Domination and submission, as the lifestyle is often idealized, was something we never quite perfected in our relationship. Your desire to be submissive and mine to be cuckolded often generated opposing currents of erotic energy. Despite this, pleasing one another was our ultimate and deepest desire. We this in our minds and hearts, we were able to find points of overlap within our sexual fantasies and blended them into something distinctively hot for us. We created some magical memories that still bring me great pleasure today.

It was our trip to Portland that inspired the artwork for this stroll down memory lane. These images are admittedly dramatized. However, if you look closer, you see the threads of our actual experience running through them…like the river running through Portland and the river of arousal that flowed heavily between your legs that weekend.

I remember how you loved being restrained…and fucked hard. At the time, I didn’t fully appreciate the psychology behind your desire and, frankly, I’m not sure you did either. Being bound and surrendering control of your body to me put you on the path to transcendent ecstasy. It was my divine pleasure to ensure you completed that transcendent journey for you. My control of your sexual pleasure allowed you to relax and let go. As you surrendered, I did some very naughty things and made you cum hard while doing it. You were released from any guilt because you had no control and, ironically, found sexual freedom in your submission.

You may not recall exactly how I restrained you that weekend, but it was my best work to date…and it had to be that way. You were always feisty and found enjoyment in resisting and being a brat. Being a brat tamer isn’t exactly my sexual sweet spot, and it wasn’t easy to subdue a “resisting”, athletic, squirming woman while keeping an erection at the same time, but I gave it my all to get you off.

I had to work hard to bind you and keep you bound. To remedy the situation, I bought an x-shaped strap set that went under the mattress with cuffs extending to the top of the bed. I remember being in our hotel room and making quick work of locking you down and tightening the tension in those straps. The system was sturdy as you quickly discovered. Damn, I loved having you spread out naked before me. Your nipples were like large erasers and so responsive. The more I squeezed, the more that river flowed from your pussy…your sweet, little pink pussy.

I briefly worked one finger inside you and moved up to two digits in short order.

After opening you up a bit, I worked three fingers inside your hot honey hole. You always loved the sensation of fullness and being stretched wide. Then, I pressed upward while making a “come here” motion against your g-spot as my tongue worked in a synchronized fashion on your clit. “Come here” was like sign language inside your body and, based on the number of orgasms you released, your body understood and was talking back.

Your orgasms have different levels of intensity, and I knew there were deeper, more intense orgasms needing to be freed. Our thick 8″ black dildo was exactly what you needed, and it always delivered. Unfortunately, you had been playing with a similar dildo at home that you only recently confessed to having. I purchased an even larger dildo that measured 12″ in length and 8.5″ in circumference. No need to worry though, only 10″ are insertable…maybe 10.5″ if I push firmly enough. Up to this point, our D/s play had been pretty straight forward, but this was the point where the erotic layers of our cuckold play often emerge. You act timid and frightened by the size of the new big black cock, “Please baby, I want your little cock inside…that black cock is too big!”  Mmmm, such a naughty girl.

I knew it was a lot of cock, but I also knew very well how hard it was going to make you cum…especially when I was feeding your mind with dirty fantasies. After properly preparing you with my fingers and tongue, and a loooooot of coaxing and stretching, the feeling that huge black cock pressed balls deep inside you was like setting off fireworks. Your response always reveals your truth.

I fucked you good with that black dildo while mind fucking you even harder with an erotic story.

Do you remember that story? I sketched it out beforehand so I would have a hot, new story for you in this very moment. The fantasy centered around you being fucked by several other men – your first gang bang. I pumped that long, thick cock deep inside you…telling you a stranger was using your pussy as a fuck hole for his pleasure and was about to fill you with his creamy load. You moaned and screamed so loud as a deep orgasm rocked your body. I repeated this as each new man took his place between your legs. As the sperm from multiple men dripped from your well used fuck hole, you came again and again. You were a wet, weak, and quivering mess. You were helpless to resist and your only option was to that big cock deep inside…over and over as your body revealed your truth – you loved it.

As a cuckold, I found your response to fantasy of fucking multiple men and to the size of our dildo about as erotically intoxicating as any sex-fueled moment could be. However, as your “Dom” I couldn’t let such decadent desires goes unpunished.

Sure, you can find sexual pleasure in your naughtiness as a submissive, but there are consequences. You need a firm reminder that you can’t go completely wild and start fucking anyone you want. It IS decadent behavior. I own your pussy, and I decide who fucks it. Firm smacks on your breasts brought you out of your big cock haze. But…it was the even firmer smacks on your pussy that really caught your attention. I love that my girl craved a big black cock in her sweet little pussy, but this meant you have a naughty pussy and my naughty girl gets her pussy spanked…hard!

As much as I was enjoyed this, I had been denying my own physical urges and my resolve was weakening. I wanted needed to fuck you. Even though your pussy was noticeably gaped by the much larger cocks before me, I still felt like I was sliding inside the most divine hole in the universe.

I kept on mind-fucking and fucking you…grabbing your neck and making you confess your decadent desires as you made cock-size comparisons and confessed how much better those large cocks felt. This only reddened my eyes and made me fuck you even harder! I managed to get several more orgasms out of you before blasting my own hot, creamy load inside your well-fucked pussy.

As my spent manhood slipped out of your cum-filled fuck hole, I remember you going limp….physically and quite probably emotionally exhausted. It isn’t every day you get off thinking about being gang banged or having your sweet little pussy used as fuck hole by complete strangers. You were in such a weak, dreamy state as I removed the restraints. You were beyond fully sated and safely drifting away in our sea of love. We both knew one thing for sure. There will be more physically capable men to “fuck” you better, but no other man will ever be as deeply fulfilling.

Uncensored versions are available in my Dollhouse Studio.


I’ve kept a bit of our memories below and thought you might get a kick out of seeing the empty image boxes below and the broken link. Those empty boxes used to contain the photos of you strapped down on the bed that we shared on our blog – Sensual Shadows. This is actually the same page imported from our old site. You may be wondering what happened to that site? Even though I had made our blog private as a special keepsake, the WordPress (.com) morality police entered our private blog, found our unpublished sex photos in our media archives, and deleted the entire site without notice. Fortunately, I was at least able to export the posts and these image frames remained. I’ll keep them here as a fun reminder along with the link to our deleted site. I’ll be adding in the comments from the original version as well.

Moments hinted at in the post

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