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42 thoughts on “Sienna’s Sensual Massage – Firestorm

  1. That is so awesome! I wrote a naughty Spa story like that and it is a PERFECT setting for a sexual fantasy. You two have created your own perfect fantasy. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Hotwife! 🙂 If you have that story up on your blog, I would love to read it! Feel free to post a link to it if you like. I’m going to roll this story out from beginning to end with little or no interruptions. There are some super hot moments! 😉

      1. Mmmmm My sweet love Michael! This is such a hot and amazing story for us! I’m loving you and every minute of us as I read our excerpts from past! xoxoxoxox I Love You sweetheart!

        1. Baby, it is so hot going through this with you again and reliving this incredible erotic adventure! As hot as these moments were, it was only a hot naughty excursion…because you Baby are my destination!

    2. I also wrote a hot wife fantasy with a masseuse, but this one is way hotter 😊

      1. I have a feeling your’s is very hot! If you get this reply…please feel free to share a link. I’d love to read it 🔥I don’t think this lady (hotwife) is still around…she was a follower of my Sensual Shadows blog years ago.

  2. I love the revelation from Sienna of what this fantasy meant to you Michael. What it could, did and does mean to both of you once recognized. The emotional connection, the submission, the trust, the fire that is built transcends that of it just being a sexy fantasy.

    Even if it is one hell of a sexy fantasy. 🙂


    1. Thanks for giving this one a read Tis! At over a 1,000 words, it’s…a lot to swallow. 😉 I really like your summation of this post too. Actually, I may borrow it, ha! This one was more about the meaning and framing of the fantasy…the next few posts are about the naughty fun within it! 🙂

      1. It wasn’t hard to swallow at all Michael, even if it was sooooo long. 😉

  3. So hot to read, and so much fun to read the interaction between the two of you as you both stick your toes in the water of this fantasy-turning-reality. Such a seemingly small thing, the exposure of a breast to a massage therapist when all of your readers have seen her breasts many times. But it’s not a small thing at all, is it? It’s huge when it’s in real life, and when it’s a part of such an electric fantasy you both share. Thanks for letting us enjoy the experience with you.

    1. Thank you JK, so many great points in your comment that are right on target–as always! We (especially me) enjoy posting photos of Sienna and I do still get a hot rush from it. As you suggest, presenting her on the computer screen is different than someone seeing her in person… I often think about what you and Sofia must have been feeling during the photo shoot when you had those men so close to her. The photos were super hot but it became erotic to me thinking about what both of you were feeling and thinking as well as the thoughts you have shared in previous posts. I’m recalling the one where you took photos of Sofia on a couch in a hotel lobby…where anyone could have come around the corner…soooo hot! Back to this post, you may have read some of this before. This is a prequel of sorts and will build up to the 5:15 Another Man Touching Sienna conclusion. I know…”about damn time!”, ha! I’m glad I waited though until now. I think I can package it a little better now with more context and, hopefully,…build up! 🙂

      1. I never thought that people might be wondering what was going through our heads…. Maybe one day, soon, I will write them down. 🙂
        As for exposure and others watching… On this last post there were more than a few times where people saw me… I just about died but stayed in place and buried my head deeper into my shoulder. 🙂
        I think he was happy I did.

        1. Hi Sofia, welcome back from your trip! I imagine you are physically tired but spiritually refreshed! 🙂 As for the thoughts behind moments, you can probably tell from my writing that I am ALL in on that! I savor the details while some may prefer the high-level view. I enjoy this “behind the scenes” look in the writings of others as well. JK does this quite a bit and you did a wonderful job letting us into your thoughts as you went through your first date story. I’d love to hear all the fun and naughty things that happened during that latest shoot…it was magnificent!!! I’m so impressed with the way you and JK have been able to move the shoots outside…I’m dying to do this with Sienna! 🙂

  4. A deliciously steamy morning read to accompany my coffee… and it’s nice to see you both growing within your relationship. Can’t wait for part II!

    1. Thank you for the great comment! 🙂 There was a fair amount of setting context in this post…the others will be a bit more steamy and, hopefully, equally savored with some hot morning java!

  5. Larry Archer

    Sienna don’t think too deeply into it, keep it on an emotional level because we guys love to show off our things so everyone can appreciate how sexy and beautiful they are. I know how he feels as i feel the same way when wifey shows off her hot body and teases some guy or girl.

  6. Oh Sienna, I love how you are able to to do this for Michael. Isn’t exhilarating to do something (or in your case not do *smile*) for him.
    I know how this feels because when it comes to exhibitionism I can only do it with JK is with me or while he is in my thoughts.
    It pleases him and I love that I am able to please him.

    Ok getting sidetracked… Sorry.

    Michael I just love your response to her and your enthusiasm and how you described this whole post…. You are right that these things bond you and bring you guys closer. *puffy heart to you both*

    I love that you both are sharing and exploring things together and it’s working out so well.

    Can’t wait to read part two… I see it’s posted already.

    1. Hi Sofia, thanks so much for checking this out. It is always wonderful to have the perspective from one that has lived similar moments within a relationship filled with that same transcendent passion.

  7. Angel Morals

    Words can not express how Alan and I could relate to this for our fantasy had this same work up. We made the fantasy come true, it brought us closer but I honestly don’t think he appreciates as you would.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Angel. I really enjoyed reading about how you and Alan went through this journey together. I am so turned on and excited about every new step Sienna and I take in our naughty adventures. I would really like to read the story about the night it happened for you and Alan with more detail around what you were feeling and the flow events… You now have a request for a post, ha!

      1. Angel Morals

        I guess I must comply now, my first request. It was a adventure and actually one I wont forget it.

  8. I am always blown away by you two and your incredibly sexy fantasies brought to life! I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!!


    1. Thanks for paying us a visit! It’s so fun to live the experience and get to relive it by sharing the story and interacting with others. We always enjoy you sharing your reaction. 🙂 Part II will be coming soon–hope you enjoy! 🙂

  9. You managed to describe this story so erotically that I was able to put myself in Sienna’s situation and experience it along with her. Then flipping back to your own perspectives and reactions, that was really well done.

    1. Cassandra, I so appreciate this feedback. Your reaction alone makes every ounce of energy I put into this worthwhile. It is a special story but a hard one to shape. The way you experienced it is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for sharing your reaction and I’m glad you enjoyed your time on the table too. ☺️

  10. Wow! Your writings always leave me wanting more as they’re always so beautifully expressed. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Michelle ☺️It feels special to receive such a positive reaction. I never want these memories to feel superficial or pornographic because there was and will always be much deeper layers at play. ❤️

  11. Again Michael your art and writing is superb. I understand my Divine Masculine so much better by reading your words. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Summerhill 😘 I’m glad this speaks to you and provided at least a little more insight into the male sexual mind (some of us anyway ☺️) I’ve been gone a few months but look forward to reconnecting with your journey and art 💫💖

  12. Batgirl1969

    WOW!!!! I think I need to schedule a massage there!!!

    1. Yes, I imagine you must be feeling quite tight and some body work would really loosen you up… 😈

  13. Beautiful and enticing!

    1. Thank you, glad the beauty and erotic vibe came through 😈

  14. Sienna looks radiant. A jewel. As always.
    Its great to see her enjoying another life-adventure and living to the full 🙂

    1. As you know from your own experiences in this lifestyle, it was very intense for me waiting while knowing she was in that room doing who knows what…I was feeling tortured!

  15. OwnThatKinky

    I just want him to grope her tits so baldly. His property after all.

    1. I know…sooo close! Things will go further in following massages…more to come.

  16. CaptNelson

    Her expression is a masterpiece!

    1. Thank you, Captain. Her expression alone almost tells the story… Appreciate the callout on the details.

  17. BustedBallz

    She’s gonna get drilled, lol!

    1. We were hoping that would be the case. This moment is actually inspired by a true story and Sienna was very nervous. It would take a few more visits, but he would eventually be inside her…in a very big way. 🔥

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