The Dionysian Experience, at its core, is a journey for deeper meaning and understanding. This post, Into the Mystic, originated as a collection of Halloween inspired art. However, I appreciate that there is something much deeper flowing through this season and the recent autumn equinox that held great spiritual significance to our early ancestors. As summer passes to fall, my general lack of awareness around the spirituality of this season needs to be addressed. I don’t need a deep dive but at least want to know a few of the key ancient festivals and perhaps understand what remnants of the old world spirituality still remain in the modern world.

There are a couple points of inquiry that are top of mind at the moment. The current of spiritual energy connecting Halloween to the ancient Celts is one point of exploration. I know there is also a spiritual connection to Dionysus and the final grape harvests of ancient Greece as well as Dionysus’ emergence to rule at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi (home of the famous oracles) during this time of year. We also have the Day of the Dead – an apparent merging of Aztec and Christian beliefs. A unifying theme seems to be a connection to the underworld, those who have passed, thresholds, and rest.

Into the Mystic will resurface each year around this time with new art and links to deeper explorations as I travel into the mystic as part of my ongoing quest for deeper meaning.

Maenads Invoke Dionysus

Calling to You (gods in the Dionysian current of energy)



The Dead

Werewolves of London

Put A Spell On You


Day of the Dead

Succubus/Devil Woman

The Underworld

“The goddess of life and queen of heaven, brought before the king of the underworld. Unable to break free of her bondage, she is forced to give herself to him and, ultimately, becomes his willing concubine. It was inevitable. Every soul calls him Master in the end.” ~ Comment from DSchneider

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26 thoughts on “Digital Art: Into the Mystic (Autumn Equinox)

  1. Damn this is the sexiest Halloween Art I’ve ever seen! The final one has to be my favourite!

    1. Thank you, Gem ☺️✨I thought you might like the submissive art…it is one my favs as well 😈

      1. ha! why am I not surprised 😛 x 🤣😈

  2. Dear Michael, my appreciation for digital art has been growing. I never understood the process and how much creative talent and passion is needed to create even one of your works. Beautiful galley display for Halloween. Thank you for sharing. Sending you much love and hugs.

    1. Speaking of growing…your presence has a way of causing that effect ☺️🔥 I admire your art and your feedback is very generous. I really enjoy the creative process as I’m sure you do as well. It’s been a long journey, but I’m finally reaching a point this year where I’m actually pleased with some of the work. The down side of this recent breakthrough is it makes me want to go back and update the older images in my stories, ha! 😛

  3. Really some really creative art work Michael…

    Well done…

    It takes really good imagination to come up with these awesome holloween themes

    1. Thank you Nita 🤗😘 Of course, I prefer more erotic content but still managed to work in a bit with Halloween 😈

  4. I’ve always loved your art Michael, my favourite is the one where the beast and carrying the lady and the vampire one. They are sexy and incredible 😍😍😍

    1. The beast image seems to be one that women like…maybe a beauty and beast or woman in peril dream. 🤔The bad-boy vampire is calling to you 😈🔥

  5. Love all the images you have created. Very good work

    1. Thank you Livia, I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your reaction ☺️✨

  6. Eh, I’d let you touch my pumpkins and walk through the patch 🤷🏻‍♀️🎃🎃👻

    1. Mmmm Vegas, in the spirit of trick or treat, I imagine your pumpkins are a mouth watering treat 😋💦 As for your patch, I would love to part your gate and come inside your garden.😃😈

  7. Wonderful art, Michael! You captured the essence of naughty and sexy! But all your art is lovely.

    1. Thank you Robecca 🤗 So nice to feel your presence around here again. Hope things are going well for you…to include a bit of the naughty and nice.

  8. I love the one where he’s carrying the nude.

    1. Thanks for mentioning your favorite. The werewolf piece has been pretty popular on my art-focused site. The “woman in peril” theme seems to have a lot of supporters. ☺️

  9. Very creative! Love the mix of erotica and Halloween! The Werewolf one was awesome, but it was the last pic — that tickled my fantasies! Well done!

    1. Thank you Corkywk, really appreciate the feedback and your making a pick for your favorite. Yes, that last one just launches a whole story in my mind too 🔥

  10. I really like the fifth one down. I see you liked a couple stories of mine recently. Any thoughts?

    1. I commented on a post of yours back in April and no reply/acknowledgement. Have “liked” a few since then. I’ll refresh on a few of your post and share a reaction (I know they are usually very hot). Haven’t seen you around here in a while, hope life has been treating you well.

      1. For some reason, I’m not getting a lot of notifications from WordPress. I’ve been alright. You?

        1. Yes, hanging in there… Good thing we can still write, ha! This place has been a wonderful and much needed distraction. Hope you have a great week. 😊

      2. Michael, I’m just going to drop this in here because it could explain the lack of reply/acknowledgement issue you had here. Whenever you visit my blog and leave a comment it doesn’t show up in my notifications at all. The only way I know you’ve been and left your 💦mark is by checking in my ‘comments’ on the menu bar. That pulls up everyone’s comments and gives me yours too. This only happens with your comments, everyone else appears in my notifications drop down. the ‘lil’ bell’ thing top right.
        I just assumed it was something to do with you being special or the way you have your settings. I’ve been meaning to mention it to you, but then we get side tracked… 💋😈💦💋

        1. Thank you, Gem. This has been an ongoing source of frustration for me. My old WP blog was shut down for a violation of terms (apparently crossed the line sexually explicit/implicit line with some of my art) 🙄 This one is self-hosted on vs. which gives me a little more freedom and at least the promise of a warning before being shut down. It has worked similarly except for the comments which a few people have mentioned. Okay, now back to getting side tracked 😛😈😘

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