Programmed To Receive

Fair Warning

Dream Weaver

Put A Spell On You

Witchy Woman

Midnight Blue

I Will Make You Rock Hard

The Offering


I have digital art spread throughout all of my posts, but you can find my digital art-focused galleries and videos here: Visual Arts

4 thoughts on “Digital Art: In The Silence Of Your Deep

  1. These are more than art! You’re a gifted man, sir Michael 😍😍

    1. Awww, thank you Samantha ❤️You are always so kind, and I love that you felt good energy with these creations. The art is coming along, I hope ☺️

  2. You take your time with this art and I love it. It truly inspires me to be naughty 💋

    1. Sexy Livia, appreciate your generous feedback on the art and especially sharing how these images make you feel 💫 At this moment, I’m savoring thoughts of you being naughty 🔥😘

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