There is a saying in the cuckold lifestyle – it is typically the man that introduces the fantasy but it is the women that keep the couple in the lifestyle. I was putting this maxim to the test. I shared how I introduced the fantasy to Sienna in the not-so cleverly titled post: Introducing Sienna to Cuckolding. As expected, she was resistant, but the thought of fulfilling my fantasies while also expanding and satisfying her own desires began to make the fantasy hot for her. The mystery and allure of cuckolding soon became her favorite fantasy too. Eventually, she reached the point where she wanted to make our shared fantasy our new reality.

At the time, we were sharing a blog called Sensual Shadows and had been interacting with a gentleman named Jalen who was eager to help make our cuckold fantasy come true. Truth be told, he was probably only interested in fucking Sienna. My cuckolding would just be a byproduct of his lust-filled night of hot sex with my girl. After a disappointing online search for another man, we decided Jalen would be the perfect guy to take what Sienna now excitedly referred to as her black-cock virginity.

Jalen was sexually savvy and did an amazing job building Sienna’s desire and anticipation for an in-person meeting which we quickly scheduled in his hometown. My plan was for us to fly there and spend some of our weekend with him. That’s right, I was going to fly my girl half way across the country so she could be fuck another man. Something about buying those tickets was very arousing. I would no doubt be paying for Jalen’s drinks, food, and for the hotel and bed he would fuck Sienna in. Such a good boyfriend.

We planned to meet Jalen on Friday night for drinks to see if our sexual chemistry carried over in person. If so, the real fun would happen Saturday in our hotel room. I set it up like this to make our Friday meet and greet a low-pressure meeting for Sienna and to allow her to ease into the experience. Plus, Jalen had limited availability on Friday night so this worked out well for everyone. Well, that was my plan. Sienna had other plans. By this point she was engulfed in the erotic swirl, and her dark craving was burning like wild fire.

A few days before our planned departure, she sent me a screenshot of her messaging with Jalen from the previous night:

Please Jalen, you have me begging! At least take me with you into the men’s room on Friday night. I want your strong black cock in my mouth…just give me a taste of what’s in store for me on Saturday. What I would really love though is for you to fuck me! Don’t make me suffer through one more night as a black-cock virgin. I have waited long enough! Please, I’m begging!! Take me into the men’s room and indoctrinate me as a black cock slut. Then, when you come over on Saturday, I’ll be fully prepared to worship at your black-cock altar just like you said I should.” ~ Sienna

Sienna’s message to Jalen had my heading spinning. She was overflowing with lust and willing to do anything to satisfy her dark desires…even fuck a man she just met in a dirty bathroom stall. I couldn’t shake the vision of Jalen bending my sweet, sensual girl over a toilet and pumping his thick cock and creamy sperm inside her…his cum dripping from her gaped pussy into the toilet. It was such a shocking visual and one I had certainly never imagined. Unexpectedly, she was appearing in a new light, so raw and primal.

I was feeling a bit weak and dizzy as I tried to gather myself and process what was happening. She had always projected our experience in such a sensual, submissive vibe. Her message, tone, and expressed desires were so out of character from the fantasy we had building, role playing, and mastering over the past year. Something was happening. I could feel the uneasiness swirling within me. I wasn’t at all worried that she had given her heart to another man, so I couldn’t attribute my uneasiness to jealousy.

No, it was something else. My thoughts were about Jalen and what he must be thinking. Mostly, I was feeling embarrassed and emasculated. In the heat of the night during a sexting session with Sienna, Jalen had my girl so worked up that she was begging and pleading with him to fuck her in a public restroom. She so desperately wanted his cock in her mouth and pussy that it didn’t matter where it happened as long as his cock was inside her as soon as possible. There was no prior discussion with me about the change of plans, my desires, or what my experience might be like if other men came in the bathroom while she was being fucked. No, they had their own erotic energy swirling around them, and I wasn’t sure my presence even mattered. She was wild, lustful, and wanton…for him.

Jalen was, without a doubt, the sexual Alpha male in her eyes. However, what gave me an even deeper cuckold burn was that now he knew it…and he knew I also knew it. In that moment, I came so heavily.

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14 thoughts on “Please, I’m Begging (Fuck Me In The Men’s Room)

  1. There are so many dynamics at play in this 3 person group. The cuckold has control as this is all supported and abetted by him (you) and yet this is all in service to his lady’s desires and th e bull also has power and this can be over the cuckold too as her surrenders his power to please her to this bull, to the pleasure and anticipation off all three.
    I enjoy the depth you go into, arousing and informative in equal measure

    1. I thoroughly enjoy the way you think through stories like this. Even more, I’m so glad you find it arousing 🔥You see the full picture and dynamics flowing between each person and how their actions effect and influence the other. I was filled with anticipation, even dripping with it.

      1. I can imagine you were
        The sexually charged nature of the moment comes across very clearly. I always look forward to your posts

        1. Thanks for the kind feedback, my friend. I’ll try to keep earning this. 🙏

  2. This is so fascinating to me to read it from the cuckold point of view – how you enjoying the fact that she is enjoying herself. Being happy for your partner.
    Something I need to work on..

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for giving this a read. Believe it or not and despite all of my stories on the topic, it still feels a bit edgy for me to admit my cuckold desires. While my partner’s pleasure is essential and #1 priority for the experience, there is more… Most cucks, myself include, also find genuine arousal in our partner being with other men. It makes me burn with erotic fire in the very best way. I mention this because I doubt you “need to work on” this feeling. I imagine it is similar to a woman who is aroused by submission. Some feel it while other don’t. On another note, my comments are acting up. All of the sudden I have to approve everything despite my setting being on auto approve. Hopefully, it will sort itself out soon.😊

      1. I need to work on that feeling, because my partner loves watching me with other men, and having fun. It is not cuckold for him, more of the sharing his toy:) But it is very hard for me to reciprocate, and be happy when he is enjoying himself with other women. Go figure. We both start thinking that I am leaning towards hot wife kink….

        1. Women with the hotwife mindset are soooo…well, hot 🔥Your feeling towards sharing your man is one that have to overcome at times when sharing my cuckold fantasy. A woman’s openness to being with other men is sometimes there, but they don’t want me to be with other women. I have to assure and reassure them that my excitement comes from them playing with others, not me.

          1. So I am not the only one with that issue 🙂

          2. You poor baby, don’t you have anyone that’s willing to share you… tsk tsk. 😈

  3. Fascinating. This mindset is soo foreign to me. I need to work on my jealous part.
    It is beautiful how you enjoy seeing your partner fulfilled and happy.

  4. very hot

  5. Damn, sorry for a double post. My post didn’t show , so I re-wrote it.

  6. Michael I’ve said it once if not a million times you spoil me with your writing.

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