As our cuckold adventure with Jalen begins to generate some steam, Sienna asks Jalen how he envisions our play date starting out. Jalen provides an inspired response:

As soon as we enter the hotel room it is all grabby-feely, pawing at each other’s body. Your mouth meets mine, and I taste the urgency on your tongue. Soaked with excitement, a trail of saliva splashes into my mouth. It is sloppy and immediate. Your juices are now Mine. You moan softly as your small hands grab at my thick chest, arms, ass, and dick.

I’m surprised at how slim you are. Compared to my own beefy frame, your body is little more than ‘sex parts’ – lithe limbs upholding all your juicy Goodies – a sun-kissed Barbie doll really. A nice full set of tits press against me as your taut little rounded ass–just meaty enough for my huge hands to squeeze (mental notes on a doggy-style session) and curvy hips writhe anxiously. Your fiercely toned thighs hide the entrance of your tight wetness from my would-be invasion. In essence, you are a living fuck doll for my pleasure.

My hands find your hips and my erection is immediate and my long hunk of meat strains against my jeans–-poking out proudly, begging to meet his new friend. You have waited long enough and waste no more time. You want your new friend and you want him NOW! You start pushing me towards the bed, but I have different ideas. I snatch a pillow off the bed and throw it on the ground. I motion you down on your knees and you happily oblige.

On your knees, you – the stunning blonde – happily and obediently take your place in a position of reverence and attends the altar of your BBC Lover. Your small hands work feverishly at unzipping my jeans and sliding them down. My boxer briefs are but a thin layer of fabric BARELY holding back the monstrosity inside. The bulge is excruciating! You grip my boxers to pull them down as my dick comes flying out with a loud ‘PLOP’ across your face. Your shimmering emeralds widen and your face lights up! The thickness and length encompass your entire face. 

“Oh…My….FUCK” is all you can muster. Breathily, you wrap your hands around my shaft and envelope the upper portion in your warm mouth and suck away with famished hunger….

When you reach a point where another man is calling your woman his personal fuck doll, you are certainly flirting with the cuckold zone. I am hesitant though with my cuck-status assessment because Jalen’s fantasy is simply his fantasy. It only lights my cuckold fire if Sienna is aroused by it…if she wants to be that way for him. Only then does the cuckold burn set in. If his story doesn’t excite her, then he’s just blowing hot air. When Sienna passed along Jalen’s vision for our night, she didn’t comment on it. I ask if she likes it or not? Her response is tempered.

Not sure about the ‘position of reverence’ or ‘altar of my BBC Lover’. He is definitely full of himself!

Sienna is a bit defiant with her response, and I know why. I have been very attentive to how Sienna wants to experience this fantasy. Personally, I am okay exploring the more traditional cuck role a little deeper, but that doesn’t work for Sienna. She views her role in our fantasy as an act of submission to me, not her Bull. She wants me controlling the flow of events. Plus, she has never expressed the desire to become another man’s fuck doll.

Jalen’s fantasy is surprising because his sexual savvy and understanding of what we are looking for is one of the things that drew us to him. We have written extensively about our cuckold fantasy on our blog and how we want to experience it. Jalen has read and engaged with us on each of those posts. Yet, his D/s laced fantasy seems to ignore everything we have shared with him. Even a passing mention of me in the room was absent. His dominant energy may be giving Sienna pause and has left me feeling a bit unsettled about whether he is the right man for us at this time or if he is only stating the inevitable?

I can’t help but wonder if his story reflects his real-life experiences with other women and how they have reacted to him in person? In the heat of the moment, were these women swept away by his size and so willing to drop to their knees in a position of submissive reverence? How would it be for Sienna? Would she be in awe of his size and commanding presence? Would she kneel before him in a submissive manner and worship at the BBC altar as he suggests she will?

I respond to Sienna’s message about him being full of himself and agree that his story is full and dripping with cock-sure male bravado. I add, however, that she will soon be FULL of him too…and dripping. I remind her about how she is always begging me for more when I fuck her hard, and how he will give her the ‘more’ she has been craving.

Sienna playfully agrees.

I might have to say ‘No More’ to him. I never have to say that you, ha! I miss you so much Michael!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I am craving you!!!!

Sienna doesn’t seem too interested in talking about Jalen’s fantasy at the moment. It feels like she may need a little time to sit with it and process the reality of having conversations with a new man that has his own desires for her while still being in a loving relationship with me. What I didn’t know at this very moment was that Jalen’s reference to Sienna as his blonde, Barbie-like “fuck doll” sparked an erotic tempest within my girl’s mind. It captured her erotic imagination and has the power to potentially alter the course of our fantasy.

I will soon learn more about how Sienna is feeling…

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2 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Fuck Doll At The Altar (Jalen’s Fantasy)

  1. I can only imagine the emotional moving parts of this journey and the conflicting emotions warning inside of her. Especially those new fantasies J is unleashing with his own fantasies. 😈

    1. As a sexy woman, you have unique insight into this. One thing I recognized but never appreciated enough was how difficult it must have felt for her to be flirting so openly with a new man…right in front of me. Not only that, but to become genuinely aroused by another man and to begin fantasizing about him and his bigger dick. She would warm up to it though. 🔥

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