August 2022 was hot month and even more so in The Dollhouse Studio (my Patreon site).

Galleries: If your interest is primarily in my digital art, I now have over 350 images (some too explicit for WordPress) in the Dollhouse. Yumi was the August Doll of the Month and is featured on the cover. Her galleries include a Geisha studio shoot along with several other explicit images from our erotic journey. Additional galleries published in August include two BDSM galleries, mystical women, a cuckold captions set, several interracial themed galleries, and more.

Cuckold Lifestyle Interview: August included an interview with Amanda on the Black Mystique. In this discussion, I speak with her about her curiosity around interracial cuckolding. During the interview, I try to gain some insight into how this fantasy plays in her erotic thoughts and how these desires emerged. As I would learn over the course of many discussions, an essential need for any aspiring cuckoldress is a good cuck.

Sensual Shadows: My loving, erotic journey with Sienna inches closer to our first cuckold experience as we select Jalen as our Bull and begin engaging with him for a playdate. I share two stories from this “buildup” phase with Jalen (additional stories have since been added). I fast forward a bit and share two stories from the afterglow of that first cuckold experience. If you are into cuckolding and erotic humiliation, these stories are sure to please. In one of them, I press Sienna on the question of if sex with her bull was better. In the other story, Sienna reflects on my place in the sexual hierarchy after having been with Jalen. These are really juicy stories for men and women.

From the archives…

Dollhouse – July 2022 Edition

3 thoughts on “Dollhouse – The August 2022 Edition

  1. Michael I’m already have to play catch up with your stuff and your adding more? For shame. Your gonna make me have to put my steamy posts on hold. 😇😈

    1. Don’t worry about catching up, it will all come back around next year.☺️ I’ve been working to set my blog up on a yearly loop while mixing the old in with the new. The old stories get newer art and edits that hopefully make for a hotter read. I like your emojis – you are a naughty angel 😘🔥

      1. Smart man. And you already know that 😜

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