Life In The Fast Lane provides a glimpse inside my relationship with Sienna after our first cuckold experience. The experience exceeded her wildest exceptions, and she is eager for her next taste of black cock. Unfortunately, I have been dragging my feet planning our next adventure.

Many men fantasize about cuckolding, but it can be emotionally taxing to see another man sexually overwhelm your lover. I just needed a little more time to process and absorb it all within our relationship. My delay, however, was inadvertently serving as a form of denial which often leads to even more desire. This is the case for Sienna, and her fantasies are becoming wilder and wilder the longer I leave her craving unfulfilled. What follows is a fantasy written by Sienna inspired by a long drive with one hand on the wheel and one in her panties.

Life In The Fast Lane

During long drives I often fantasize about us having some naughty fun on a road trip. I imagine being in the passenger seat as a car pulls up on the right side of my Range Rover. I casually look over and notice a very handsome black man in a convertible Porsche. We make eye contact, and my pussy immediately begins to tingle. He seems interested and is being a little playful….

I nod my head and lick my lips to encourage him. He opens up his slacks and pulls out his cock – it’s HUGE! He’s not even hard, and it’s already bigger than yours!  I lick my lips again and nod my head up and down for more as he continues to stroke his huge cock to its glorious fullness. Wow, all I want now is to feel that magnificent cock inside me and feel him flooding my silky walls with his cum!

The full story and accompanying uncensored art is available on my Deviant Art site: Creamworks Studio.  DeviantArt has over 75 million registered users and is one of the largest platforms in the world for aspiring artists. Set up a free account and join the fun. Once you join, feel free to drop me a DM, engage in the comments, or privately explore my content. I hope you enjoy ~ Michael 💫

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