Some women were like shooting stars. They flashed brightly across my life and faded quickly. Other women burned bright and their light still endures in my soul. Ashley is an enduring light. The dynamics of our relationship are unique because she is what we call a “Hotwife” in the lifestyle. She is married and occasionally sleeps with other men. I am one of those “other” men.

A message from Ashley drops in and my heart immediately starts racing. Ashley and her husband, Timothy, are a cuckold couple I’ve played with a few times over the past year. Typically, I fuck her and then they disappear for a couple months with zero communication or any hint of future get togethers. It’s as if each time will be the last. I believe Ashley wants to see me more often but Timothy has been limiting our time. He is cautious about the potential for an emotional connection to develop and, frankly, I think he gets more turned on by different men fucking his wife vs. repeat visits from one Bull.

I admit it, this arrangement bothers me because I’m not used to being #2 in a woman’s life or having another guy controlling the situation. More importantly though, I really enjoy her company and miss her. I’m so drawn to the way she moves, how she speaks, her sensual tones, tempo, and flowing touch. She is truly poetry in motion, and her erotic mind is like experiencing a brilliant light show.

There are two other things we experience that I can’t quite get my mind around. One is the way we always gently press our foreheads against one another. I don’t ever recall doing this with anyone before and, if I did, I didn’t “feel” it.  I’m not even sure who initiates it but all of the sudden it is happening. It is like…I don’t even know…like electrical currents flowing from our minds. We rest our heads against one another and gently move them…it’s almost like kissing. It is so bizarre but feels sooo good!

Damn, I was just transported and forgot the second thing. Oh yes! Our kissing! It feels so soft and full…every second of it feels focused and full of intent, like a story. We have these moments where our lips, while open and softly pressed form an airtight seal…even softly popping when we pull apart. Our fit is perfect and that includes her tight pussy lips around my cock.

I see her and feel her. She is a sensual woman traveling through a decadent realm. I want more of her…but she isn’t mine. As a Bull, my role is to arouse and fuck the hotwife while mind-fucking her husband. It isn’t about creating romantic, sensual experiences that infuse a woman with a soulful connection. Ashley already has a man. Unfortunately, I do aspire to create sensual, passion-filled moments that stir the soul, and I’m receptive to that same energy from others. Ashley is wired the same way. I imagine this is why she called me a “very dangerous man” after our first time together. She sensed the energy flowing between us and knew it wasn’t good for her marriage. Each time she acknowledges it could be the last time but asks me to be patient and not run off with someone else. She wants me in her life, in some fashion, and neither of us can imagine never seeing one another again.

My feelings for Ashley are obviously a big “no-no” in cuckolding. An emotional connection between the Bull and hotwife is dangerous for all parties and should be avoided. Then again, this connection might be an illusion. Perhaps Ashley is only delivering a very convincing hotwife performance and working on my mind along with her husband’s. This “act” would only make it hotter for both of her men. Timothy would realize his wife is genuinely craving another man. As for me, well, I’m clearly under her magic spell and feel like I am living “the dream”. If she is acting, it is very convincing.

Timothy wants Ashley to see different men, but she resists. If she is going to spread her legs for another man, she now wants that man to be me. As you might imagine, this frustrates Timothy, but it also excites him knowing his wife doesn’t want any random man – she wants a specific man. This is how cuckolding flows sometimes…it can be emotionally edgy but this raises the erotic intensity. Ashley holds out until Timothy’s cuckold itch became to strong to ignore and he gives in. Then, they contact me. I’m not sure how much of this was Ashley mind-fucking her husband or how much of it is her genuine desire to see me.

Opening her message, I’m greeted by a sexy photo and message that reads, “By the tree, waiting to be opened.” Ashley’s body, truly a gift, is on full display along with her sexy mind.

The image and message are well thought out and stacked with erotic layers. This is more than a woman sending me a nude photo (though that is always hot, highly encouraged, and appreciated). No, this is another man’s wife. Her caption is clever and hot. And, her husband took this photo of his wife knowing she would be using it to entice me…as if I needed enticement.

I realize she has indeed been working on seeing me again. Before this photo was taken, Ashley was probably mind-fucking and teasing her husband about how it was the Holidays and, while fucking him, telling him what she wanted more than anything was to fuck me again. She was probably teasing him about having a little cock and how much she wanted a real man to open up her pussy…like she knew I would. I’m sure this caused Timothy to bust a heavy load inside his wife.

As a cuckold, this would be intensely arousing for Timothy to have his wife craving another man’s cock. Of course, Timothy was very familiar with my manhood and had already seen it buried in his wife’s pussy and mouth on several occasions. In fact, he has swallowed more than his fair share of my cum from his wife’s well-fucked pussy. So yeah, he knew all about what his wife was craving. Finally, he yielded to his wife’s desire and his own.

Ashley has succeeded in pulling off at least one more time for us to be together. She really was waiting for me by her Christmas tree, and I knew there would soon be an invitation for me to visit and open her up. What makes me uncomfortable though is that I don’t believe it is her pussy that is waiting to be opened up…it is her heart.

12 thoughts on “American Gigolo – Waiting To Be Opened (Ashley)

  1. I am a in a loving marriage and a cuckolded husband. I would very much like to start a conversation with you about our journey into cuckolding. Please reach out to me.


    1. Thank you James, do you want me to email you or would you prefer to discuss in comments? If you want to chat in the comments, please pick a post from deep in my archives and we’ll chat there. I would like to eventually share your story in a post similar to those in my series called the Cuckold Corner – The Interviews.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful you, Michael. 😘

  3. A beautiful piece. You are right it is a tricky path to walk.

    1. Hi Gemmi, thanks so much for giving this a read and exposing me to your blog. Look forward to checking it out. Seems that you have some experience in the lifestyle and appreciate the real-life nuances.

  4. cliché name ashley.

    1. You should capitalize the first letter in a sentence and names. You may want to consider sentence structure too.

  5. What do you do when lines are blurred?
    I enjoyed this very much. The sensual connect you described was magnetic. I felt her struggle and the taste of something elusive just out of reach. I could feel that through you too. The sentiment of Christmas- the season of giving … I could see how those emotions can also play into your discomfort at the end. I wonder if her gift of another night of pleasure would have been less intimidating outside of a sentimental holiday.
    Or perhaps I’m letting my mind wonder about things too deeply…

    1. Hi Robecca, thanks so much for giving this a read. I haven’t written much about Ashley, but she was ultimately the reason I exited the stage as a “Bull”. Even though I tried, I wasn’t cut out for being just a good fuck boy for women. I seemed to generate a very different experience – between their legs, but even more so in their hearts. A pattern of sensuality and deeper connections seemed to keep emerging in these “physical” relationships. That special energy started flowing from Ashley, only this time, I could feel it flowing from me as well. The Holiday season, cold weather, and the promise of a crackling fire with her in my arms may have added to the vibe too. This was a long time ago though. I’m more mature, understand myself much better now, and have better control of that energy when it appears. I think you know what I’m talking about and that’s why this particular story caught your attention. You have that same energy flowing around you. I see and feel it. 🌹💫

      1. Connections as strong as those can wreck havoc on purely physical relationships.

        I cannot help but wonder if Ashley gained control of her energy. Withdrawal is not control, nor is her hubs locking it away…

        Such delicious things to ponder, thank you 😘

    2. (Part II of response) As for your actual question – when lines get blurred – this is my sweet spot. Not to be too philosophical, but I have thought deeply about the very question you asked. I’ve always been drawn to contrast – color and emotions – and the magical interplay that occurs in the threshold between two sides. It isn’t one side or the other, it is where they blur – the threshold – that creates my transcendent experience. A little revelation here, I enjoy studying Dionysus as a psychological archetype. The Greeks saw Dionysus as the god of thresholds and one of his symbols was the mask. In the archetypal dream of Dionysus, he wasn’t one side of the mask or the other, he was the mask…the threshold. Thank you for teeing this up for me…it has been floating around in my notes forever 🎭☺️

      1. Mmm… Thresholds are magical places. Though I haven’t studied Dionysus, a realm that tethers in a space that’s neither good or bad, one thing or the other has always been appealing.

        🙃 you’re welcome.

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