeling to have so many visitors reading my content (4+ posts per visit) day after day and leaving zero feedback. This general lack of engagement from visitors drove me to an experiment on Patreon called the Dollhouse Studio.

Patreon is a way for others to support the writers and artists they enjoy. It provides a somewhat private community of like-minded individuals and also afforded me with an outlet for sharing more explicit images. My hypothesis was that if I gated some of my content by charging a fee to access, these “ghost” viewers, if truly interested, would come out of the shadows and engage. It worked, partially. I’ve been averaging about $100 a month over the last few months (including commissions). What hasn’t worked though is the engagement. People will pay, but they still don’t engage. As an experiment around engagement, it failed. However, I still need a home for more explicit images and commissions so I will keep the Dollhouse Studio open for the foreseeable future.

My biggest splash in 2022 came on my DeviantArt site. My “watchers” increased by almost 2,000 to ~ 4,000 total. My art had over 1 million views.

What are people looking at on my DeviantArt site? This is my top 5 in terms of views for 2022:

Four of the top 5 are older works that still get the most views each year. I did have a newer image (#5) crack the top 5. If I expand the ranking to the top 11 (image below), 4 of the 6 images are from 2022 with a few non-cuckold related images making an appearance.

Taking a different cut on the data, the next list shows the “Most Favorited”. A recent Catwoman image took the top spot for 2022 despite only being available for five months. The #2 image taps into several kinks – male chastity, small penis teasing, and cuckolding.

Images 7 -11 (below) are on the most favorited list but didn’t appear on the most viewed list. It’s great to see a few 2022 creations on this list. Three of them were released in July of this year (four of them including the Catwoman image). July was a great creative stretch.

I wrote and created a lot of art in 2022 but didn’t release many “new” posts. Instead, I quietly slid backdated posts into my archives and built out a healthy stash of posts along a timeline that will renew in January 2023. I’m incredibly excited about my content offering for 2023 and hope you will find it sensual, thought provoking, and very naughty.

Hope you enjoyed this annual review and thank you for your continued support ~ Michael 💫

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6 thoughts on “Michael’s Cream – Best of 2022

  1. I hope you enjoyed doing all this work in 2022. I have enjoyed your work a lot. The images are super and I particularly find your writing very good, very hot. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much, Capt Nelson! I really appreciate the feedback you have shared throughout the year – it keeps me going. Hopefully, you’ll have plenty of new steamy works to enjoy this year.🔥 Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. a wonderful year. btw i do try and like or comment whenever i read. but my reading is something i am trying to be better at. currently over 5000 unreads and spam is cleared out
    Thank you for writing Happy New Year

    1. Thank you, Slave Sindee ✨ So glad you have enjoyed some of the works from last year and your engagement has always been amazing, thank you for that. Hope you have a fantastic 2023! 😃

  3. Well done on the Patreon account, Michael.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Emma 💫 Do you have a writer’s studio on Patreon? If so, let me know and I’ll be happy to join. ☺️

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