In the afterglow of our first cuckold experience. Sienna and I are processing the experience and how it settles in within our relationship. In Sienna’s Confession – The Sexual Hierarchy (Part I), Sienna shared some tantalizing messages suggesting Jalen, her Bull, had indeed fucked her better. It was an incredibly hot revelation to have my girl admit this. She had more to say on the topic of “better” and said an email would be coming later tonight. Of course, I am pacing like crazy all day filled with anticipation about she has to say.

FINALLY, her email arrived…

Sweet Love, I so enjoyed our texting today. This entire adventure with you has been so hot, naughty, and liberating! There are some things I have really wanted to share with you since our time with Jalen but have felt hesitant. I wasn’t sure if you REALLY wanted to know the truth, or if you just thought you might want to know. The last thing in the world I ever want is to say or do anything that would hurt you and us.

Over the last few weeks, we have spent a lot of time reminiscing about our experience with Jalen. You have often asked me about comparisons between you and him—his length, thickness, how it felt for me, etc. Although I never really mentioned this before, I have always felt a little worried that once we experienced this you might feel differently towards me or even leave me after experiencing the fantasy. Along the way, you were always so reassuring and made me feel comfortable about making our fantasy a reality. Still, I had that nagging little voice in the back of my mind about how your feelings towards me might change. I think this is why I have been a bit vague in answering some of your comparison-type questions.

It has taken some time for me to process this experience and become more comfortable with it as part of our new reality. You have been so patient and handled me so amazingly since our time with Jalen. Instead of causing you to move away from me, I can feel how it has fueled your passion for me, and I feel you even closer than ever before. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be your girl!  I have also come to feel that you really do want to know the truth about how it felt for me. We have always been so open with another, and I want it stay that way. This is important to me.

When you first shared your cuckold fantasy and built up what the experience would be like for me, I didn’t think it would be possible for any man to ever supplant you as my “best ever”. I resisted this notion with every fiber of my being at first but then went along with it in our fantasy talk. However, deep inside I didn’t really believe it was possible. Perhaps even more, I didn’t want it to be true. It was always such a magical feeling to look at you and know no man has ever commanded my body and pleasure like you have. I couldn’t fathom ever telling YOU that another man had fucked me better.

Beyond the question of “better”, even the thought of being with another man blew my mind. Fucking a man I don’t know is so out of character for me, and I didn’t feel like I needed or even wanted another man. You are the man I love and more than enough for me. While it is true I did harbor a secret desire to experience “Big Black Cock”, it is something I would have never actually done before meeting you. Then, for this very thing to be encouraged by you—the man I love— and for it to play out in front of you was all so crazy hot! I learned a lot that day about myself, but it left you with many unanswered questions. As awkward as it may feel to me, I owe you answers to those questions.

So, you want to know if he fucked me better? The short answer is YES!

Yes, Jalen fucked me better. It was the best sex of my life! There, I admitted it you and myself…finally! In terms of a purely physical experience, he fucked me better than you ever have. I remember thinking I didn’t want it to end because I knew that once he was gone, your little cock wouldn’t fill me FULL like Jalen’s did. It was so big and magnificent! He made me feel sensations your smaller cock simply can’t give me. I felt ashamed and guilty for having these feelings, but I didn’t want him to leave. It was all very confusing.

As you read this, I so hope you are feeling turned on and not hurt. I know you wanted me to feel this way and saw it as a gift of pleasure for your girl. I knew in the moment that I was feeling sensations…extremely pleasurable sensations beyond those I had ever experienced before. I was hesitant to admit it to you or even to myself. How could this stranger make me feel soooo good?! How could I be so in love with you, yet respond so intensely to nothing but the raw physical power of another man’s cock? The truth, however, was undeniable.

In the afterglow of our naughty rendezvous, I’m left with the realization that I had the best sex of my life with a man I have no emotional connection with whatsoever and barely know…a man I may never even see again. I was treated and behaved like nothing more than – as he called me – a black cock slut. I was so eager to submit and surrender my little pussy and ass to him. I never liked the word “slut” but In the context of what we were doing, I was okay feeling this way. Actually, it still makes me so wet just thinking about how he handled me and how hard I came every time he called me a BBC slut while fucking me so good!  I’m not sure what it says about me? I can’t even believe I’m sharing these thoughts.

The memory of that day lingers and remains very present in my day-to-day thoughts. Every time a see a black man, my pussy tingles as I’m flooded with fantasies about how good it would feel for him to fuck me. And, whenever I’m with my girlfriends, I feel like I have such a hot naughty secret I want to share with them. They would be so shocked, but I think they would be so jealous too. It’s all an intense mind fuck that constantly swirls around me. It’s so naughty and I love it! I think you knew this would be case and that’s part of the reason you wanted this experience for your girl.

I’ll end with the most important thing I want you know. All of this only makes me want you more! It was you, my sexy lover with a smaller cock, that made it all happen and shared in the bliss of this Bull/Sexual Goddess fantasy. You gave way to my deep sexual desires, and I no longer had to hide my shameful dark cravings. My forever lover set me free to fulfill my lustful cravings for black men and, together, WE accept this new sexual hierarchy in our relationship.

My sexual freedom and ability to openly share this with you, along with your acceptance and shared excitement, makes it even hotter for me! As amazing as Jalen was (and it was AMAZING!), you are still my sexy, yummy, confident lover! Ultimately, you are the one that spoiled me and provided this pleasure…even though it came from another man’s more fulfilling cock. It was only from within the safety of our relationship that I was able to fully experience this taboo and, yes, superior pleasure.

While I had once doubted it was possible, your place in the sexual hierarchy is now evident to me. Yet, your power is greater in the hierarchy of love and that is where you prevail. Deeper than all the layers of this fantasy is the unbreakable love we share. Through this, you and I experience a more honest and deeply committed love. It is all so fucking sexy and crazy hot! Mmmm, I love you!!! 💋😘😘💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

XOXOXO ~ Sienna

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