Today’s feast features a juicy, mouth-watering dish. The breast and thighs are certain to have you returning for second helpings. Please, feel free to indulge yourself. Our main course will be accompanied with an abundance of stuffing along with a creamy and ample supply of gravy which I encourage each of you to spread liberally. Side dishes are aplenty and sure to satisfy even those with the most discerning tastes. We will round out our dining experience with several decadently delicious deserts and, for our guest of honor, a savory creampie.

Gentlemen, please have a seat. Dinner is served.

About this Scene

I believe this scene falls within BDSM as a form of sexual objectification. It would appeal to a woman that is into submission, masochism, and/or erotic humiliation. A dominant male might enjoy putting his sub in this position. Men that enjoy cuckolding may also find it arousing to imagine their lover in a situation to be enjoyed by multiple men along with the creampie that follows.

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving – Dinner Is Served

  1. Oh, my! So naughty!!! XOXO

    1. You had a similar thought, lol! Love it! 😈😃

  2. Why do I want to be her?

    1. Slave shae, some people are made to be the centerpiece for settings like this and you would make for a very nice arrangement. Is there a particular thought about this image that triggers your erotic mind? 🔥

      1. Well, Michael, I happen to be working on a post about “being used,” and your image of Sienna on the food table is a perfect icon for that. I’m exploring this very question of what being used is and why so often I feel I want to be used in some way or other. Her being placed on the table reduces her to the common use and purpose of food, and it implies being consumed, literally eaten, and I often have desires to be so reduced and objectified. As you know, sometimes words can’t fully explain it — and your artwork does… There’s also the fact that Sienna and I bear a slight resemblance. Not facially, but that’s obscured in this image. And I, of course, am a redhead, not blonde, and I’m not as tall. But I have a similar figure, and so when I see this image, I can imagine myself there spread on the table… So all of that…

        1. I am really looking forward to reading your finished product, Slave shae. I must admit, I’m quite intrigued by the way you describe yourself and also your perspective on objectification and erotic humiliation. Please feel free to use the table image in your post if you would like to. I can make another version with red hair for you. On another note, I think a 3D version of you would work well in some of my scenes if your Master would approve of me occasionally using his slave in my studio. I would ask you directly, but I don’t think you are allowed to make such decisions for yourself. If he approves, does he prefer that his slave’s pussy is shaved or does he allow you to grow it a little? Eye color? Red hair…lighter or darker? If he disapproves and isn’t interested in the art aspect, no worries. Just wanted to acknowledge the presence of a muse.

          1. Michael, I would be more than thrilled to have an image that depicts “me” on that Thanksgiving table, but I would hope you wouldn’t go to all that work… You honor me to suggest I model for you. You’re right, I cannot decide such things, but I will ask my owner, Mistress Amanda… I might better answer your personal questions by email: my email address is posted on my site, not secret —… well, I can tell you anyway — I have green eyes, and medium auburn hair that’s long and wavy… and yes, I am fully shaved.

          2. Mmmm, I’m glad this is your reply…and have a very nice visual in my mind to work with…nice and smooth too 🔥💫 I’ll let you see the first pass (will email you) to make sure the visual speaks to you before putting you in some of my scenes. I want you to connect to that image. It may be over the weekend before I have time to get into my studio.

  3. That image… oh my. Makes me want to continue writing my story Liz and her Outlandish Kink… 🙂

    1. Mmmm, I’m so glad that has your wheels turning ☺️ I imagine Liz would fit very nicely on that table as a centerpiece for male guests 🔥

  4. what a choice for this harmonious, hearty, exciting meal, it promises to be greedy, assured otherwise don’t sit down to the table pass your way 🌹💋👀👍

    1. So sorry I missed this comment. I love it! 🔥I hope you found your dinner presentation very satisfying 🍆💦

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