I recently received a commission for an interesting set of “HuCow” or human cow images from Petra and Iven. Today, I’m sharing a few of those commissioned images and looking at the underlying sexual drivers of this fantasy. My next post in this series will focus on their real-life experience as HuCow practitioners.

When first presented with this opportunity, I wasn’t sure if I could do it or not. I had caught glimpses of this fetish before but, admittedly, knew little about it. Naturally, I felt compelled to understand this kink on a deeper level and did some light research. My goal was identify the potential kinks at play in this patron’s request and then the potential psychological drivers flowing through the fantasy. I hoped to use this information, along with their description of the fantasy and real-life personal footage they shared, to enhance my art. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to take on the project.

Before going further, take a look at this image and take a shot at counting the potential number of kinks flowing through this image.

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Thank you for participating in the poll. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the different potential fetishes at play here…and it is dripping with them.

Let’s start with what appears to be the core fetish at play – Human Cow or HuCow. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear to be the sexualization of a “cow” that drives the fantasy. Rather, HuCow is more like a package that allows so many others fetishes to be uniquely stuffed inside it.

Partialism – Breasts (Udders). Some people fetishize parts of the human body. In sexual psychology terms, this is known as partialism. We see this play out with feet, cum, huge cocks, big asses, different body sizes, and yes…breasts. As an outsider looking in, HuCow seems to clearly involve a fascination with breasts which are sometimes called udders in the fetish. This breast fascination flows from two stimuli. The first is the actual fascination with large breasts and the second is what breasts produce – milk.

Lactophilia. A fascination with lactating women and breast milk is known as a lactophilia. Men become aroused around lactating women and the pleasure may come from watching those women, sucking on their breasts, and/or having sex with lactating women. Apparently, there are couples that enjoy being in relationships where lactation is a primary sexual focus. These relationship are sometimes called Adult Nursing Relationships or Nursing Couple. Some men in these relationships are also aroused by being treated as an adult baby. This kink is known as infantilism.

Objectification/Sexual Objectification. Let me be clear before going further. I am discussing this within the context of sexual play between consenting adults. Objectification occurs when a person is treated as an object or dehumanized. For example, a woman that enjoys objectification may be used as a foot stool or lamp or displayed as a piece of artwork. Sexual objectification follows this same behavior for sexual purposes.  Being sexually objectified is a fetish some women find extremely arousing.

If you are a woman reading this, you may be scoffing at the notion of being treated like a cow with your breasts handled like udders. I understand that, most of us understand that. At the same time though, looking at the image below, I know a few of you have found it arousing to think about being served up like a dish on the table for multiple men to sexually devour. It flows in the same current of energy but is manifested in a different manner.

Even more women enjoyed the Fuck Doll fantasy post. In this fantasy a woman is treated as a fuck toy by her lover or multiple men…used as a receptacle for their sexual pleasure.

Equally compelling to some women was the The Wall post. The woman’s pussy (and ass) literally serve as inviting holes in the wall for men, one after the other, to fuck for their own pleasure with no regard to who she is a person. Keep in mind though, our dirty little secret is that the women who participate in such scenes (or fantasize about them) find this immensely arousing.

The Wall

In both The Fuck Doll and The Wall, women are embracing the fullness of their sexuality through submission and sexual objectification. As a submissive act, they are only obeying and pleasing their Dom or Sir and this gives them the psychological and emotional support and freedom to let go. Ironically, they ultimately find their sexual freedom in submission. Sexual objectification, in my assessment, is a form of submission and/or masochism.

Dominance/Sadism. Any act of submission requires the presence of an opposing force of energy – dominance. Dominant men in the HuCow fetish are sometime called Farmers. They attach milking devices to the breasts of women and use this as their tool of choice in BDSM play. They may also send their HuCow out to pasture to be serviced/breed by Bulls.

Here are a few other fetishes flowing through Petra and Iven’s HuCow fetish but may not necessarily part of the core HuCow experience:

  • Sissy. Some men find their feminization or bimbofication very arousing. It may be because they simply enjoy dressing as women. Others like the feel of stockings and panties. For others, sissification may be a way to eroticize having a small penis. Bi-sexuality or being treated as a Fuck Doll themselves by other men appears to be a common theme as well. Personally, I think a lot of these men enjoy the exhibitionism and the subsequent erotic humiliation that comes with being a sissy. They often deny this though.

  • Cuckold. This kink is my sweet spot and I have written novels worth on content (erotica and psychology focused essays). If you are curious about cuckolding, check out my essential posts: Cuckold Psychology – The Essentials. These images show Iven is obviously being cuckolded…among other things.

  • Latex. People drawn to the latex fetish are sometimes called rubberists. Latex apparel, because skin tight and shows off the body in great detail, can feed into exhibitionism. The scent and feel of latex/rubber can also be arousing. Personally, I have come to experience arousal with the scent of rubber dildos. This is probably an association with the scent and memories of using dildos on past lovers. I imagine a few women also have such an association trigger with the scent of rubber.

  • Male Chastity. Male chastity is a form of male bondage and submission. The man surrenders his ability to have an erection or orgasm unless his key holder allows it. In the commission, our lovely cuckold wears a petite, pink cock cage.
  • Erotic Humiliation. This is a form of psychological masochism. People that enjoy this find arousal in being humiliated in some fashion. Our cuck in the image endures a number of “potential” triggers that might include: cuckolding, frilly pink attire, male chastity, and dancing to name a few. The same act can be experienced by on person as humiliating while another feels no sense of humiliation – it depends on the participant. Petra and Iven find immense pleasure in Iven’s erotic humiliation.

  • FemDom. I think most of us are familiar with the dominant female (Dominatrix, Mistress, Goddess). Basically, some women get off of being dominant and some men being dominated and/or being subservient to their Goddess. It isn’t readily apparent in these images but Petra is a switch. While she is experiencing all the submissive/objectification aspects of being a HuCow from her Bull, she is also dominating, cuckolding, and humiliating Iven (her husband).

  • Infantilism. A sexual fetish that involves role-playing a regression to an infant-like state. In the commission, the man is attired appropriately for this fetish. This may be a specific form of erotic humiliation if, indeed, a sense of arousing humiliation is experience. Iven’s attire throughout the HuCow set pushes on that erotic hot button.

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