We are about an hour away from our meet and greet with Jalen and an evening potentially filled with big firsts. Tonight will be our first cuckold experience, and Sienna will also experience her first “big black cock”. The latter is an experience she has often fantasized about and readily admits is long overdue. If all goes well, my sexy girl will experience the most amazing sex of her life. She isn’t so sure about this outcome, but I have no doubt.

While Sienna prepares herself for Jalen, I enjoy a bourbon set up the room while thinking about the night ahead. We have discussed the key moments we most anticipate and have committed to doing our best to ensure those moments happen. My primary role during this decadent experience is to handle the camera and capture the erotic moments we will savor for a lifetime. I busy myself with setting up the video and camera equipment and play around with the room lighting. I need enough light for good images but want to protect the dreamy vibe that comes with low lighting. After all, I want this to be as erotic as possible for my girl.

An outsider might perceive what I’m doing as sign of weakness, but I’m not doing anything against my will. This experience is exactly what I want for her and myself. We view it as a sexy adventure for us to enjoy as a couple while fulfilling one another’s desires and our own. Sienna sees power in my role as the camera man and all that the camera symbolizes. I recall an exchange we had several months ago about the power displayed through the camera. I had sent her a cartoon of a man taking photos of his lover with another man and asked her what she thought about it. She saw the image as reflecting the control and power of the cuckold.

“Sweetheart, this image speaks to your power. You are in complete control and exert your power through the camera and recorder. You are the conductor orchestrating a symphony of pleasure. The whole experience is your vision brought to life. Without you, it doesn’t happen. At any moment you can say stop and everything will halt. I know this experience is more cerebral for you. As good as the physical aspect will be for me, I know the mind fuck will be equally, if not more intense for you. You will find great pleasure in orchestrating the flow of what turns you on and capturing the details. In doing so, you ensure the sights and sounds of this pleasure symphony will be ours to enjoy over and over again long after our Bull has completed his stud service. It also speaks to your strength, confidence, and trust in the power of our deep, sensual connection. Your belief in me and the power of our love only draws me closer to you. This will be like a reverse mind fuck for Jalen. Deep down, he knows no matter how much bigger his cock is than yours or whatever he makes me feel, it will never be enough to take me from you! I am YOURS!” ~ Sienna

I believe Sienna’s perception of me as her man and cuckold, even though it runs counter to how cuckolds are often portrayed, reflects how cuckolding is actually experienced in loving relationships. She also touched on physical pleasure and the concept of the mind fuck in her reaction to the image. While cuckolding is our shared fantasy, we are both aware that our pleasure flows in different ways. Sienna’s pleasure will flow from the attention, touch, and cock of another man. She will experience additional pleasure knowing she is pleasing me by pleasing and being pleasured by another man. On the other hand, my pleasure will be mostly void of physical contact and driven primarily by the mind fuck of watching my girl being taken by a larger, more physically capable man. I will also find great pleasure in her pleasure.

I swirl my bourbon and take a sip. It dawns on me how bourbon is a great analogy for cuckolding. It burns going down but the finish is so very satisfying. While I may appear outwardly calm and emotionally steady, there is a dark, moody storm swirling from within and around me. If this were a fictional story, it would be easy to say I’m feeling nothing but arousal. But, this isn’t fiction. I love Sienna and watching another man fuck her…seeing her squirm to accommodate his size and cum all over his cock is, without question, going to be an emotionally edgy experience. At the same time, this is my biggest fantasy. This tension – the mind fuck – fuels my transcendent erotic experience. Damn, just thinking about my sweet, naughty angel and the passionate firestorm ahead has the erotic whirlwind whipping up around me.

My heart is thumping and my legs are shaky. It’s hard to hold myself steady, but I am ready…I think. With my setup complete, I take a seat in the quiet eye of the storm. My thoughts drift to Sienna and the state of our relationship. She loves the way we are together and how on every level “We” are like nothing she has ever experienced before. Having all her dreams and passions fulfilled by the man she loves is something she often mentions as a source of pride. I am confident in our love and feel zero angst about tonight changing anything we feel in our hearts for one another. Actually, I think it is going to bring us closer.

An area where I feel less certainty is how Sienna’s perceptions may evolve is around the physical aspect of our relationship. Jalen’s cock is a good three to four inches longer than mine and easily twice as thick. I know because he has sent her dozens of photos featuring his hard cock and frequently boasts about his thick nine inches. Moreover, I’m confident he knows how to use it. Jalen also has a dominant air about him which Sienna finds very alluring. She loves being submissive and “handled” by a dominant man. I’ve tried to fulfill this fantasy for her myself but, in all honesty, have come up a little short.

Between Jalen’s Alpha energy and his big cock, I believe he is going to transport Sienna to sexual heights she never knew existed. We will have to navigate this new reality in our afterglow. Our sex will still be really good, but she will have a new perspective and now know it is possible for another man to take her to even higher states of sexual bliss. She will be a woman who knows what “more” feels like and may become more cognizant of what “less” feels like. In the midst of her erotic high, I only hope she remembers and appreciates my role in all of this. I made this gift of pleasure possible…even though it came from the cock of another man.

There are a lot of unknowns, and I’m not sure what I’m about to unleash. What I do know is that I am feeling the full spectrum of emotion…this will be my heaven and hell. This will be my Dionysian experience.

To be continued…

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