I hope you enjoyed my recent five-part series titled Sienna’s Sensual Massages. This series zoomed in on a period in my relationship with Sienna that remains incredibly vivid and erotic in my memories. The magical energy of new love was sparkling all around us. Equally intense was the swirl of erotic energy as we continued to discuss and explore our deepest sexual desires. Emerging from the erotic haze of our discussions, the fantasy of a submissive Sienna being with another man appears and captures our erotic imagination.

Over the course of this series, we take our first real steps toward making our shared fantasy a reality. I have included 40+ new or refreshed 3D art images to accompany these true stories. Links to each story and brief descriptions are provided below: 

  • Young at Heart – Sienna’s shares her first fantasy with me that involves another man.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...