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After taking one last photo of Sienna before our big night, we head down to the hotel bar for a drink. What will happen later in the privacy of our hotel room is certainly tonight’s featured performance, but there is more I can do to increase the erotic pleasure of my own mind fuck. Being cuckolded in private is already intense, but being cuckolded in public takes the intensity to another level. The hotel lobby, hotel bar and bar where we will meet Jalen are all a potential extension of the erotic stage.

If you will indulge me for a moment of reflection, I experience cuckolding in a way that feels taboo and somewhat embarrassing. I often refer to this response as a form of erotic humiliation because it arouses me. Cuckolding goes against everything I have been socialized to believe in about how a man should carry himself when it comes to relationships. No self-respecting man should stand by while another man seduces his woman right in front of him. This feeling of emasculation is even stronger when others are witnessing the seduction. While I am very much a proud, competitive man, cuckolding flips my world upside down, and I experience an erotic rush in this inversion.

The irony in all of this, while rarely talked about, is that for real-life cuckold couples the experience is a form of erotic theater staged for our enjoyment and our Bulls. I would never tolerate my lover flirting with other men or stand by while other men are hitting on her if cuckolding wasn’t part of the shared enjoyment within our relationship. I am cuckolded because I want to be cuckolded, not because it is being forced upon me.

Thinking about what is about to unfold in public, I visualize the hotel staff taking in their first impression of us as a loving, adoring couple on a romantic getaway. There are things I can do to make sure that first impression registers. Later, they will see Sienna in Jalen’s arms with me off to the side…displaced by another man. I can see their surprised looks and imagine what they might be thinking. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as a rush of erotic humiliation grips my mind and body. Yes, this is public exposure is going to add a savory erotic layer. Hopefully, my erotic stage will provide a few onlookers with an unexpected but juicy mind fuck of their own to savor.

Exiting the hotel elevator and stepping into the lobby, I see and feel the eyes upon us as we walk towards the hotel bar. Typically, I feel a lot of pride in moments like this. I know the guys and girls are checking Sienna out and probably making positive assumptions about me since I have won the love of this sexy goddess nestled close in my loving arms. The bellmen are checking her out with lustful eyes and the male bartender is captivated. First impressions are registering.

The front-desk staff are polite and engaging. “Are you here for work or pleasure?  Where are you guys from? Where are you going tonight?”Potential replies swirl around in my mind, but I’m reserved in my responses. Sienna, on the other hand, is far more expressive. She replies, “We are definitely here for pleasure and hoping it is a big night…a VERY big night!” She looks at me, “Right, baby? You’re giving me a big night?” I smile and nod in agreement as the erotic tension builds. This was an unplanned but perfect setup for the mind fuck that will soon follow when she returns with Jalen by her side.

We enjoy a drink before walking across the street to the pub where we plan to meet Jalen. We are about 20 minutes early because I want the server to first see us as a couple out for a romantic evening. Then, I want to flip his or her perception upside down when Jalen joins us and Sienna begins flirting with him. All the while, the server and I will have moments of interaction while pretending not to notice or comment on what is happening between Sienna and Jalen right in front of our eyes. Whew, the thought give me a heat flash. It’s going to feel embarrassing but extremely arousing.

I’m not the only one anticipating these public moments. Sienna has always been drawn to scenarios flowing around us meeting her Bull in a public location. She is excited by thought of us being on a date when another man enters our space and begins handling her in a sexually playful manner. It makes her wet knowing everyone around us first recognized us a couple and how this perception suddenly changes to the realization that this new man is probably going to fuck her. In fact, Sienna shared a bit of this fantasy with Jalen a few weeks ago.

“The buildup, anticipation, and crazy wonder is finally here! Michael and I are waiting at the bar, and each time I see someone enter the bar I look and wonder if it’s you. My back is now towards the door as Michael and I share a toast and a drink. My lips touch the rim of the glass as the soft silky underside of my bottom lip slides across the glass. I have always loved the feel of Michael’s slippery cock as it glides across my lips. Now, I imagine feeling this sensation under your plump, slippery head. Startled, I jump as I feel the embrace of a large encompassing hug! I look down to see the large dark hands around my torso firmly under my eager tits! Michael squeezes my thigh as he sees my body rise with the anticipation of our 3rd party pleasure…” ~ Sienna

Arriving at the bar, we are able to get a good seat out on the patio. We pull our chairs close together and are very touchy and loving with one another. Our waitress is friendly as she goes about taking our drink order in what must feel like a routine interaction.

I must say though, I’m feeling some sexual energy flowing from our waitress that is directed right at me. Maybe it is her eye contact that lingers a moment too long or her body language. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel it. I remain on my best behavior because I don’t want to upset Sienna. Our arrangement is well defined – she can sleep with other men, but me flirting and being with other women is not part of the deal.

After the waitress leaves, Sienna playfully punches me in the arm. She had also sensed everything I was feeling about the waitress flirting with me and, I think, is a little pissed off. She likes that other women find me attractive but is very protective and always ready to defend her space. The great irony is that she is playfully upset about it when about to fuck another man. I try to calm her down by explaining the waitress is going to feel very differently after Jalen arrives, and she realizes I’m a cuck. Sienna quickly dismisses my assumption, “Babe, she’s going to see how you take such good care of me and will be even more intrigued! If anything, she’s going to wish she had a man like you and will be even more jealous!”

Our discussion is really just playful banter to release our nervous energy. It is interesting how whenever I express a somewhat negative connotation about being seen as a cuck, Sienna always comes to my defense and frames our lifestyle in a very positive way. Sienna views cuckolding as a selfless act of love flowing from a man filled with confidence and the utmost trust and belief in the power of our loving relationship. She has felt strength and power in my role throughout our erotic adventure. I know how Sienna feels, but what other women think about it has always been among my greatest curiosities.

We enjoy our drinks and continue our playful conversation. I catch the waitress looking my way a few times and smiling. I don’t know…she’s probably just checking on our drinks to see if we might be ready for another round. Regardless, she is about to become part of the erotic tapestry I’ve been weaving and will soon become a witness to my imminent cuckolding.

My phone pings.

Finally! It’s Jalen letting me know he has just parked and will be here in a minute. Sienna squirms in her seat, leans in and whispers, “I am so wet…my panties are soaked!” God, it is so crazy that Sienna is sitting beside me getting wet for another man, so filled with anticipation…and telling me about it.

To be continued…

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Carnival – Part II (My Erotic Humiliation)

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