The fantasy is always perfect. Reality is less controllable. The erotic buildup between Sienna and Jalen for our first cuckolding experience has been hot on many levels, but the early dialogue between them feels off. I want Sienna to have an amazing first experience and, if this doesn’t go well, I know there won’t be a second experience.

Working through this fantasy over the past year, her thoughts and desires have always been filled with sensuality and hesitancy as she submits to my desire for her to be with another man. My loving and controlling presence was important to her. She expressed this so clearly in Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective.

As our experience is now unfolding in real time, the erotic vignettes she is sending to Jalen have no mention of me at all in them or any form of submission laced throughout the imagery she is creating in Jalen’s mind. The fantasy he is hearing from her is very different from how Sienna said she wanted to experience this. She wanted to elevate our sensual connection and the sense that she was doing this as an act of submission to me for us. All of this completely absent from her messages to Jalen.

Personally, I’m enjoying a lot of what is going on and how the fantasy is taking shape. While I enjoy the D/s play we have experienced, cuckolding is what really gets me off. I am fine with Sienna experiencing Jalen in whatever way she desires. My concern is that she may be overly excited about interacting with a new man and losing sight of the larger context. However, once this experience is over, it can’t be undone. I don’t want her to behave in a way she might later regret in our afterglow when it is only us and Jalen is long gone.

I share my thoughts and feelings to ensure she is aware of what is happening and how it will influence what will happen when we are all together. Sienna assures me that she always sees me in the room and my presence is the part of the experience that most excites her. If this is indeed the case, I ask her to include my presence in the fantasies she shares with Jalen. Sienna agrees but is defensive. She points out that Jalen (a long-time follower of our blog) has read all of our stories and understands the experience we want to have. I suggest that Jalen will only feel and anticipate what she communicates to him. I’m not satisfied with her reaction, so I reach out to Jalen. I would later send Sienna a copy of the email.

Subject: Fine Wine vs. Tequila


Hey Jalen,

Sounds like life is pretty full and exciting for you these days. Speaking of which, Sienna is very excited these days, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her full of you! We’ve come a long way from the first back and forth sexy banter on our blogs. Really, this couldn’t have worked out any better. I like that it was our willingness to use our minds and creativity that drove us to WordPress in the beginning and subsequently to meeting one another. While your physical attributes certainly have Sienna dripping with anticipation, it is her sense of having known you for a while and your understanding of our relationship that gives her the courage to finally make this fantasy a reality. I feel the same way.

Regarding our play, especially this first time, I want to ease Sienna into this. Being taken by another man will be emotionally intense for her, and I don’t want her to feel like things are moving too fast. While it may not be coming through in her messages, our sensual connection throughout the evening will be important for us as a couple during the sexy fun and as we emotionally process this experience in our afterglow. Sustaining our connection is essential to us having a positive experience and our interest in future visits.

Sienna is a sensual woman…an angel exploring her naughty side. As I think about the vibe of our evening together, a comparison might be useful. One experience has the vibe of pounding tequila shots followed by Red Bull chasers. The other is like sipping a fine wine and savoring the rich multi-layered essence of wetness coating your tongue and filling your senses. Sienna is a fine-wine experience and should be savored slowly, richly, and deeply. As the evening progresses or in future visits the tone may change as we will explore different types of play.

Sienna is delicate and flowing… a beautiful flower with silky wet petals waiting to be opened and explored deeply by you. ~ Michael

After sending the email, I am curious to see how Jalen will respond. Frankly, I’m curious how Sienna will respond. I have remained in the shadows to give them space to build their erotic energy. However, I have a lot vested in this experience too and felt like I needed to step in and get things on track. These are tough moments for a man about to be cuckolded. My girl is seducing another man and craving his cock. He has her pussy wet with anticipation and can’t wait to fuck the hell out of her.

Giving up control, as I know I should (at least some), is much easier said than done. I want to protect our vision of the fantasy and, I suppose, my sensual, dreamy, and erotic vision of Sienna. Maybe I’m being selfish, but Sienna and I are the couple and this experience will become part of our journey. I need to ensure it something we can savor as a couple in our afterglow. I said what I needed to say and did what I needed to do. Now I will slip back in shadows and watch as our erotic play unfolds…closer to script, hopefully.

Sienna is the first to respond to my email. Her response is positive but brief.

Baby, I just read your email twice and LOVED it!!!! It was so good! You made me feel all warm inside. I like how you shared how connected we are and the way you used the ‘tequila-fine wine’ metaphor!!!! Mmmmm!

A full day passes and Jalen still hasn’t responded. That’s fine. If my email upset him then perhaps he wasn’t a good match for us after all.

Sienna feels differently about his lack of response and begins to slowly open up about my email. She reminds me that Jalen isn’t “me” and doesn’t need to do things the way I would do them. He should do what comes naturally to him. Now it’s my turn to become defensive. I remind her that she doesn’t like that type of behavior, and I won’t let him treat her that way. In a roundabout way, Sienna comes to his defense. “I am not for Jalen in the same way I am for you. You don’t want me to be that way for him, and I don’t want to be that for him.” She’s right. She is looking for a different experience with Jalen…something she can’t truly experience with me. She reminds me that I am the perfect man for her, and she isn’t looking for a man to replace me…except occasionally between her legs.

I pushed hard on ensuring Sienna’s initial vision of our cuckold fantasy got back on track. She pushed back and assured me that she liked the way things were playing out and feels like Jalen is the perfect Bull for what we are looking to experience. I think she might even be a little upset that I might have deprived her of experiencing the cock she can’t stop thinking about. She said she would reach out to Jalen to try and smooth things over but asked that I not email him for a while. Coming out of this discussion, I’m feeling confused…but also very turned on.

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5 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: A Fine Wine

  1. I like the different facets at play here. You show that you are clearly strong and serious in your role of taking care of Sienna and making sure she is treated well. That strength seems to be at odds with the fact that you are letting a bigger man have her for a while. I know that strength and being cuckolded have nothing to do with one another but…maybe I’m not explaining right… Basically, you are a multi-faceted man. You show how much you care with that email. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting ☺️I find it VERY arousing for you to read these posts…never fails to make my heart race and excite me! You are becoming well versed in this type of play and it shows in your comment. I struggle with how to tell this story. Moments like this are rarely told. A cuckold should take great care of his lover. Most importantly, this means protecting her and the relationship. It also means providing her with “more” if that makes her hot. Based on her reply, I think she was pretty clear. So fascinating to get a reply like that from a woman in love with me. It is an exciting emotional burn.

      1. When you put it that way, it’s more cohesive. He cares about her happiness – to provide her with the bigger dick she craves and to make sure she’s treated well during the experience. An exciting emotional burn- because it’s sort of a slight to you but one you like. I love to think about arousal. So many things turn people on. The nuances are fascinating. You, my darling, are such an endearing exhibitionist. 😘

        1. Thank you, Beautiful☺️ Your use of “bigger dick” and “slight”is pushing my cuckold hot buttons now, whew!🔥🔥🔥It is extremely exciting when a woman feels free to fully express her sexuality and secret inner desires–even for another man–within the emotional safety of a loving relationship. Thank you for indulging this layer of my sexuality. Hope you had a great weekend😘💖

          1. Thank you for sharing. It is a fascinating layer of you. And I like to push your hot buttons. 😏😉😈

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