The erotic stage is set. I planted and nurtured this seed of desire that is now in full erotic bloom. Sienna longs for this experience with Jalen, the tall muscular black man, like nothing else before. We even abstained from having sex at Jalen’s request and haven’t had sex in over a month. She is sexually primed. Jalen is primed. Tonight, I will present my sensual, dreamy girl to another man. He will stand right here in this room and undress her. She will marvel at the size of his cock and feed his ego by telling him how much bigger he is than me. I will watch intently and take dozens of photos as she takes his larger cock in her mouth and rubs his meaty manhood all over her lips and face while looking into his eyes. Then, he is going to fuck my girl and treat her the way she has repeatedly requested – like his personal fuck doll and slut.

My stream of thought is broken by Sienna returning from the bathroom all dolled up and looking sexy as hell. “How do I look, baby? Do I look like a sexy, white fuck doll? That is what Jalen wants you know?” The interracial aspect of this get together, while it may make some uncomfortable, is something that has resonated with Jalen and added erotic fuel to our collective fire. He talks a lot about Sienna’s white-girl pussy and how his big black dick is going to make her feel. It also works on his mind in an erotic way when Sienna makes references to his big black cock and how much she is craving it. Each of them have been pushing hard on one another’s erotic hot buttons and, as I mentioned earlier, are primed for an evening of hot sex.

Sienna prances in from out of the bathroom to model for me. Her hair is perfect and her makeup and mascara really make her beautiful blue eyes pop. I always see her with new eyes and never fail to appreciate and let her know how gorgeous she is. That said, the first thing I notice in this moment are her exposed breasts spilling over the top of her corset and ask if that is going to be her top.

She assures me that the corset (when covering her breasts) is made to be worn outside. Who knew. She then goes on to explain that she had gone shopping for it and wanted something that would give Jalen easy access to her breasts. Well, she certainly accomplished that.

I’m starting to spiral a bit knowing she went out shopping for clothes to please Jalen. Then, I notice she is wearing “our” shoes. She wore those same shoes the night we became one. They hold deep sentimental value for us and always trigger a dreamy stroll down memory lane when she wears them…which is most often in bed for me. Did I mention I have a thing for stilettos? Out of all her shoes, this is the pair thought about and carefully selected? Those shoes will be captured in hours of video and hundreds of photos tonight. They will emerge from tonight as an ever-present reminder of Jalen rather than our first night.

Damn, should I say anything? Does it even matter now? She already thought through it, and she wants to wear “our” shoes. Damn, here I am being sentimental about shoes when another man will soon be sliding his huge cock inside her sweet little pussy. The cuckold burn hits hard, but I swallow it and say nothing. Sienna startles me out of my haze, “Baby! Do you think Jalen will think I look sexy?”

Whew, it is hard to focus and feels surreal to have the woman I love asking me if her outfit looks hot enough for another man. I’m starting to sweat a little and apologize for the slow reply. “Sorry baby, I was swept away with fantasy thoughts. You look sooo gorgeous!. He is going to want to fuck you as soon as he sees you.”

Sienna blushes, “Awww, thank you love. You always know how to make me feel so good. How does my ass look?

Fuck, Sienna’s ass is sooo fine! Her hips are without a doubt my favorite feature, and I’m feeling extra grateful she was so opposed to the possibility of Jalen fucking her in the ass. I took her anal virginity and, thanks goodness, she only wants to share that intimate experience with me. “Your ass looks amazing, baby!” Searching for a little reassurance, I add, “Jalen is going to want to his hands all over and his cock all in it, sexy girl.”

Sienna takes the bait. “Sweet love, I only want your little white cock in my tight space. Besides, there is no way I could even fit Jalen’s huge cock in my ass. Your smaller one is perfect for my little hole, and I love that!”

Whew, she just dropped a hot little mind fuck to kick start the evening. As always, she puts a smile on my face and a bulge in my slacks. Before heading out to meet Jalen, I ask her to lay on the bed and pose for a few photos. I suppose this is my romantic, sentimental side coming forth again. Sienna recognizes the significance behind my request and asks, “Baby, are you taking a before and after photo? Do you want one last photo of me before I have been with another man? Do you think I will look or feel different?”

Her breasts, once reserved for me, will soon welcome his large dark hands. Sienna’s amazing ass will be his to squeeze and spank as he wishes. For the first time since she fell in love with me, she will spread her legs for another man and excitedly welcome his big juicy cock deep inside her pussy. He will no doubt make my lover cum many times and shoot his creamy load deep inside her pussy. And, she wants it all to happen. I want this to happen. After tonight, it will be different…hopefully even better as we start off on a new sexual journey together. I downplay her questions to avoid any unnecessary stress and ensure she knows I am just as excited as she is about the evening ahead. Still, the future is unknown, and I want…one last photo of her in this moment…in those shoes.

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19 thoughts on “One Last Photo (Those Shoes)

  1. It is the unfolding of her wings and her transition from enraptured lover to another man’s common fuck toy that is both her doing and her undoing here. Yet another falling angel captured in mid-flight so well by your words and pictures. And as she becomes more angelic in our eyes, she falls. Yet her fall just elevates her before our eyes. And so our minds spin round yet again, unable to comprehend or accommodate Truth. All we can know here is what we can feel.

    1. Damn, this is so good!🔥”…transition from enraptured lover to another man’s common fuck toy…” During our buildup to this meeting, he would make a “Fuck Doll” reference to Sienna and it ignited something deep within her. Her belief in us being soul mates, yet her willingness and excitement about being treated like a fuck doll. I am rolling this story out a bit sporadically but I appreciate that you are picking up on her angelic qualities in the midst of this erotic swirl. That is the opposing energy that does make the mind spin.

  2. Love the darkness of the image, contrasting her sweet golden hair and pale beauty. The words compliment the picture, with an exciting mix of dark, light, romance and sharing.

    1. Zabhella, I really enjoy how you dig a little deeper and share your reaction. She had been so angelic…it was really hard to get my mind around what was actually about to happen.

      1. The contrast between fear and arousal? Jealousy and pride?

        1. Yes, you know this space…the erotic tension mounting as you are being pulled at from both edges of the emotional and mental spectrum. Each reaction fuels the counter-reaction as the swirl builds.

  3. Posereality

    Delightful story!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! These moments are intense…really the entire journey is intense and wildly erotic.

  4. Beauty Well Done With Great Story-Let The Journey Continue ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lexxii…on with the journey! 😈💖 Thanks for checking out the story.☺️

      1. Welcome-My Pleasure 🙂 Journey On !! :heart:

  5. Great work as always! The sentiment is beautiful. Then again I am a hopeless romantic. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you brother, glad you enjoyed the sentiment too…it was intense. This genre often misses the intimate and romantic connection of the couple.

  6. The idea of taking a before and after picture is wonderful and I’m sad to have forgotten something like that. It is a highly emotional thing to look at, feel and smell your own wife after having sex with another man. You think you can still see the guy’s strong hands on her breasts, you can hear the lustful moan and you can see her rearing up again when he cums on her. It is not a feeling of loss but the memory of something very beautiful that you have given to your wife. It’s different afterwards and you look at your wife with completely different eyes.

    1. You left me a series of comments that are so incredible and thought provoking. Thank you. It is reactions like yours, where people go a little deeper into their mind, that really make these types of pieces worth creating and sharing. The before and after are powerful places, each forever influencing the perception of both points in time. I think it may influence what she sees as well…especially if her Bull provides an incredible experience. It went that way for Sienna, she really got into that first experience and wanted more… 🔥

  7. SteveZodiac


  8. Great work as always! The sentiment is beautiful. Then again, I am a hopeless romantic. Have a great day!

  9. to reach the top it is sometimes good to change stallion as in your article it was big hummm 🤪👍

    1. She was very excited about her new stallion and her excitement was such a turn on for me. Thank you for sharing your reaction, really appreciate your feedback.

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