I’ve been in the studio giving my models some head…treatments.

Dream Weaver II

Gold Dust Woman

Land of the Midnight Sun

What If…

Daddy’s Girl

Eastern Glow

Every Thorn Has Its Rose


My Immaculate Dream, Part II

Born of Fire

Foxy Lady

Showgirl – Show and Tell

3 thoughts on “Digital Art: Head Games

  1. Head…treatment? Why do you tease me so?
    Loving the masquerade mask!

    1. Haha! I liked the way the title and intro worked but probably should have added a few erotic images at the end. After all, this is an erotic blog. 😬The masquerade mask will have future appearances for sure – glad you especially liked that one 😊

      1. I loved the collection of images that are there. More of any of your beautiful creations is a good thing. – can’t wait!

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