A few months ago, I backdated and slipped a couple posts about the sexual fantasy known as “Wife Breeding” into my archives. Despite being backdated, they are among my most viewed posts. The first post, Cuckold Psychology – The Wife Breeding Fantasy, seeks to explore the underlying sexual drivers of the fantasy. My second post of the topic, Sienna on Wife Breeding, provides unique insight into how a woman in love with one man might find it to have another man “breed” her. The discussion with Sienna was especially exciting because she was my lover, and it did excite her to think about being bred by another man.

Since that time, I have continued to explore the psychology of this kink with others to gauge their reactions. It does appear that among cuckolds, the thought of another man getting his wife/girlfriend pregnant creates an intense level of arousal and is considered a capstone experience for many of these men. It is a bit more challenging to get perspective from women on this kink and understand what they find exciting about the fantasy. Challenging yes, but not impossible.

You may recall the story I have been sharing about my loving, erotic journey with Lilah. I had the chance to broach this topic with her. At the time, we had a couple’s profile up on an adult dating site and were looking for a well-endowed black man to join us for a sexy adventure. I had also just shared a post called The Wall that had really fired up her imagination.

The Wall

We were messaging one day when she shared that a white guy had responded to our profile and was interested in getting to know us (i.e., fuck her). “His dick is a little bigger than yours, but that’s still not saying much. 😘” With the lingering fire of “The Wall” still burning hot in our thoughts, I reminded Lilah that our suitor was not a candidate for a breeding session with her. “Delete him and his sperm,” I responded. Lilah excitedly agreed, “Yes, exactly! I don’t need another man with a little dick trying to breed me. Only big black cocks get to try!” 

As the day moved on, Lilah couldn’t shake the thought of “wife breeding” from her naughty and very sexy mind.

“I’ve been online today and found some breeding groups. The woman are excited about getting a creampie and the men are wanting to see other men filling up their woman’s pussy with creamy loads of sperm. There was one guy who was offering to perform creampie cleanup service for women after Black Bulls have cum inside them. I’m sure it’s just for mind play but people are actually saying things like, ‘Put a baby in my girl, she’s ovulating.’ There was some hard core stuff too about sexual superiority… It’s all very intense but, I must confess, I’m finding it very exciting to fantasize about another man trying to breed me.”

Lilah’s exposure to this kink and how it played in her mind and our fantasy echoes many of the underlying erotic drivers I identified in Cuckold Psychology: The Wife Breeding Fantasy. As a “thought” this can be an exciting fantasy. However, if we think with clear minds about the reality of this outcome, it something best left in the fantasy realm. Human life is not a game and Lilah certainly appreciated the distinction between fantasy exploration and reality. 

“I think this is mostly theater, but it’s great to have places to explore our fantasies and have fun isn’t it? It’s so sexy to be able to really get into it and get yourself all hot! 🔥🔥 I love that I can share this with you! ❤️

As we continued our conversation, Lilah asked if we should create a profile in one of the wife breeding groups? As a man that thoroughly enjoys cuckolding, I cannot fully express how hot her suggestion made me. The woman I love was interested in putting herself out there as being intrigued with another man breeding her. This would no doubt find its way to our dating profile and likely one day to my blog. As her lover and cuck, the rush of erotic humiliation I felt was sheer ecstasy.

I realize that a lot of men (and women) are into cuckolding and some of them find wife breeding exciting. Given the popularity of cuckolding (even though it is often a secretly held fantasy), I probably shouldn’t feel the rush of erotic humiliation so intensely, but I do. Cuckolding grinds against everything society imposes on us as cultural norms for men and for women in loving relationships. I shouldn’t want other men to fuck my woman, and she shouldn’t want to fuck other men. The thought of another man blasting a creamy load deep inside her fertile womb shouldn’t excite us, but it does. These desires are forbidden and taboo and that is certainly part of the allure – breaking free of societal restraints that try to limit and suppress our sexuality.

I still needed to answer Lilah’s question about joining a breeding group. I playfully cautioned her that she might receive a flurry of unwanted messages. This only stoked her erotic fire. She was curious about these “unwanted” messages.

Michael – Baby, you might have an inbox full of messages from well-hung black men wanting to fill your tight little pussy with their seed. You might also have a lot of cucks offering to cleanup your creampie. Tell those cucks you already have a man for cleanup duties.

Lilah  – Ohhhh, that would be sooooo hot! I will get messages from men with big dark dicks wanting to stuff me full and flood my womb with alllllll their thick creamy sperm!🔥 Mmm, fortunately for me, I have the best cleanup man in the world with THE best tongue! 😍🔥 I will join 😈🔥🔥

Of course, knowing my girl was fantasizing about having large cocks stuffing her pussy full and flooding her womb with cum had my cock absolutely throbbing!

As time passes, it is moments like this that will forever light my erotic fire.

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