Sienna writes:

I’m winding down after yet another amazing long weekend together and find myself infusing you into everything I do. As I prepare to join you in my dreams, I am filled with so many thoughts and memories. I am savoring the naughty moments, laughing at lighter ones, and melting in remembrances of our passionate and, at times, equally tender and soulful love making.


Magical moments are flashing in my mind, and I want to capture them here in our Sensual Shadows – part of our collective memory never to be forgotten.

  • I love the video you took and how it captured you continually driving me face down on the bed as you took me hard from behind!
  • How much I LOVED you fucking my tight ass and orgasms beyond counting!
  • Snuggling in tight and passing out…exhausted from emotional and physical release as we fucked each other soooo good!!!
  • The well thought out escape plan for our naughty adventure, disguises, etc…LOL!
  • The mad temperature swings in our climate control-challenged room as our freezing-cold, shivering bodies quickly transformed and soon glistened with sweat from the intense heat of our fire!
  • The toys – cock ring, big black dildo, and anal toy

  • Photo sessions with and without those toys
  • Talking, whispering, and sentences never completed as we lay exhausted drifting in and out of consciousness…falling fast asleep locked in our loving embrace
  • Our 100% engaged electric energy, fucking, loving, touching, sucking, and yummy fun!

  • Unable to replenish the calories we were burning and starving late-night room service orders supplemented by M&M raids on the mini bar!
  • Your mischievous giggle from around the corner as I enjoyed a few pretzels dipped in…???  MmmmmHmmmm – PRICELESS!!!!!!
  • And, more than anything, I LOVE the way we make love – such dreamy, sensual bliss! 

Michael Muses:

I’m so glad Sienna took a moment to capture these special memories. Each one triggers a hot vignette – even the pretzels. Sienna had completely worn me out and I had collapsed onto the couch in our suite. She stands naked near the mini bar working on a bag of pretzels. Even eating, she is a sight to behold. If I had one ounce of energy left, I would have gotten up and taken her again. Suddenly, my dreamy haze is interrupted. What? Did she…? No way! Surely, I’m hallucinating. Then, she does it again.

Sienna parts her sexy thighs slightly and pushes her hips forwards. She then dips a pretzel inside her cum-filled pussy…and eats it. Are you kidding me? My mouth drops open as I look on in complete surprise and try to clear my eyes. She laughs at my reaction and says, “Yummy!” I can’t trust my eyes. “Baby, did you just dip a pretzel into your pussy and eat it?!!  She giggles and proceeds to savor a few more pretzels dipped in our special glaze before joining me on the couch to share her sweet and salty treat. It was deliciously naughty!

12 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Pretzel Logic

  1. I’m reading and thinking, you two are so sweet and so in love and the way you both capture that and your moments together throughout your blog. Which in turn makes me all giddy and happy for you two. Than, BAM pretzel in the pussy! Oh, you naughty girl! haha I love you guys even more now!

    1. “BAM!” Haha! That is sooo what I was feeling. It was so spontaneous and so hot, mmmm! I’m glad you enjoy our blog…the sweet and naughty sides alike. We always enjoy your reaction and comments. 🙂

      1. Spontaneous is the best and creates such fun memories. 🙂

    2. Yes, like tispersonal said, “BAM pretzel in the pussy!” – exactly my thought!

  2. Um…(blushing) Was just one of those, “in the moment” playful occurrences. 🙂

    1. The best kind! Truly, that made my day. 🙂

  3. You two are amazing! Listening to your repartee’ is thoroughly enjoyable. Michael….u really got me with the whole ‘exhaustion-hallucination’ part. Damn, that is some GOOD SEX! 😀

  4. Ever take photo requests, Michael? I’ve got an image stuck in my head, of Sienna nude, on her knees but sitting back on her heels in a relaxed manner, looking at the camera with a serene demeanor, with her hands bound together in front of her. With all but the fittest women, it would be an unflattering pose, but with someone so fit as Sienna, it would work nicely. The key, in my eye, is in the way she expresses her relaxed comfort being in that position, hands bound. It’s all about her confidence, her trust in you, her serene acceptance of what might come.

    1. Michael???

    2. Hey JK, thanks for the request…we both found this really hot! While we haven’t written much about it yet, but we enjoy some light B&D and have been thinking about a gallery around this theme. The visual you describe will be included in that gallery minus the face shot. However, I have some ideas around capturing her beautiful eyes and image layering to complete the visual of her surrender and submission.

      1. Wonderful. Judging by your previous photography, I know you’ll do well. I look forward to seeing it, and the rest of the gallery.

      2. I can’t wait!

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