I first met Ayanna online through our WordPress blogs. Unlike most women who follow my blog, Ayanna seemed uniquely interested in my cuckold content. My stories, often based on personal experiences, involve couples where the woman finds sexual pleasure in the arms and bed of other men. However, unlike most cuckold content, my stories tend to focus on the couple’s experience and how the lifestyle adds erotic fire within their real-life, loving relationship.

Our flirty back-and-forth comments on one another’s stories went on for several years. What began as mutual support among writers eventually evolved to private virtual exchanges which included the sharing of fantasies and a few writing collaborations. Before long, it felt like the desires of our characters began to crossover into our desire for another. At least, it felt that way for me. I reached a point where I was no longer sure what was real and what was fantasy.

This uncertainty was still lingering when a work-related trip gave me an opportunity to visit her city, and we agreed to meet in person for the first time…finally. We were both careful with how we labeled the purpose of our first get together. What if the magical energy from our virtual realm didn’t translate in person? Our get together needed to be unassuming and allow for an easy exit.

It was Ayanna that suggested we meet for an “interview” about cuckolding. She had been working on character sketches for a romantic novella featuring a cuckold couple. She was struggling with the male character’s state of mind and had a lot of questions. Given my passion for cuckolding, she thought I would be a good resource. While Ayanna’s notes would be used to shape her cuckold character, I wanted to share elements of the interview in a post on my blog. We both quickly agreed to our purpose, but I certainly hoped the interview would lead to more…much more.

Fast forward to the present, and we are wrapping the interview (not yet published). The mesmerizing energy swirling between us in the virtual realm has felt even more powerful in person. I’ve had an absolute blast, and ending our evening is the last thing on my mind. If I’ve been reading her energy and body language correctly, it seems Ayanna has equally enjoyed our time. As the old saying goes, nothing risked, nothing gained. I ask if she would be interested in coming to my room to continue the conversation and have another drink.

My offer is intentionally vague and unassuming. Ayanna, however, is more direct. “Trust me, I would love nothing more than to jump your bones right now and ride your dick all night long.” I instantly blush with her directness and draw a deep breath thinking about what could be and the inevitable “but” that is coming. “…but I’m not sure when or if I will ever see you again. A night with you will only leave me wanting…more.”

As a writer, Ayanna is frequently clever with her words and no different in person. I’m not sure if her “more” reference is based on anticipation of great sex while not knowing my interest in sustaining a long distance relationship. Or, maybe she is playfully teasing me about me about having a small cock – a little secret I have occasionally revealed in my writings and openly shared with her in our discussions. I take the safe route and address my interest in seeing more of her…much more. I assure Ayanna that my business travel will bring me to town often, and I will schedule trips more regularly knowing I will be seeing her. She nods approvingly, “I would really like that.”

Ayanna is being coy. Her response didn’t really address what she meant by “more”, so I ask more directly. “Is that what you meant by me leaving you wanting more or was it…” Ayanna looks at me with those large, brown bedroom eyes as a seductive smile electrifies our space. She encourages me, “Was it what, Michael? You can tell me anything. I want to know all of you.” I take a deep breath realizing yet again what a stunning beauty is sitting before me. I’m having some regret about how I portrayed my manhood and, for the first, realize I may inadvertently caused her to rule me out as potential lover. I need to know though and press forward with my question. “Are you thinking my cock might leave you wanting more?”

Ayanna gives me a sultry look. “It’s both, Michael…and more. I appreciate you sharing your availability and desire to see me. As for your…tiny penis, I’m sure it will leave me wanting more, but we can be creative and make do with it.” She blows me a sexy kiss which takes some of the edge off her assessment of my endowment. I breath a sigh of relief and stir uncomfortably in the chair while adjusting my quickly stiffening cock. “Michael, I know very well what you are willing to give and sacrifice to ensure your lover is fully and deeply pleasured.” She pauses and seems to be struggling with her thoughts. “You said there was more, Ayanna. What is it?”

I extend an open hand for hers. “Ayanna, you are in a safe place with me. You and I are what matters. Everything else is just…well, everything else. Whatever makes you hot or whatever is holding you back. Talk to me about it, and we’ll make it okay.” Ayanna looks deep into my eyes and places both her dainty hands in mine. “Michael, I want to experience something more with you, and it sounds like you want the same thing. I just… I just want it to be something unique and special for us, not more of what you have already shared with other women.”

I gently squeeze her hand as she continues. “We know so much about one another’s most intimate desires and fantasies. These cherished secrets and the depth of emotional intimacy we have already shared is usually reserved for couples that have been together for years. Yet, we haven’t even kissed yet. This gives us unique opportunity to experience something neither of us have ever done before and will likely never be able to do again. I have been giving this a lot of thought and want it to be this way for us”

I have to admit, my heart is doing jumping jacks at this moment. She is talking about us in a very real sense – not characters, not fantasy. I’m incredibly touched by the depth of thought she has devoted to us before our date…I mean interview. She is every bit as special, even more than I had dreamed and fantasized she would be. Her openness and vulnerability is immensely endearing too which leaves me feeling like I want nothing more than to please her and protect her sweet heart.

Once again, I assure Ayanna that I am completely open to taking whatever steps are needed to move our relationship forward on to a deeper level. I want this to be a special journey for Ayanna and create hot, loving, and unique memories that will last a lifetime. I want to give her more. Satisfied with my reaction, Ayanna asks if the invitation to my room is still on the table as she stands up and leans against our table. “Michael, there is more I want to share with you, but I want to be clear. As much as I would love to, I’m not going to your room to fuck you. I don’t even want us to kiss, not tonight. I have a fantasy about our first kiss and how I would like to experience it, if you agree.”

Lord have mercy, she’s hot! Ayanna’s body has my mind creaming while her intent admittedly tempers my anticipation of a passion-filled night. I quickly agree to her conditions but must have answered too quickly or too superficially because Ayanna reiterates her request. “Promise me. Promise you will behave and not push too hard. My desire for you is literally overflowing and soaking my thighs. I’m so wet I would slip off this table right now if my hands weren’t holding me up. I won’t be able to resist you for long, and it will ruin the unique experience I want to share with you.” Please god, yes! I promise, I promise!

Walking hand-in-hand with Ayanna through the hotel lobby and over to the elevator, I’m feeling slightly buzzed from the bourbon and fully intoxicated by Ayanna. Suddenly, I begin to fixate on the closed elevator door that is now dripping with symbolism. Once it opens, Ayanna and I will pass through a magical threshold of unknown splendor, and I can’t wait. I want more.

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11 thoughts on “Ayanna – More

  1. Ooooh…this is an incredibly seductive post, Michael…and it definitely left me wanting MORE. XOXO

    1. Hi Nora, great to see you are still around and sexy as ever.😘 I love that “seductive” is a word that comes to your thoughts when reading this. I haven’t developed a brief moment in time like this in a while, but I remember feeling like there were so many angles and layers coming to together all at once. Glad you enjoyed and very pleased to leave you wanting…more 🔥

  2. Oh how I adore getting your updates to my email. Good to see you 😘

    1. I like sliding into your…email ☺️😘Hope you are doing well, you appear and disappear.

      1. I am. Had some mental stuff and life stuff happening which you can read if you want. Hopefully I’ll be around at least semi frequently through the holidays and more so after that

  3. I do love the anticipation. To let things move too fast can create quite a zinger of an ending where one wonders what went wrong.

    1. I think it may have taken longer to read this than it played in real time. As you said though, the anticipation was palpable so every moment and innuendo was worth slowing down to savor.

  4. I love how she has plans for your first time together an adventure despite feeling all this lust and hunger for you.
    Its almost teasing you both

    1. Hey brother, happy New Year! Sorry I missed this comment but appreciate you sharing your reaction. You nailed the sentiment here. Part II is surprising and very naughty! I need to work on the art for it still but hope to have it out soon. Hope things are going well ~ Michael

      1. Things are going
        Writing more again and intend to spend more time on WordPress, having stuff like to this to read, makes that a better idea. Looking forward to part 2

        1. Appreciate this 🙏 Glad your new year is filled with writing inspiration (and reading).🔥

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