It has been over a year since I backdated and quietly slipped a couple posts about the sexual fantasy known as “Wife Breeding” deep into my archives. Despite being backdated, these posts are consistently among my most viewed. In the first post, Cuckold Psychology – The Wife Breeding Fantasy, I sought to uncover the underlying sexual drivers of this fantasy. The second post, Sienna on Wife Breeding, provides unique insight into how a woman in love with one man might find it arousing to fantasize about another man “breeding” her.

After sharing these posts, I have explored the subject in some depth with additional women and heard from many cuckolds that this fantasy does indeed resonate. On my Patreon site, Dollhouse Studio, I ran a poll asking members about this subject. 70% of men found it arousing to think about another man putting a baby inside his lover. Two women participated in the survey and, as a fantasy, they found the thought being bred by a man other than her primary lover as very arousing.

In addition to the links I’ve already shared, this post also features some of the wife breeding themed art I’ve created over the last few years…and additional links that include several interviews with women discussing this fantasy.

Sperm Wars

The image above was created for the popular post Cuckold Psychology: Sperm Wars. In this post I explore the biological and psychological drivers for why it excites some men to think about another man coming inside his lover’s pussy…his creamy sperm coating the gate to her fertile womb. It is worth noting that some women also find this possibility very arousing too.

Lilah on Wife Breeding

A couple images (above and below) created for the Cuckold Corner: Lilah on Wife Breeding. In this post, the infinitely sexy Lilah discusses why it makes her so hot thinking about another man breeding her.

Amanda On Wife Breeding

“It seems so wrong. You are my man, and I should be having your baby. Instead, a man with a bigger cock took my pussy and pleasured me in ways you never could. Then, one of them claimed my body in the ultimate way…something you also could never do.” Amanda on Wife Breeding.

Sensual Shadows – Sienna

My most written about lover to date, Sienna, is featured in the following images. The notion that cuckolding even existed as a sexual fantasy was initially shocking for her. To see how it began to arouse her more and more over time and would eventually to build to her fantasizing about wife breeding is something I would have never imagined possible, but it happened. You can the chronology and links to my loving and erotic journey into cuckolding with Sienna here: Sensual Shadows.

Sienna speaks with me about the wife breeding fantasy and why it makes her so wet in this post – Sienna on Wife Breeding.

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4 thoughts on “The Wife Breeding Fantasy – Digital Art & Links

  1. I wish you would make one of/for me.

    1. My art flows from inspiration. Do you find the fantasy of another man breeding you exciting? If yes, what do you think makes it so hot for you?

  2. A favorite fantasy. Thanks for the thoughts and artwork about it.

    1. Thank you, Nelson. This is an exciting one but so many of us hesitant to confess to this steamy desire. Thank you for sharing your erotic desire 🔥

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