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Dollhouse Studio – July 2022

(Essay) Cuckold Psychology – Mind Bender: This essay has consistently ranked high among my most-viewed posts. I explore some of the underlying psychological drivers of cuckolding with an emphasis on the “Mind Fuck” for cuckolds as a key driver of arousal.

(Gallery) Naughty Angel: 15-image gallery of sexually provocative angels.

(Interview) Cuckold Corner – Lilah On Cock Size: Cuckold Corner is a series of interviews with men and women that enjoy or are intrigued by cuckold play. In this interview, I have a chance to unique opportunity to speak with my girl about the relative importance of cock size and how her feelings have evolved over time since experiencing more endowed men during our cuckold play.

(Gallery) Kitten Lingerie Set: 10-image gallery featuring CosPlay and interracial sex.

(Gallery) The Wife Breeding Fantasy: There is a fringe fantasy in cuckold play and possibly BDSM known as “wife breeding”. Basically, a woman is “breed” by someone other than her primary lover. I explore the sexual psychology of this fantasy in a separate essay. This gallery is inspired by the fantasy and includes several request by women who also found the fantasy arousing.

(Story) Sienna on the Wife Breeding Fantasy: I have always found the “Wife Breeding” fantasy arousing. Admitting to your lover that it excites you to think about her fucking other men is hard enough for cuckolds. Just imagine the angst one would feel adding that it makes you hot to think about that man getting her pregnant. This is exactly what I shared with Sienna in this true story. Are you curious to see how she responded?

(Gallery) Catwoman: Who doesn’t enjoy a little Catwoman erotica? I certainly do and this 8-image gallery is one I will be adding to over time.

(Story) Introducing the Cuckold Fantasy to Sienna: Having the cuckold fantasy is one thing. Having the courage to share this desire with our lover is another. Having the fantasy, sharing it, and communicating it to our lover in a way that also excites her is the real challenge. This story explores how I successfully unfurled the fantasy with Sienna.

(Gallery) Black Dildo – Toying with the Fantasy: Dildo play is a great way to introduce the idea of another man into our bedroom fun. This gallery features 3D art inspired by photos I took of Sienna. We once shared those photos on our Sensual Shadows blog. She loved her big black dildo.

(Story) Cuckolding – A Submissive Woman’s Perspective: Cuckolding and female submission don’t always go hand-in-hand but it is possible to make it work. This story explores how Sienna (a submissive woman) and I created a shared framework that worked for both of us.

(Gallery) Interracial Threesome: 8-image gallery

(Gallery) The Comparison: A somewhat common desire of among cuckolds is for our lover to experience the pleasure of more endowed men. Many of us enjoy the cock-size comparison and having our lover tease us about having a smaller penis. Many of these cock-size comparison images in this gallery are inspired by real moments and/or requests from women and fellow cucks.

(Gallery) Kneeling at the Altar: 10-image gallery inspired by a real-life cuckold moment.

(Gallery) Cuckold Captions – I: This gallery is a work in progress with six currently captioned images. Rather than being a collection of unrelated captions, it tells a story. I will be adding more to this in the future and notifications will go out when new images are added.

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