After receiving Jalen’s text that he is close, I start scanning the street beyond the patio for him. A few minutes later, I call her attention to a tall, muscular black man coming down the street towards the pub. Sienna squirms. I know from the photos it is Jalen. I squeeze her thigh and kiss her cheek before standing up to go meet him at the patio entrance. We exchange a bro hug and a few pleasantries before making our way to tonight’s featured attraction – my girl, the lovely Sienna.

Sienna stands up and gives Jalen a big hug. She is flushed, and we are all smiling like giddy kids knowing we are doing something wrong but very exciting! We have been blogging in the same circles for over a year with frequent interactions and, more recently, sharing a lot of steamy emails…especially Sienna and Jalen. We’ve shared a lot and feel like we know one another. After all the buildup, it feels amazing to finally be together in person.

Taking our seats, Sienna moves her chair away from mine and centers herself between me and Jalen. The conversation flows easily. The waitress stops by and takes Jalen’s order. Everything still looks pretty innocent – a couple having a drink with a friend. Jalen, however, is completely dialed in on Sienna and pulls her chair closer to him. He is signaling to everyone around us that Sienna is his for the night…and literally taking her away from me. My face feels flushed with embarrassment, but my cock is about to rip through my pants.

When our waitress returns, I can sense her confusion…or maybe I’m just imagining it. She fumbles a bit as she places Jalen’s drink on the table. Jalen and Sienna are close and whispering…his hand on her thigh or maybe between her legs. Sienna is smiling and giggling in her sensual, naughty tone that I know so well. I seem to be the only one paying any attention to our server so she naturally turns to me and asks if this should be on one or two checks. “No, please put it all my bill,” I reply. What I really wanted to say was, “No, not only is he going to fuck my girl, but I’m also paying for his drinks.”

Sienna and I had previously discussed a fantasy moment just like this. I was curious how Sienna anticipated feeling in a moment like this and what she thought a female server might be thinking? Sienna felt like the waitress would be envious of her for having a such a caring a boyfriend. She wanted the other woman to anticipate the pleasure I was providing for my girl through the presumably larger cock of another man. And, given our server’s flirty energy, I think Sienna was especially enjoying this moment. Personally, I would have paid a hefty fee to know the server’s thoughts as this was unfolding before her eyes.

Sienna and Jalen remain close and talking in whispered voices. It’s okay. This is really about them connecting and making sure they both feel comfortable taking the next step – going to our hotel room. His hand is higher on her thigh and I think she is touching his thigh. Judging by her reaction of surprise followed by a hot, dirty look…I think she may have just squeezed his hard cock under the table. Sienna maneuvers around in her seat and appears to slip a hand inside her pants. Then, she feeds a finger to Jalen. Wow! Did she just dip a finger in her pussy and give Jalen a taste of her flowery essence? Jalen leans in and kisses her…right there in front of me…right in front of everyone on the crowded patio.

I’m sweating with embarrassment as I subtly scan the room. People are watching. My erotic humiliation deepens. Sienna breaks from the kiss and gives me a naughty, almost surprised look and says, “Wow, okay, I’m ready to go!” After closing out the check, we begin our short walk to the hotel. It seems to naturally end up with me in front and leading the way with Sienna and Jalen trailing behind. I keep looking back at them. Jalen’s hand is at times around her waist and at other times gripping her ass. They are acting like they are the couple, and I’m the third wheel that vanished from their steamy, electrically-charged world.

They are putting on a good show…almost too good as the cuckold angst begins to tighten within me. I set the stage for all of this…for them to have this moment in time. Without me, none of this would have happened, but it feels they have totally shut me out with no acknowledgment of my presence – no conversation, no eye contact…nothing. Everything feels surreal. It’s like sticking your face out of the car window while driving fast on a cool summer night. My eyes are blurry, my heart is pounding, and I feel so wired with no release of this energy available. People are looking at us…judging me…Sienna is ignoring me…cuckold angst is hitting hard.

The bellmen greet me at hotel entrance. “Welcome back, sir.” The rush is intense…I can barely think…not sure if I even said anything to them. The erotic swirl deepens as I pass and the bellmen welcome Sienna back to the hotel. She is hanging on Jalen’s arm and chat it up with the bellman. I can’t look back…it feels like I’m about to pass out. I am learning in this moment that rush of erotic humiliation is far more manageable and hotter with the women than the men. It must be that we are signaling she is available and could possibly be open to fucking them. That adds a new layer of pressure on me.

I wait for them and gather myself before moving forward to the elevator. The ladies at the reception desk greet me. “Well, that was a fast evening?” I respond, “No, the night is just getting started.” Sienna follows close behind joined at the hip Jalen and echos my statement, “Yes, the best part of the night to still to come!” I hear her and Jalen laughing but don’t look back. Those ladies had all seen Sienna in my arms enjoying a romantic evening just an hour or so earlier. Now, she is another man’s with his hands all over her. Everyone knows he is going to fuck her…presumably with me watching. I can only imagine what those ladies and the bellman are thinking.

I push the elevator button and wait impatiently for the door to open. Behind me, Jalen and Sienna are making out and she is really into him. She had once been so adamant about not wanting to kiss another man. It is interesting how her feelings have evolved.I scan around and people are indeed looking at us. The bellmen keep glancing over…the front-desk girls are talking and glancing our way. I can’t just stand here and look at them…even though I want to. The rush of embarrassment and humiliation I experienced at the bar and here at the hotel is far more intense and deeper than I had anticipated. I’ve clearly reached my exposure limit and close my eyes as if it will make me invisible. What I want more than anything is to get into the elevator and behind closed doors.

Mercifully, the door finally opens as I quickly step inside with Jalen and Sienna following. I had wanted to be invisible and now I feel transparent to Sienna and Jalen as they continue to kiss in the elevator and remain tightly connected as we make our way to the room. They have had so many steamy conversations over the last few months, I’m sure they are burning hot for each other and totally understand, I suppose. My hands are trembling with adrenaline as I reach for the key and open the door…

To be continued

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8 thoughts on “Carnival – Part II (My Erotic Humiliation)

  1. Oh my, so very hot I can hardly stand it. ❤❤

    1. I hope you are able to take care of that heat… 🔥😘 This was an intense day and night with heat flowing from all directions and for different reasons. I suspect you would have handled all of this quite well ❤️

  2. Quand ont li vos articles à plusieurs reprises après c’est dur dur 🤪👍

    1. Your hardness is a great sign that enjoyed this, thank you 🔥It still excites me to remember this moment and how I was able to fill everyones mind with such sexual thoughts. They all knew what was about to happen. 😈

  3. This was so erotic. The public display and humiliation…the whispers. I can imagine half the bar is turned on too. 🔥 Your bull is feasting on this display of dominance as much as you are aroused by watching her enjoy being handled by him.

    1. I don’t think I had ever felt so flushed before as this was unfolding. It was so odd in that I had orchestrated so much of it but they were really into it and each other. All of those knowing eyes upon us and the realness of the humiliation surging through me was intense. I was definitely focused on my experience in this story but you are so right about the Bull. He was beamingly proud of his imminent conquest and that everyone knew it. 🔥

  4. This is probably the best and hottest one. The humiliation must have been so unbearable yet erotic. I especially love that Sienna was so caught up with her bull that it was almost like you weren’t there.

    1. Yes, things were getting a little shaky inside for me at this point. It is a little easier to look back on it with less angst but in the moment the erotic humiliation I love to experience was teetering on line of erotic humiliation vs. humiliation. She was all about Jalen but that is what I wanted, and she went with it 100%.

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