Sienna has been sending me screen shots of her hot messages with Jalen (her Bull), and I love that she does this. It gives us a chance to savor the erotic buildup together as a couple. Reading how my sweet, innocent angel is being so naughty with another man is already providing me with an intense mind fuck. And, just like Sienna and Jalen, I am literally overflowing with anticipation of what is yet to come.  

Reading through their messages from last night, one in particular grabs my complete and undivided attention. Embedded in one message is a photo I had taken of Sienna while she was giving me a blow job. It shows her entire face with my pink head and shaft against her mouth. It’s a great photo, but I’m surprised she sent it to Jalen. Personally, I’m much more cautious about images like this going out into cyberspace. That said, it is her face and her decision.

The image also leaves me feeling a bit exposed. After seeing Jalen’s cock in a recent photo, I’m acutely aware of how much smaller I am. This is first time Jalen has seen my cock, and now he knows for sure just how much more he will be providing my girl. I continue reading through the messages to see what inspired the sharing of this image and how he responded. 

Sienna – Two hands wrapped around and a mouthful! I thought I’d send you a photo of me with Michael’s cock in my mouth so you can imagine the contrast I will feel with you. I’m imagining how hot it will be to see and feel the difference between you and Michael when I have my hands and mouth on both of you! You were also commenting last night on ‘my eyes and my mouth’ so I wanted you to see them again – XX Sienna

Jalen – Oh gawd! My dick is about the size of your entire head. No shit, lol! Luv the look in your eyes. It’s almost as if you are looking at/for me. Hmmmm… Fuck you have some juicy lips!! Mmmm! I WANT!

Sienna – MmmmmHmmmm!!!!! YES, these lips WILL be wrapped all around your dark, sweet, yummy cock!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh….I WANT!!!

It is mind blowing to see Sienna interacting with another man and so openly lusting after his cock. I’m already feeling cuckolded and her cock-size comparison reference has my smaller cock straining with excitement.

Jalen – My dick alone is enough for you to have two handfuls AND a mouthful of this “dark, sweet, yummy cock”! 😉 Active as my imagination is, I cannot get your pussy out of my head. I can FEEL the sweet inviting warmth of your pussy wrapped snuggly around my girth. Every stroke pushing me deeper and deeper as you beckon for my seed to spill… DAMN!

Sienna – Yes!!!!!! I often think about your swirling tongue as you gently pull my petals between your lips…tasting my sweet nectar that flows abundantly in anticipation of feeling you inside me. Then, your dark thickness opens me up and exposes my pretty pink virgin white pussy…Whew! Mmmmm, silky pink goodness surrounding your thick full head!!!!!

Jalen – YESSSS! I imagine you’ve always craved a larger cock. Even though you love how Michael’s feels, deep down you really desire something more…more substantial…in your hands…in your mouth…in your virgin white pussy 🙂

Jalen makes a size reference and suggests Sienna might be longing for a more manly cock…that she may need more to fully satisfy her. My heart is pounding as I anticipate how she will respond…

Sienna – Mmmmm, Yes! I do want more and you are the MORE I am craving!!! I want to know what it feels like to be filled deep with such an imposing black cock exploring parts of my white pussy no cock has ever touched…places only you will know deep inside me! This is what I NEED and only you can give to me!

If I touched my cock right now, I think it would explode. Gone is the bashful timidness Sienna often exudes. My mouth is dry, and I am shaking with adrenaline and arousal. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard her express this longing for more, but it feels much more intense today. It’s as if she is tapping into a universal current of raw primal desire…eager to embrace the fullness of her sexuality.

I brought Sienna to this threshold, but it will be Jalen that carries her across. She once existed as an untouchable fantasy for Jalen, but now she is very real and burning for him. Freed from all the forces that have inhibited her sexuality, Sienna is telling Jalen his cock is bigger, and only he can give her what she really needs. Soon, she will be on the bed with legs spread wide and his huge cock buried deep inside her – his conquest fulfilled and her sexual liberation complete.

The disorienting swirl of Sienna’s messaging with another man whips around me like an erotic whirlwind. I can’t believe this is really happening but want to absorb every ounce of this heart pounding rush. I reach out to my girl to fan the erotic tempest.

Michael – Baby, he’s going to spread your long, sexy legs nice and wide as he slowly sinks his nine inches of manhood deep inside you…filling your sweet pussy like you have never felt before. I can see you stretched out before him as plunges the unknown depths of your pussy making you cum again and again! And, after he has opened you up, there will be a moment I want us to savor…the moment of size contrast as I slip inside you right after Jalen.

Sienna – Whew, I can’t even imagine! Do you think my pussy will feel empty and barren after having his massive cock stretching me so wide and deep? Will you even be able to feel me enough to cum inside me? Mmmm, your little cock will be swimming in the pool of cum left behind inside me from Jalen’s bigger cock. Oh Baby…this will be Hot! I want to feel another pool of cum – from you – spilling down the sides of my pussy. Then, Jalen’s big cock will enter me again, and he’ll feel your cum gushing out!

Michael – Ohhhh YES! Baby, you are going to feel the contrast in size and that gets me so damn hot! Your sweet little pussy will still feel amazing though, and I’ll desire you like never before! You are sexy and beautiful…an erotic goddess exerting your sexual power to command the explosion of multiple creamy releases deep inside the walls of your erotic garden.

Sienna – Baby!!!! Mmmm, have your Girl!!! I am only for you in our deep, sensual way. I may desire a big black cock to satisfy my deepest physical desires, but only YOU can fulfill my innermost intimate and intense emotional desires. This is a place no other man can or will ever touch.

Michael – Sweet love, I want to stay in this place of deep soulful connection that only we share and know so intimately. I want to fan this flame and make it’s heat felt for eternity.

Our journey into cuckolding has generated some fiery erotic moments for us and countless orgasms. However, as Sienna’s final message brings to the forefront, our kink is ultimately about our journey together, our love, and one way fan our erotic flame as a couple. Even the buildup to her fucking another man is pulling us closer together and making us even more turned on for one another. She does having a need for more between her legs, but it takes something far different to touch her soul…which is her true aching need.

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  1. Loved this. So sexy and erotic!

    1. This entire segment of 8 or so posts were so intense to live through. Literally watching Sienna being seduced and worked up by another man…loved the buildup. Did you join my Patreon? If so, thanks so much – please feel free to message me there anytime. Plan to keep adding more juicy artwork that I can’t share here.

      1. Where do I find your Patreon? I will join.

        1. Oh, no need to do that – not trying to pimp that site, ha! I only asked because I had limited some of my posts as “Patron-only” and thought this was one of them. Hope you are having a great weekend.😊

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